Police Rescue: episode guide

On the Outer


Episode 4.01 (40)
Thu, April 27, 1995
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Ken Cameron

Brian bonds with a traumatised woman after they are rescued from a collapsed parking structure. There's conflict at the base when Brian decides he can no longer take Angel and Mickey's morbid on-the-job humour and considers his future in Rescue.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, John Clayton as Bill Adams, Tammy Macintosh as Kathy Orland, Jeremy Callaghan as Brian Morley, Ada Nicodemou as Anastasia Skouras, Steve Bisley as Kevin 'Nipper' Harris

Guest Starring: Miranda Otto as Amanda; Liz Crosby as Christine, Sophie Wiesner as Fiona, Philip Joseph as Fiona's Father, Damian De Montemas as Greg, Arthur Angel as Emilio, John Kearney as Uniformed Cop, Anthony Russell as Ambulance Officer, Colin Angus as John, Vic Andrews as Unconscious Worker in Tank, Victoria Wells as Policewoman, Lou Horvath as Brian Double, Gillian Statham as Amanda Double, Brian Ellison as Dead Body, Johnathon Hearney as Injured Man

Note: Ada Nicodemou joins the cast replacing Belinda Cotterill

Conduct Endangering Life


Episode 4.02 (41)
Thu, May 04, 1995
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Julie Money

Rescue is called on to provide support at a siege in Chatswood, where a doped-up and frustrated bank robber has just killed a police officer and is holding over a dozen people hostage. Complicating the tense scene is an over-eager young reporter who reveals on-air that one of the hostages is Nipper's wife.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Sims as Jeff Bertram, Robert Alexander as Chief O'Reilly, Shayne Foote as Cheryl, Kerry Ella as Police Psychologist, Gabrielle Hammond as Michelle, Georgina Fisher as Karen, Delta Goodrem as Sophie, Jessie Bullions as Amy, Ronald Falk as Col, Robbie McGregor as Ray, Espeth MacTavish as Tracey, Joshua Rosenthal as Wayne, Dean Nottle as Police Negotiator, Michael Butcher as Detective, Matt Mullamphy as Detective 2, Clodagh Crowe as Janice, Anthony Kierann as TV Reporter, John-Paul Bolton as Constable Perry, Jan Merriman as Tellers's Mother, Mark Wheatley as Al, Martin Josephs as Bank Manager, Lou Horvath as Wayne Stunt Double, Glen Boswell as Mickey Stunt Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Michelle Stunt Double, Phil Meecham as Angel Stunt Double

Note: Look out for Delta Goodrem playing one on Nipper's daughters (her 3rd series guest role following spots in A Country Practice and Hey Dad in 1993). Nipper's wife Michelle was played by Lisa Armytage in episode 2.10.

Wrong Side of the Road


Episode 4.03 (42)
Thu, May 11, 1995
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Paul Faint

On the way home from visiting Nipper's widowed sister in the country, Mickey and Nipper stop to help the survivors of a bus crash. Having befriended many of the passengers at a rest stop before the crash, Mickey is determined to prove the bus driver is not at fault and Nipper decides to foster a boy orphaned in the crash.

Guest Starring: Danny Nash as Rob, Julie Macken as Gail, Stephen Shanahan as Sam, John Sheerin as Sergeant Barber, Georgina Fisher as Karen, Judith McGrath as Hazel, Robert Noble as Mal, Jan Langford Penny as Lorna, Edward Garth as Nathan, Rebecca Pugh as Jennifer, Phyllis Baker as Eunice, Nicola Quilter as Kerry, Harry Edwards as Sean, Pam Sharp as Service Station Lady, Liam Kennedy as Teenage Boy, Evnike Ens as Netball Girl 1, Bria Buttsworth as Netball Girl 2, Adam Bartlet as Highway Patrol Cop, Jonathaon Gowlland as Uniformed Cop, Martin Reefman as Young Doctor, Brett Clissold as Motorist, Richard Cotton as Dead Truck Driver, Caroline Glynn-Vidgen as Nursing Sister, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Glen Boswell as SES Stunt Performer, Richard Boue as Rob Double

Something's Got to Give


Episode 4.04 (44)
Thu, May 18, 1995
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

In search of a change, Georgia applies for Nipper's job but despite an encouraging interview, she doesn't get it. Instead someone from head office gets the job. Sergeant Webb arrives in Rescue and quickly lays down the law with a series of new rules and procedures. As he struggles to earn the respect of the squad, Webb must deal with personal demons and professional problems. Angel shows signs of stress, both on and off the job. A series of high platform rescues change the squad and offers Webb a change at redemption.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, John Clayton as Bill Adams, Tammy Macintosh as Kathy Orland, Jeremy Callaghan as Brian Morley, Ada Nicodemou as Anastasia Skouras, Frankie J. Holden as Sgt Glenn Webb

Guest Starring: William Upjohn as Stephen, Charlotte Alexander as Louise, Sally Cahill as Margaret Mason, Haydon Samuels as Jason, Kristy Wright as Cassie, Joel Booty as Tim, Mark Bower as Security Guard, Andrew James Mead as Gary, Steve Rodgers as John, Don Reid as Superintendent Jim Bailey, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Georgia Double, Lou Horvath as Webb Double, Glen Boswell as Jason Double, Gillian Statham as Cassie Double, Dan Smith as Tim Double, Dan Smith as Mal

Note: Frankie J. Holden replaces Steve Bisley whose last episode was 4.03. Kristy Wright's first TV role.

Guardian Angel


Episode 4.05 (55)
Thu, May 25, 1995
Written by Mary Morris
Directed by Julie Money

After a young boy helps Angel rescue an injured maintenance worker at Luna Park, he befriends Angel and tries to fix him up with his mother. Brian is concerned about an elderly man who is apparently seeking attention through a series of apparant nuisance calls. Mickey tries to help Angel sort out his life after his breakup with Helena.

Guest Starring: Fiona Corke as Sandra, Jamie Croft as Eddie, Justin Gaffney as Matthew, Cathy Campbell as Matthew's Wife, Peter Collingwood as Douglas, Dawn Benson as Douglas' Wife, Toula Tzoras as Bridesmaid, Chris Herden as Plumber, Glen Boswell as Eddie Double, Dan Smith as Eddie Double, Phil Meacham as Angel Double, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Georgia Double/Bridesmaid Double, Phil Meacham as Stunt Driver, Brian Ellison as Stunt Driver, Lou Horvath as Stunt Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Cop 1, Richard Boue as Cop 2

Double Jeopardy


Episode 4.06 (55)
Thu, June 01, 1995
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Paul Faint

A natural gas explosion leaves three people trapped two stories underground. The squad tries to provide rescue but with time running out, a second explosion traps them as well. With a rapidly diminishing air supply and cyanide gas leaking into the cellar, Mickey, unwilling to abandon the trapped workers, disobeys an order from Inspector Adams to leave the scene.

Guest Starring: Susan Lyons as Janet, Alan Cinis as Gas Foreman, Kim Knuckey as Tony Sorrento, Tom Richards as Major Bellamy, Peter Harvey-Wright as Adrian Palmer, Stan Kouros as Dmitri Tarros, Harold Kissin as George Brennan, Nan Vernon as Mrs Brennan, Adrain Bernotti as Joe, Paul McKay as Cop, Walter Grkovic as Charlie, Rob Hunter as Paramedic, John Rhall as MacIntosh, Joe Younan as Squad Member, Paul Smith as Squad Member, Glen Boswell as Workman Double, Phil Meacham as Angel Double

Crossing the Line


Episode 4.07 (56)
Thu, June 08, 1995
November 08, 1995
Written by Chris Roache
Directed by Shirley Barrett

Following the roof-top rescue of a child left alone by a single mother, Georgia decides to give the drug-addicted woman a second chance and doesn't report the violation to Community Services. When the mother disappears and is later picked up for theft, Rescue search for her children who are hiding out in a train yard. A pompous driver sues Angel for the damage incurred to his car during a rescue.

Guest Starring: Sharyn Hodgson as Kerry, Melissa Jaffer as Gwen, Sebastian Huber as Paul, Emily & Natalie Smith as Melanie, Harold Hopkins as Colley, Douglas Hedge as Mr Mullins, Saviour Sammut as Alfredo, David Mealor as Constable Gilbey, Thomas Zentai as Shop Proprietor, Keith Holloway as Reverend Armitage, Joel McIlroy as Terry, Ian Bolt as Real Estate Driver, Greg Blandy as Police Officer, Brett Clissold as Resident

Damage Control


Episode 4.08 (57)
Thu, June 15, 1995
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

During a rescue operation, Kathy sits with a dying man and then tries to pass his last messages on to his wife shortly after the accident. Georgia revives a drowned swimmer who remains in a coma. Georgia revives a drowned swimmer who remains in a coma. Kathy comes to the aid of a pregnant woman trapped in an elevator.

Guest Starring: Deborah Galanos as Tessa, Allan McFadden as Foreman, Gail Watson as Registrar, Zachery McKay as Michael, Ramsey Everingham as Constable, Maeve Germaine as Jenny, Gilda Proietti as Neighbour, Robyn Austin as Sister, Owen Buik as Neil, Anthony Grey as Ambulance Officer, Samantha Penhall and Hannah Penhall as Baby, Andrew Martin as Injured Man, Johnathon Heaney as Yachtsman, Richard Boue as Trapped Man, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Georgia Double, Phil Meacham as Angel Double, Richard Boue as Neil Double, Brian Ellison as Yachtsman Double

Public Mischief


Episode 4.09 (58)
Thu, June 22, 1995
Written by Greg Millin
Directed by Julie Money

Called out to prevent two apparent suicides, the squad helps arrest a woman and her brother who are BASE jumpers. Later, Mickey, who is intrigued by the pair, tries skydiving with them. A worker asks Georgia for a copy of her accident report about an incident at an unsafe factory.

Guest Starring: Nicola Primaro as Matteo, Lucia Mastrantone as Rosa, John Jarratt as Dave, Tony Barry as Clyde, Paul Moore as Scott, Patrick Davies as Constable in Building, Anthony Zaarour as Police Officer - Chase, Sven Hanson as Support Person, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Rosa Double, Donny Vaughan as Rosa Double, Lou Horvath as Matteo Double, Phil Meacham as Angel Double; Skydivers: Rock, Craig Morriss, Keith Milear, Paul Smith

Note: Sonia Todd and guest star John Jarratt will go on to appear together in 6 seasons of McLeod's Daughters starting in 2001

Breaking Strain


Episode 4.10 (59)
Thu, June 29, 1995
Story by Martin Connor
Written by Rick Maier
Directed by Paul Faint

Angel tries to help his friend Tony, a towie, who is suspected of stealing money from a bookmaker's car after he is involved in an accident. Angel rescues Tony's daughter after a fall at an oil depot.

Guest Starring: Simon Bossell as Tony, Rachel Griffiths as Shelley, Robert Faggetter as Christo, Bill Young as Tim O'Neill, Melissa Ippolito as Grace, Leanne Bundy as Leslie, Genevieve Sulway as Susan Krantz, Barnaby Gilbert as Danny, Colin Borgonon as John Harding, Fiona Reynolds as Police Officer 1, John Tilden as Drag Race Bookie, Paul McKay as Police Officer 2, David Ingall as Injured Motor Cyclist, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Lou Horvath as Angel Double, Phil Meacham as Tony Burning Double, Richard Boue as Tony Driving Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Leslie Double, Harry Dakanalis as Rollerskater

The Sharp End


Episode 4.11 (50)
Thu, July 06, 1995
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

There's an explosion in an old factory that's being wired for demolition. When Rescue arrives, one worker is dead and two others are trapped and badly wounded. To rescue the men, the squad must locate and disarm the explosives while an electrical storm rages outside.

Guest Starring: Graeme Blundell as Coleman, Steven Vidler as Scuderi, Bradley Byquar as Billy, Elizabeth Chance as Melanie, Philip Dodd as Security, Anthony Grey as Ambulance Officer, Ray Manser as Clem, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Georgia Double, Phil Meacham as Tony Double

Rescue Me


Episode 4.12 (51)
Thu, July 15, 1995
Written by Mary Morris
Directed by Paul Faint

Georgia tries to help the daughter of an old friend deal with her guilt over her brother's death. Angel learns more about his father following his death.

Guest Starring: Marnie Reece-Willmore as Danni, Arianthe Galani as Mrs Angelopoulos, Lynn Hamilton-McLeod as Angela, Brian Langsworth as Railway Dero, Raj Sidhu as Doctor, Mick Innes as Caretaker, Alan Lock as Duncan, Colleen Bray as Trapped Mum, John Bailey as Government Contractor, Stephen Eley as Security Guard, Joseph Caruana as Priest, Syd Smith as Doss House Dero, Fotis Pelekis as Costa, Melissa Trovato as Helen, Sophie Greig as Nurse, Rossi Kotsis as Pauli, Phoebe Santilan as Rosie 1, Chloe Santilan as Rosie 2, Alyssa Buddin as Rosie 3, Sara Bird as Receptionist, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Georgia Double, Phil Meacham as Angel Double

Wild Card


Episode 4.13 (52)
Thu, July 20, 1995
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

When Mickey fatally shoots one of two brothers involved in the violent robbery of a videostore, he becomes the target of the surviving brother who is looking for revenge. When his threats turn into actions and the lives of the squad are put in danger, Mickey is taken off active duty. Angel and Georgia grow closer after he asks her to be his date to a cousin's wedding.

Guest Starring: Ben Mendelsohn as Dean, Joel Edgerton as Andy, Peter Damien Hayes as Video Store Owner, Gerry Tacovsky as Brophy, Sam Wilcox as Uniformed Cop, Garry Scale as Doug the Butcher, Dane Butcher as Tim the Young Butcher, Tony Llewellyn-Jones as Surgeon, Adam Kronenberg as Young Constable, Robyn Austin as Theatre Sister, Nathan Kays as Phil, Peter Manea as Plainsclothes Cop, Glen Boswell as Mickey Double, Bernadette Van Gyen as Kathy Double, Lou Horvath as Dean Double, Richard Boue as Dead Body

Note: the final episode for Tammy Macintosh, Jeremy Callaghan and Ada Nicodemou. Joel Edgerton's first tv role.