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Part 3


July 28, 1996
Written by Noel Robinson
Directed by Robert Marchand

The annual beach picnic is approaching and Mum is knitting new bathing costumes for all the children. Bruno complains that he can't possibly wear his because everyone will laugh at him. His father hears his complaints and becomes angry. He tells Bruno that he must stay at home and do the chores instead of going to the picnic.

While Jack Ryan's brand new wheat harvester stands proudly on a flat topped railway truck, the Gunthers and the rest of the town prepare to catch the train, leaving Bruno behind. However when Bruno returns early to meet the train, he sees that the harvester has disappeared. Discovering it further down the track in the path of the train, Bruno finds himself at the centre of a perilous drama. He must stop the train to save his family and friends.


  • Christian Kohlund as Marcus Gunther
  • Susan Lyons as Ellie Gunther
  • Jamie Croft as Bruno Gunther
  • Sophie Heathcote as Lottie Gunther
  • Caroline Winnall as Emma Gunther
  • Mignon Kent as Anna Gunther
  • Ann Burbrook as Miss Knightley
  • Philip Holder as Jack Ryan
  • Anna Steen as Isabella Ryan
  • Ashleigh Ward as Bridget Ryan
  • Josh Picker as Eddie Berg
  • Russell Newman as Mr Mibus
  • Ellen Cressey as Mrs Mibus
  • John Cousins as Hermann Heinz
  • Charlotte George as Laura Kleinig
  • Ann Mitchell as Louisa
  • Brett Ferris as Ossie
  • Maris Caune as Happy Ceister
  • Denis Noble as Bert Watson
  • Sheila Duncan as Mrs Kleinig
  • Andrew Mazanek as Ben Kleinig
  • Emily Branford as Magda
  • Neil Gladwin as Fireman
  • Chris Haywood as Train Driver
  • Peter Braunstein as Railway Investigator One
  • Jim Morrissey as Railway Investigator Two
  • Mark Woods as Eddie's Friend
  • Chad Mansbridge as Eddie's Friend
  • Brant Eustice as Mibus's Clerk