Police Rescue: episode guide



Episode 1.01
Thu, February 14, 1991
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Michael Carson

A highly successful businessman who threatens suicide makes Mickey realise how lucky he really is.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Marshall Napier as Fred 'Frog' Catteau, Tim McKenzie as Peter 'Ridgy' Ridgeway, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Peter Browne as Trevor 'Sootie' Coledale, Doug Scroope as Percy 'Ptomaine' Warren, John Clayton as Bill Adams

Guest Starring: Tara Morice as Jenny, Philip Quast as Bob Harrison, Oliver Steele as Boy 1, Jaiman Baily as Boy 2, Mitchell McMahon as Sam, Elliot Jurd as Luke, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Waitress, John Kearney as Cop 1, Brian Langsworth as Waiter, Kitty Silver as Barmaid [Jessie], Anna North as Girl, Alan Lock as Cop 2, Robert Greenburg as Man, Kitty Marden as Wife, Grant Page as Stunt Performer; Kerry Armstrong as Des McClintock [uncredited]

Angel After Hours


Episode 1.02
February 21, 1991
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Michael Jenkins

A police psychiatrist rides with Mickey and Angel while Angel tries to cope with the return of his alcoholic and abusive father.

Guest Starring: Nico Lathouoris as Nicos Angelopoulos, Arianthe Galani as Sophia Angelopoulos, Fotis Pelekis as Con Angelopoulos, Rossi Kotsis as Paul Angelopoulos, Melissa Trovato as Helen Angelopoulos, Maria Katts as Marika Angelopoulos, David Webb as David MacIntosh, Brendon Walker as Chick, Stravos Economidis as Theo Perakis, Mario Monte as Costis, Andy Clarke as Hardhat (Stuntman), Kim Knuckey as Sergeant Sc.52, Sean Scully as Michael (Jumper), Debbie Angus as Woman MVA [Margaret], Dominic Elmaloglou as Child MVA, Nic Ageras as Choreographer; Greek Dancers: Ross Gazies, Liza Kalleri, Catherine Gazies, Bill Ageras, Irene Kritikos, Chris Kalergis, Gina Kalergis



Episode 1.03
February 28, 1991
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Ann Turner

On the hottest day of the year, a propane tanker crashes with another truck hauling dangerous chemicals endangering an entire suburb along with a nearby liquefied petroleum gas depot.

Guest Starring: Debbie Byrne as Maria Mellick, Ken Radley as Hunter, Deborah Kennedy as Bronwyn Catteau, Shayne Foote as Trainee 1, Andrew Moffat as Trainee 2, Jess Napier as Therese, Nicole Bolton as Sally, Brian Harrison as Superintendent, Steven Scott-Young as Pete, Paul Smith as Wilson, LPG Depot Manager as Peter Lyons, Rob Hunter as Fire Officer 1, Mark Fairhill as Doctor, David Lewis as Tow Truck Driver, Goeff Bartlett as Fire Brigade Officer 2, Mike Butcher as Fireman, Gordon Wood as Paramedic, David Fielding as Tanker Driver, Michel Moore as Woman with Lost Child, Deborah Paul as Middle Class Woman, Grant Page as Stunt Performer

Note: Jessica Napier makes her acting debut at age 9 playing the daughter of her real-life father, series regular Marchall Napier. She will appear again in episodes 1.09 and 5.09 in different roles.

The Cosmic Lightbeam


Episode 1.04
March 07, 1991
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Graham Thorburn

After Mickey and Angel have an argument, they become trapped in a collapsed mine that served as a munitions storage dump during WWII.

Guest Starring: Kerry Armstrong as Des McClintock, Wynne Roberts as Anthony Mason, Chris Galleti as Detective Sergeant Dalzell, Cranston Brecht as Jason Carpenter, Ira Seidenstein as salesman, Soledad Cordeaux as Helen, Toni Allayialsis as Christy, David Hoey as Pool player, Boris Brkic as Ziggy, Kerry Blakeman as Cole, Brian Ellison as Jigger, Da Davies as Ronnie, David Wenham as Ferret, Joe Schwaiger as Stunt Performer

Mad Dog


Episode 1.05
March 14, 1991
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Michael Carson

Rescue is called in to provide security at a prison while the staff is on strike. Angel tries to help an old friend he finds incarcerated in the prison while Rescue later participates in the search for an escaped prisoner.

Guest Starring: Paul Sonkilla as Max Bergman, Leigh Russell as Tony Wilson, Bill Hunter as Senior Sergeant Col Buchanan, Leo Taylor as Inspector Hawkins, David Atrill as Koster, Stephen Leeder as Sergeant Barnett, Fatt Bob as Hooker, Nicholas Lidstone as Prison Officer, Robert Carlton as Young Prisoner, Lester Morris as Old Prisoner, Brigid Kitchin as Journalist, Guy Blackmore as Newsreader, Brian Ellison as 'Rambo', Joe Schwaiger as Williams, Grant Page as Stunt Performer, Lou Horvath as Stunt Performer, Bernadette Van Gyen as Stunt Performer, Ian Lind as Stunt Performer

Saturday Night


Episode 1.06
March 21, 1991
Written by Steve Wright
Directed by Karl Zwicky

The rescue aquad holds a party for Inspector Adam's birthday. Ridgy risks his life to save a fellow angler when he goes fishing and must be rescued by his coworkers.

Guest Starring: Kerry Armstrong as Des McClintock, Max Cullen as Ernie Kemp, Pat Bishop as Cath Adams, Deborah Kennedy as Bronwyn Catteau, Charles Little as Jim, Emily Lumbers as Vicki, Mark Bower as Kezza Mainwaring

Reunion With Snake


Episode 1.07
March 28, 1991
Written by John Lonie
Directed by Mike Smith

After rescuing a child from a storm water drain, Mickey goes on the hunt for the source of the toxic chemicals that burned the boy. His actions earn him a reprimand for confronting a chemical company executive... and an unlikely ally. Sootie and Angel work to free a man trapped under a house by a gas explosion but the rescue is complicated by the presence of a potentially poisonous snake. Mickey hopes a romantic dinner will help him reconcile with his wife.

Guest Starring: Kerry Armstrong as Des McClintock, Kim Krejus as Bernadette Kelly, Kelly Dingwell as Dylan, Ashley Bindon as Brad, Lynne McGimpsey as Mrs. Blundell, Stephen Carey as Damien, Ron Hackett as Guard, Roy Billing as Myer, Jenny Hall as Helen, Liam O'Neil as Simon, John Grant as Terry Kennedy, Brent Purdy as Waiter, Inga Adamson as Nurse, Des James as Senior Constable, David Arnett as Mel, Ian Whalan as Paramedic, Jenni Brown as Receptionist, Tim Allen as Dawson, Grant Page as Stunt Performer



Episode 1.08
April 11, 1991
Written by Steve Wright
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

In an attempt to gather evidence against a violent money launderer, the Special Operations Team asks Rescue to lead the penetration against his secure estate.

Guest Starring: Monica Trapaga as Gina Alvarez, Warwick Moss as Travis, Ric Carter [Richard Carter] as Vic Wilson, Robert Price as Pencilter, Melissa Hannah as Annie Fowler, Clarrie Thane as Guard, Damien Cudmore as SOT Man, Ric Anderson as Man #2 (SOT), Luke Quinton as SOT Sgt., Michael Barnacoat as Ambulance Man, Ian Strutt as SOT Member, Lawrence Woodward as Stunt Performer, Lou Horvath as Stunt Performer, Tony Lynch as Stunt Performer, Ric Anderson as Stunt Performer

One for Dad


Episode 1.09
April 18, 1991
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Michael Pattinson

After a difficult rescue, Frog becomes the subject of a newspaper article and decides to resign from the police force. Rescue participates in the search for a child lost in the bush. Working on her rescue, Frog and Mickey must spend the night in a swamp.

Guest Starring: Anne Tenney as Katie McCarthy, Deborah Kennedy as Bronwyn Catteau, Jess Napier as Tracey, Belinda Allen as Lorraine Catteau, Melissa Tkautz as Helen Catteau, Andrew Waterworth as Mark Jeffrey, Penny Pederson as Woman in Car, Grant Page as Stunt Performer, Bob Hicks as Stunt Performer

Note: despite having just appeared in episode 1.03 as Frog's daughter, Jessica Napier returns as a 10-year-old girl in need of rescue. Belinda Allen and Melissa Tkautz play Frog's daughters in this episode but are not seen.



Episode 1.10
April 25, 1991
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

An armed bank robber holds two girls hostage inside a house; outside, Mickey and Georgia struggle to free a pregnant woman in labour from a car. Bill and Cath struggle with their emotions as they mark the anniversary of their son's death.

Guest Starring: Emma Callaghan as Susan Russell, Brian Logan as John Edward Downs, Dennis Grosvenor as Tom Williams, Rachel Riley as Julie, Noga Bernstein as Wanda, John Noble as Sergeant, Pat Bishop as Cath Adams, Marianne Krogdahl as Dr Hardy, Jack Mayers as Lennie, Ian Pearce as SOT Officer, Paul Rogers as Accomplice, Greg Iverson as Cowboy, Felicity Copeland as Bank Teller, Harrison Bitmead as Baby Mickey, Ric Anderson as Stunt Performer, Brian Ellison as Stunt Performer

Up a Tree


Episode 1.11
May 02, 1991
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

A determined young environmentalist holds a treetop sit-in to protest the building of a road through the bush to support a new resort development and Mickey balks when politicians try to use Rescue to evict her. Georgia and Mickey rescue a puppy from a storefront. Mickey attempts to strengthen his bond with his son, Sam.

Guest Starring: Beth Champion as Jacqui Napier, Ritchie Singer as Darryl Burke, Mitchell McMahon as Sam, Jamie Oxenbold as Tod Gregory, Mark McCann as Police Sergeant, Brendon Kennedy as Reporter, Grant Wilson as Protestor (Ian), Robert Baxter as Large Constable, Tonia Peppitt as Shop Keeper, Erika Peril as Protestor 2, Angela Pearman as Newsreader, Richard Morecroft as Newsreader 2, James Findlay as Paul, Asher Livingston as Tough Kid, Jo Akacich as Minder-Tom, Colin Burkinshaw as Big Man, Gabrielle Adkins as Journalist 2, Richard Coleman as Business Man No. 2, Ted Dawson as Business Man No. 1, Dacre King as Grandfather, Michael Sommerville as Mr McLeish, Myfanwy Morgan as Mrs McLeish, Connie Gower as Stunt Performer, Gulliver Page as Stunt Performer

Saving the Princess


Episode 1.12
June 13, 1991
Written by Steve Wright
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Rescue is called to a demolition site to extract a trapped worker. After leaving a successful job, Mickey returns and learns that two homeless teens who have been sleeping in the abandoned building are unaccounted for. An injured man is trapped in theatre scaffolding while a play continues beneath him. Sootie is attracted to the new cleaning lady.

Guest Starring: David Franklin as Manager, Sarah Lambert as Juliet, Felix Nobis as Romeo, Helen O'Connor as Lady Capulet, Syd Conabere as Frank, Anni Finsterer as Agnes, Anthony Grgas as Mercutio, Brian Vriends as Tybalt, Robbie McGregor as Prince, Meg Simpson as Nurse, Robert Willox as Foreman, Morgan Lewis as Street Kid - Jack, David O'Connor as Boy, Ella Scott as Girl, John Samaha as Take Away Owner, Maxwell Donthorne-Sims as Bow Tie Critic, Peter Farmer as Paramedic No. 1, Manny Katz as Labourer No. 1, Peter Guitronich as Agnes' Husband, Grant Page as Stunt Performer, Lou Horvath as Stunt Performer, Wayne Pleace as Stunt Performer

By the Book


Episode 1.13
May 16, 1991
Written by Peter Schreck
Directed by Peter Fisk

Mickey is left to run the squad temporarily while Bill and Ridgeway are away. Georgia is put on restricted duties at the station after she decides to give priority to the rescue of a criminal trapped in a wrecked police car contrary to the protestations of the other officers on scene.

Guest Starring: Don Reid as Harry Morgan, Bab Baines as Frank Williams, Robert Steele as Dad, Mervyn Drake as Barry, Harold Hopkins as Narc Cop (Tony), Sarah Jane Butler as Bride, Alan Glover as Cop, Laurence Schiller as Chick McGregor, Gabrielle Hammond as Vicki, Danielle D'Angelo as Lidia, John Stone as Priest, Barbara Magnolfi as Foreperson, Peter Carmody as Ambo Officer, Dan Holliday as Beau, Todd Rippon as John Morgan, Georgina Ciot as Italian Factory Onlooker, Neil Modra as Ambulance No. 2, Jill Crammond as Mum, Anne Kirkpatrick as C&W Bandsinger, Alistair Jones as C&W Band, Ian Simpson as C&W Band, Martyn O'Hara as Groom, Lucy Monge as Bridesmaid, Julian Collier as Georgia's Brother, Pauline Fiddes as Old Couple (female), Bill Brennon as Old Couple (male), Connie Gower as Stunt Performer, Grant Page as Stunt Performer