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Part 4


August 04, 1996
Written by Noel Robinson
Directed by Robert Marchand

To everyone's great surprise, dad has bought a car. Bruno and his sisters are ecstatic. The family's first outing is a tin-kettling party for a local couple who are to be married. The incredible noise made by the orchestra of improvised instruments is meant to frighten away evil spirits. But when Benny's Uncle Gus is returning from the celebration, his horse stops for no reason, apparently terrified by a ghost coming towards it. The horse bolts, throwing Uncle Gus into a ditch. Rumours of ghosts and ghoulies surface again in the town, and when Bruno and Benny go pigeon hunting, they think they see the terrifying shape of a ghost in an abandoned horse stables.

Bruno finally solves the riddle of the ghost in the stables. Meanwhile dad is having trouble working out his superstitions regarding the new fangled technology of his Model T Ford. Told to empty the oil sump at 500 kilometres, and despite being in the middle of a dusty track, he stops and empties the hot oil all over himself and the road. As he drives home the engine seizes up completely, leaving an embarrassed Bruno to reach an understanding with his father.


  • Christian Kohlund as Marcus Gunther
  • Susan Lyons as Ellie Gunther
  • Jamie Croft as Bruno Gunther
  • Sophie Heathcote as Lottie Gunther
  • Caroline Winnall as Emma Gunther
  • Mignon Kent as Anna Gunther
  • Ann Burbrook as Miss Knightley
  • Philip Holder as Jack Ryan
  • Josh Picker as Eddie Berg
  • Jeremy Schwerdt as Benny
  • Charlotte George as Laura Kleinig
  • Ann Mitchell as Louisa
  • Brett Ferris as Ossie
  • Geordie Brookman as Herbie
  • John Cousins as Hermann Heinz
  • Tod Telford as Gottlieb Heinz
  • Don Barker as Uncle Gus
  • Denis Noble as Bert Watson
  • Sheila Duncan as Mrs Kleinig
  • Andrew Mazanek as Ben Kleinig
  • Mary Cassini as Grandmutter Kleinig
  • Judy Blieschke as Bertha Obst
  • Phylis Burford as Mutter Eisenstein
  • Emily Branford as Magda
  • Danny Cowles as Fritz
  • Carmel Johnson as Esther Langspiegel