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Part 6


August 18, 1996
Written by Noel Robinson
Directed by Robert Marchand

Keeping to himself his fear that Ebenezer's dog might be the turkey killer, Bruno joins in the community hunt to find the suspected fox, which has savaged one of Mr Mibus' prize rams. Bruno hears that Mr Mibus has shoot Elijah and when he rushes up on the old hermit, he discovers the strange, shaggy figure in a sick and demented mood, promising to bring Mr Mibus'world down in a blaze of fire.

Worried that Ebenezer will carry out his threat, Bruno and Benny keep watch on Mr Mibus's store. As Bruno peers inside, he sees a shadowy figure spreading petrol. Windows are smashed and suddenly the store is ablaze. It swiftly burns to the ground. Mr Mibus blames Ebenezer for the tragedy, and prepares to claim the insurance money, but Bruno knows more than he's prepared to admit. When Ebenezer is brought before the magistrate Bruno must decide whether he will tell the truth, or stay quiet and protect his family and the townsfolk, who are all relying on money from Mibus. Bruno is caught between his loyalty to the townsfolk and his affection for the old man. He makes his decision and earns the respect of his father, before leaving for Adelaide and a secondary school education.


  • Christian Kohlund as Marcus Gunther
  • Susan Lyons as Ellie Gunther
  • Jamie Croft as Bruno Gunther
  • Sophie Heathcote as Lottie Gunther
  • Caroline Winnall as Emma Gunther
  • Mignon Kent as Anna Gunther
  • Ann Burbrook as Miss Knightley
  • Philip Holder as Jack Ryan
  • Josh Picker as Eddie Berg
  • Jeremy Schwerdt as Benny
  • Charlotte George as Laura Kleinig
  • Ann Mitchell as Louisa
  • Brett Ferris as Ossie
  • Geordie Brookman as Herbie
  • Russell Newman as Mr Mibus
  • Ellen Cressey as Mrs Mibus
  • Wyn Roberts as Ebenezer Blitz
  • John Cousins as Hermann Heinz
  • Tod Telford as Gottlieb Heinz
  • Don Barker as Uncle Gus
  • Denis Noble as Bert Watson
  • Peter Ferris as Sergeant Giles
  • Andrew Mazanek as Ben Kleining
  • Judy Blieschke as Bertha Obst
  • Graham Duckett as Magistrate
  • Don Chapman as Mr Braithwaite
  • Edwin Hodgeman as Mr Taylor