Produced by Southern Star Xanadu, the ABC and the BBC

Executive Producers: Kim Williams, Penny Chapman
Producers: John Edwards, Sandra Levy
Head Writer: Christopher Lee

Produced: 1990–1994 (ABC)

Police Rescue is a unique blend of character driven drama and fast paced action adventure. The Police Rescue Squad are the real heroes of the Police Service and handle a strikingly wide range of work from road accidents to train disasters to the prevention of suicides — the Squad are constantly laying their lives on the line to save others. The series deals with the dramas that surround rescue work, the unique characters attached to it and the humour of the after-hours lives of the Squad's colourful personalities. Stunningly filmed action sequences in and around Sydney, tender and engaging personal stories at it's centre, Police Rescue is a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat — and touch your heart. (61 x 60 min)
Gary SweetSergeant Steve 'Mickey' McClintockseries 1 - 5
Marshall NapierSergeant Fred 'Frog' Catteauseries 1 - 2
Tim McKenzieSenior Sergeant Peter 'Ridgy' Ridgewayseries 1
Steve BastoniConstable Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulosseries 1 - 5
Sonia ToddConstable Georgia Rattrayseries 1 - 5
Peter BrowneConstable Trevor 'Sootie' Coledaleseries 1
Doug ScroopeConstable Percy 'Ptomaine' Warrenseries 1 - 3
John ClaytonInspector Bill Adamsseries 1 - 5
Steve BisleySenior Sergeant Kevin 'Nipper' Harrisseries 2 - 4
Belinda CotterillSharyn Elliottseries 2 - 3, 5
Tammy MacIntoshConstable Kathy Orlandseries 2 - 4
Jeremy CallaghanConstable Brian Morleyseries 2 - 4
Ada NicodemouAnastasia Skourasseries 4
Frankie J. HoldenSenior Sergeant Glenn 'Spider' Webbseries 4 - 5
Salvatore CocoConstable Joe Cardilloseries 5
Leah PurcellConstable Tracey Davisseries 5
cast photo
cast photo

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