Executive Producers: Ron Saunders, Dagmar Ungureit
Producer: Terry Jennings
Writer: Noel Robinson
Director: Robert Marchand

Aired: 1996

Based on a series of bestselling novels by award-winning children's author Colin Thiele, The Valley Between tells the story of Bruno Gunther, a 14-year-old boy from a German immigrant family growing up in a small wheat farming community in South Australia during the 1930's. While his father preaches the virtues of hard work on the farm, Bruno manages to find all sorts of opportunities for mischief and adventures as he explores the community around him. Through his adventures, Bruno comes to appreciate and understand more about himself, and about the community of the valley which surrounds and nurtures him. He finally earns the hard won respect of his father, but also faces the prospects of leaving his family, friends and eccentric relatives to pursue his education in the city.
Christian KohlundMarcus Gunther
Susan LyonsEllie Gunther
Jamie CroftBruno Gunther
Sophie HeathcoteLottie Gunther
Caroline WinnallEmma Gunther
Mignon KentAnna Gunther
Ann BurbrookMiss Knightley
Philip HolderJack Ryan
Anna SteenIsabella Ryan
Ashleigh WardBridget Ryan
Josh PickerEddie Berg
Jeremy SchwerdtBenny
Charlotte GeorgeLaura Kleinig
Ann MitchellLouisa
Brett FerrisOssie
Geordie BrookmanHerbie
Russell NewmanMr Mibus
Ellen CresseyMrs Mibus
Don BarkerUncle Gus
Denis NobleBert Watson
Sheila DuncanMrs Kleinig
cast photo

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