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Part 1


July 14, 1996
Written by Noel Robinson
Directed by Robert Marchand

Bruno and his best friend Benny are stuck up a tree after being chased by Mr Mibus' bull. As it snorts and paws the ground underneath the tree, Bruno takes off his shorts and throws them onto the bull's horns, then both boys make a run for it. Benny gets away but the only escape for Bruno is over the town fence. Running in his underpants through the town, Bruno startles Miss Knightley, the new schoolteacher. At school the next day, Bruno is worried that she recognised him and after a school prank goes disastrously wrong his reputation is in taters!

Despite Bruno's father being unhappy about his practical joke, he allows Bruno to go to the Gonunda town dance. That night, Bruno becomes involved in a desperate mission to rescue his eldest sister Lottie and her boyfriend Eddie, who have snuck off into a wheat train that suddenly steams off into the night. Bruno must get his sister and Eddie back to the dance before dad notices they are missing.


  • Christian Kohlund as Marcus Gunther
  • Susan Lyons as Ellie Gunther
  • Jamie Croft as Bruno Gunther
  • Sophie Heathcote as Lottie Gunther
  • Caroline Winnall as Emma Gunther
  • Mignon Kent as Anna Gunther
  • Ann Burbrook as Miss Knightley
  • Philip Holder as Jack Ryan
  • Anna Steen as Isabella Ryan
  • Ashleigh Ward as Bridget Ryan
  • Josh Picker as Eddie Berg
  • Jeremy Schwerdt as Benny
  • Charlotte George as Laura Kleinig
  • Ann Mitchell as Louisa
  • Russell Newman as Mr Mibus
  • Ellen Cressey as Mrs Mibus
  • Don Barker as Uncle Gus
  • Denis Noble as Bert Watson
  • Sheila Duncan as Mrs Kleinig
  • Chad Mansbridge as Eddie's Friend
  • Mark Woods as Eddie's Friend
  • Brett Ferris as Ossie
  • Geordie Brookman as Herbie