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Part 2


July 21, 1996
Written by Noel Robinson
Directed by Robert Marchand

Inspired by Bruno, Jack Ryan challenges old Hermann Heinz to a "best of three" race up the steepest road in the district, between his Model T Ford and Hermann's trusty horse and sulky. The bets have been placed and the race is on. News spreads quickly and soon the whole town is buzzing with excitement. While Bruno sides with Jack's flashy car, his dad backs the horse. Bruno us worried when Jack, who is famous for running late, seems set to agree to Hermann's tricky race rules.

The day of the big race dawns. The whole town is divided between horse and car, and even Bruno's mum decides she wants to see who wins. Jack manages to arrive in the nick of time. Bruno's dad cheers loudly for Hermann, but Bruno and his sisters are shouting for Jack. Jack is winning until he reaches the steepest part of the road and his car mysteriously stops. Bruno has a brilliant idea and when Jack puts his car into reverse, he charges up the hill, wins the race, flies over the top and down the other side — straight into a pond.


  • Christian Kohlund as Marcus Gunther
  • Susan Lyons as Ellie Gunther
  • Jamie Croft as Bruno Gunther
  • Sophie Heathcote as Lottie Gunther
  • Caroline Winnall as Emma Gunther
  • Mignon Kent as Anna Gunther
  • Ann Burbrook as Miss Knightley
  • Philip Holder as Jack Ryan
  • Anna Steen as Isabella Ryan
  • Ashleigh Ward as Bridget Ryan
  • Josh Picker as Eddie Berg
  • Russell Newman as Mr Mibus
  • Don Barker as Uncle Gus
  • John Cousins as Hermann Heinz
  • Todd Telford as Gottlieb Heinz
  • Jeremy Schwerdt as Benny
  • Charlotte George as Laura Kleinig
  • Frank Whitten as Pastor
  • Ann Mitchell as Louisa
  • Brett Ferris as Ossie
  • Geordie Brookman as Herbie
  • Maris Caune as Happy Ceister
  • Denis Noble as Bert Watson
  • Peter Ferris as Sergeant Giles
  • Judy Blieschke as Bertha Obst
  • Phylis Burford as Mutter Eisenstein
  • Andrew Mazanek as Ben Kleining
  • Mark Woods as Eddie's Friend
  • Chad Mansbridge as Eddie's Friend