Police Rescue: episode guide


Telemovie pilot (90 min)
Aired: March 15, 1989 (ABC)
Written by Everett de Roche
Directed by Peter Fisk

The latest set of Rescue recruits nears the end of their training. Rescue helps in the search for a lost epileptic boy.

Guest Starring:

Kerry Armstrong as Des McClintock
Simon Gratton as Draino
Andrew S. Gilbert as Earl
Brian Meegan as Cox
Dean Nottle as Brian
Stuart McCreery as Poole
Fiona Press as Fay
Damian Gore as Ollie
Anne Sanders as Newsreader
Judith Stratford as Ollie's Mother
Bruce Venables as Café Policeman
Lindsay McCormack as Café Bikie
Robert Willox as Dog Handler
Fred Welsh as Smithers
Elliot Jurd as Sam
Ben Watson as Luke
Timonthy Jones as Reporter
Greg Ellis as Waters
Linton Chapman as Skate Leader
Greg Iveson as Policeman Two-way
Richard Jacob as Police Cadet
Gary Lynch as Corpse
Alan McQueen as Search Sergeant
Saviour Sammat as Cafÿ Manager
Lawrence Woodward as Telecom Worker
Glen Boswell as Mickey's Stunt Double
Bernadette van Gyde as Georgia's Stunt Double
Vic Andrews as Squad Member
Mike Britton as Squad Member
Gary Inkster as Squad Member
Rocky Lasurdo as Squad Member
Raymond Smith as Squad Member
Chad Ford as Skateboarder
Aaron Mathews as Skateboarder
Jason Onley as Skateboarder
Arie Vasser as Skateboarder
Rafael Wynne as Skateboarder
Julie Scanlon as Skateboarder
Lou Andrews as Recruit Simpkins
Edward Boyle as Recruit
Sharon Househam as Recruit
Steve Browne as Recruit
Danny Resnick as Water Policeman
Warren Ring as Water Policeman
Raymond Kerr-Lansom as Water Policeman
Karyn Eggleton as Constable Eggleton
Beth Mills as Policewoman
Geoffrey Metcalf as Taxi Driver
Vic Murray as Barman
David Reilly as Waterboard Workman
Daniel Edwards as Boy On Beach
Katrina Bronar as Woman Drinker