Police Rescue: episode guide

The Ultimate


Episode 5.01 (52)
Fri, September 20, 1996
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Steve Mann

Three new recruits join Rescue, a situation that creates some tension between the three rookies as they compete for only two available jobs. Mickey faces a new set of domestic challenges when his sons move in with him.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, John Clayton as Inspector Bill Adams, Salvatore Coco as Joe, Leah Purcell as Tracey, Belinda Cotterill as Sharyn, Frankie J. Holden as Sgt Glenn Webb

Guest Starring: Roslyn Oades as Jess, Mitchell McMahon as Luke, Justin Rosniak as Sam, Erick Mitzak as Bede, Kieran Darcy-Smith as Col, Nick Frisina as Detective Masters, Michael Coe as Frank, Jack Mayers as Medina, Alex Petersons as Pete, Tui Swann as Swifty, Alan Hayward as Ted, Tim Campbell as Hugo, Katie Coogan as Jean, David Mealor as Policeman No. 1, Tony Lynch as Mickey Double, Avril Wynn as Georgia Double, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Gillian Statham as Kathy Double, Avril Wynn as Jess Double, Dan Smith as Ted Double, Claude Lambert as Bede Double, Tony Lynch as Joe Double

Notes: Salvatore Coco (guest star in 2.11) and Leah Purcell join the series and Belinda Cotterill returns having last appeared in series 3. Mitchell McMahon played Mickey's son Sam in episode 1.01 but Justin Rosniak took over the role in 3.08. Now Mitchell McMahon returns playing Mickey's other son Luke who was played by Elliot Jurd in episode 1.01

Nobby's Place


Episode 5.02 (54)
Fri, September 27, 1996
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Mickey tries to get a stubborn old man to stop fishing in a dangerous location; later, Mickey sees a physchiatrist after he suffers a panic attack during a rescue. At school, Tracey helps Luke stands up to his bullies.

Guest Starring: John Flaus as Nobby, Justin Rosniak as Sam, Mitch McMahon as Luke, Brigid Kitchen as Doctor, Nathy Gaffney as Executive, Herbert de Longueville as Building Supervisor, Kim Knuckey as Senior Constable, Antony Grey as Ambulance Officer, Adam Lucas as Jerrod, David Hatherly as Nathan, Helmet Bakaitis as Dr Mayfield, Melissa Gray as Constable Merrick, James Millar as Washed Up Youth, Richard Boue as Mickey Double, Rocky McDonald as Gavin, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Paul Doyle as Drowning Fisherman; Kris McQuade as Alison Johnson [uncredited]

The Getting of Wisdom


Episode 5.03 (55)
Fri, October 04, 1996
Written by Glenda Hambly
Directed by Tony Tilse

Several members of the squad, especially Angel, are having trouble with new recruit Joe whose risk-taking and care-free attitude has placed his career in jeopardy. Inspector Adams tells Joe he will have to work on his attitude if he wants to stay part of the squad. Bill contemplates retirement after the death of a close friend. Joe's involvement with a troubled rescue subject gives him his greatest challenge when she becomes suicidal.

Guest Starring: Susan Prior as Debra, Terry Crawford as Don, Charde Dougherty as Alecia, Catherine Brown as Laura, May Pusey as Elderly Woman, Stuart Tilse as Psychiatric Nurse, Leslie Hardwick as Psychiatric Nurse 2, Brendan McKensy as Simon, Dean Smith as Boy 1, Stuart McRae as Boy 2, Chris Burke as Spectator, Diana Carr as Woman, Mark O'Neil as Pedestrian, Rohan Michael as Tony, Irene Hallas as Mary, Tony Lynch as Joe Double, Gillian Statham as Debra Double

The River


Episode 5.04 (56)
Fri, October 11, 1996
Written by Rick Maier
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

A small plane carrying a father and son crashes in the mountains due to bad weather. A search party is organised but the search is further complicated when Angel becomes lost as well.

Guest Starring: Andy Anderson as Errol, Scott Major as Robbie, Martin Lynes as Ned Spinks, Don Dent as Earl, Joe Younan as Cox, Anthony Doyle as Hartford, Heath Goldstein as Davis, Johnny Halliday as Mickey Double, Greg Blandy as Angel Double 1, Tony Lynch as Angel Double 2, Gillian Statham as Georgia Double

Note: Martin Lynes is erroneously credited as Martin Lyons

The Ship


Episode 5.05 (57)
Fri, October 18, 1996
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Paul Faint, Steve Mann

There has been an explosion on a ship and several men are trapped. The job of rescuing the injured crew is made all the more difficult when the squad finds evidence of a bomb and find themselves hampered by the threat of additional explosions and a man who is not what he seems.

Guest Starring: Steve Jacobs as Captain Tarrant, Joe Petruzzi as Dimitri; Wadih Dona as Paolo Rodriquez, Blair Cutting as Davis, Jason Monotgomery as Hartford, Andrew Rodreda as Paramedic Pete, Michael Denkha as First Mate, Bruce Mexon as Security Guard, Leslie Hardwick as Paramedic 2, Gerardo Escalona as Ganger 1, Michael Caloudis as Ganger 2, Tony Maurici as Julio Cosmo, George Voukenas as Corpse, Phil Meacham as Angel Double, Gillian Statham as Georgia Double

Flash the Descent


Episode 5.06 (58)
Fri, October 25, 1996
Written by Debra Parsons
Directed by Rowans Woods

A brother and sister are climbing a dangerous rock face. When the brother falls, the sister takes on all his weight. Georgia and a local expert climber work to rescue them. Joe and Mickey are diverted to another rescue at the site of a leadership course for corporate workers. Sharyn's coworkers help her celebrate her 21st birthday.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Alex Willis, Skye Wansey as Lily, Anthony Kierann as Fred, Brett Partridge as Dave, Paul Hunt as Local Sergeant, Steve Douglas-Craig as Course Organizer, Iain Murton as Ted, Rowan Woods as Frank, Tony Lynch as Fred Double, Mark Wilson as Lily Double, Lisa Hale as Georgia Double, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Craig Hale as Alex Double

The Holliman Kid


Episode 5.07 (59)
Fri, November 01, 1996
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Rowans Woods

Not long after the Holliman family wins three million dollars in the lottery, their daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom prompting Sydney's entire police service to be mobilised to search for a kidnapped child. Georgia is faced with an important decision.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Alex Willis, Mitchell McMahon as Luke, Justin Rosniak as Sam, Stephen Leeder as Detective Inspector Yates, Andrew Harris as Mr Holliman, Maureen Green as Mrs Holliman, Nellie McQuinn as Averil, Jennifer Kent as Michelle, Sheylea Forrest as 9 Year Old Girl, Anthony Halas as Girl's Father, Rob Hunter as Takeaway Man, Richard Morecroft as Newsreader, Scott Alle as Reporter, Gerry Tacovsky as Detective, Glenn Hoare as Frantic Worker, Adrian Bernotti as Trapped Man, Sam Toomey as Supervisor, Enrico Babic as Zac, Ian Lind as Frank, Simon Lyndon as Matt, Tai Scrivener as Shane, Valera Griffin as Highway Patrol Cop 1 [Robin], Paul MacKay as Highway Patrol Cop 2, Paul Doyle as Matt Double, Phil Meacham as Police Car Driver 1 Double, Dar Davies as Police Car Driver 2 Double, Derrin Gilmour as SAP Car Police 1 Double, Terry Flanagan as SAP Car Police 2 Double

Tomorrow Never Knows


Episode 5.08 (60)
Fri, November 08, 1996
Written by Daniel Krige
Directed by Tony Tilse

Returning from a heroic rescue from the top of Centrepoint Tower, Angel and Tracey arrive at the scene of a car accident to find his brother, Con, injured and his other brother, Paulie, dead. The driver of the other car is drunk and cops a severe beating from Angel. When Internal Affairs gets involved, Tracey and Angel are questioned about the incident and when the man dies in hospital, Angel is arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Guest Starring: Fotis Pelekis as Con, Chris Morsley as Inspector Gordon, David Brown as Detective Willis, Christopher Dibbs as Barry, Luke Sullivan as Rex, Jonathan Lewis as Security Guard, Scott Ferguson as Greg, Luke Quinton as Alan, Nick Jasprizza as Martin, Rossi Kotsis as Paul, Jai McEnery as Woman, Melissa Trovato as Helen, Peter Nettell as Officer 1, Ben O'Reilly as Officer 2, Brendan Donoghue as Mark, Leeanna Walsman as Debbie, Frances Radice as Partygoer, Fiona Reynolds as Female Officer, Amanda Orr as Female Officer, Micke Walter as Jeff, Joe McIlroy as Torch Kid, Lee Watson as Alleyway Policeman 1, Perry Silvio as Alleyway Policeman 2, David MacKennal as Wharf Cop, Robert Simper as Mickey Double, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Dave Brown as Mark Double

The Only Constant


Episode 5.09 (61, finale)
Fri, November 22, 1996
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Several members of the squad are rethinking their future. Will they stay or leave Rescue? How will it all end? Mickey has the dirty task of rescuing a man from a chimney. Angel is given a sendoff after he is dismissed from the Police Service. The squad races an oncoming storm in an attempt to rescue two children lost in a vast system of stormwater tunnels. Georgia and Alex accept the reality of their relationship. Georgia is farwelled as she transfers out of Rescue to join a youth crime task force. Surrounded by change, Mickey reconsiders his own future at Rescue after a difficult job and resigns.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Alex, Jason Montgomery as Hartford, Jeremy Ball as Uniformed Cop, Jessica Napier as Zoe, Rory Williamson as Randy, Sandy Winton as Senior Constable, Anna Hruby as Robyn, Hayley Phillips as Jessie, Roxane Wilson as Tessa, Frank Garfield as Harry Machin, Angus King as Man, Jennifer Kent as Michelle, Kaira Pilt as Melissa, Phil Meacham as Terry Welham, Anthony Zaarour as Jason