Police Rescue: episode guide

The Right Stuff


Episode 2.01 (14)
September 10, 1992
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Michael Carson

A police officer-cum-football star transfers into Rescue. The retired Inspector who helped create the Rescue squad is helping write a history of the service, which creates political difficulties for Bill Adams. Georgia begins studying for a law degree.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, Steve Bisley as Kevin 'Nipper' Harris, John Clayton as Bill Adams, Tammy Macintosh as Kathy Orland, Doug Scroope as Percy 'Ptomaine' Warren, Belinda Cotterill as Sharyn Elliott, Marshall Napier as Fred 'Frog' Catteau

Guest Starring: Russell Crowe as Tom Young, Bill Hunter as Crusher Carroll, John Bonney as Clive Young, Penelope James as Harridan, Tony Deary as Spiderman (Stunt), Richard Boue as Youth 1 (Stunt), Kathy McMorrow as MVA Woman (Stunt), Jenny Lee-Robinson as Woman Bystander, Peter Damien Hayes as Worker, Stavros Econonimides as Worker, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Dean Gould as Tom Double, Dennis Christensen as Electrician (Stunt), Terry Flanagan as Rigger (Stunt), Lucas Brown as Boy, Danny Edwards as Boy, Andrew McMahon as Boy, Andrew Oughton as Boy, Jonathan Barnes as MVA Baby

Note: Steve Bisley, Tammy Macintosh and Belinda Cotterill join the cast replacing Tim McKenzie and Peter Browne

Off the Track


Episode 2.02 (15)
September 03, 1992
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

The entire squad responds to a train derailment. Mickey works in the compartment where a critically injured man hides the extent of his own injuries to keep up the spirits of the other passengers.

Guest Starring: Rose Clemento as Local Doctor, Patrick Blackwell as Alan, Jennifer Hardy as Carla, Kenny Graham as Russell, Colleen Fitzpatrick as Fay, David Field as Paul, Tracey O'Neill as Michelle, Ken Bromilow as Train Driver, Julie Breen as Mother, Peter Braunstein as Surgeon, Alan McQueen as Barry Rowland, Michael Beckley as Trapped Man, Paul Gillett as Paramedic, Mark O'Neill as SRA Bloke, Greg Iverson as SRA Worker, Victor Konowalenko as Workman

The Hard Way


Episode 2.03 (16)
September 17, 1992
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Ken Cameron

Georgia becomes increasingly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding an apparently straightforward car crash. A homeowner finds a runaway youth camping on public land and tries to have Rescue run him off.

Guest Starring: Lani John Tupu as David Goldberg; Frank Wilson as Mr Bridger, Rosey Jones as Leslie Dorrick, Peter Bensley as Phil Dorrick, James Hagan as Police Sergeant, Lauren Snell as Melissa, Jamie Osterman as Sean, John Eastman as Paramedic, Peter Tulloch as Young Constable

The Big Canary


Episode 2.04 (17)
September 24, 1992
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Mickey is assigned to protect a whistleblower prior to her testimony in a court case.

Guest Starring: Paula Forrest as Katie Baldwin, Jon Sidney as Daniels, Peter Fenton as Lou, David James as Oliver, Greg O'Donovan as Driver, Lindsay McCormack as Tough Man, Mick Mock as Taxi Driver, Harry Pavlidis as Chris, Gary Ross as Hood 1, Danny Baldwin as Stunt Performer, Glen Ruehland as Stunt Performer, Greg Blandy as Stunt Performer, Lou Horvath as Stunt Performer, Marian Knight as Stunt Performer, Venetzia Ruggeri as Stunt Performer, Dave Simpkins as Stunt Performer, Greg Stuart as Stunt Performer

Judgement Day


Episode 2.05 (18)
October 01, 1992
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Michael Carson

Frog must appear before a coronial inquest after he disregards proper procedure and leads the team into an unstable, partially collapsed building in an attempt to rescue a trapped child. The effort nearly costs Georgia her life and the child ultimately dies in hospital, initiating a fierce debate amongst the squad. Frog and Kathy respond to a home where a man has murdered his wife and three children. Finding the husband with a gun in his hands, Frog passively stands by waiting for him to finish the job by taking his own life. Frog descends into a ravine to rescue an injured boy.

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena, Phillip Hinton as Coroner, Dominic Condon as Jensen, Bill Young as Tim O'Neal, Jeff Truman as Harry Green, Peter Corbett as Construction Engineer, Dene Kermond as Matthew, Deborah Kennedy as Bronwyn Catteau, Eden Gaha as Michael, Susan Kennedy as Mrs Telford, Troy O'Hearn as Jason, Meaghan Blake as Rachel Catteau, Christine Murphy as Reporter, Paul Coolahan as Local Sergeant, Michael Burgess as Husband

Note: Marshall Napier's final episode



Episode 2.06 (19)
October 15, 1992
Written by Keith Thompson
Directed by Ian Barry

The squad welcomes a new member, Constable Brian Morley. With all of Sydney excited over the Grand Final football match, Mickey, Georgia, and Brian attend an MVA which is complicated by unknown hazardous chemicals, a Drug Squad surveillance operation, and a man trapped in a truck who cheerfully refuses to be rescued. Angel and Kathy respond to the scene of a party where a drunken reveller has fallen into an abandoned underground shelter.

Starring: Gary Sweet as Steve 'Mickey' McClintock, Sonia Todd as Georgia Rattray, Steve Bastoni as Yiannis 'Angel' Angelopoulos, Steve Bisley as Kevin 'Nipper' Harris, John Clayton as Bill Adams, Tammy Macintosh as Kathy Orland, Jeremy Callaghan as Brian Morley, Doug Scroope as Percy 'Ptomaine' Warren, Belinda Cotterill as Sharyn Elliott

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena; Barry Langrish as Cotton, Harold Hopkins as Fuller, Peter Whitford as Russell, Eva Di Cesare as Dimitra, Richard Bligh as Kenny, Robert Mammone as Truck Driver, Troy Ne Smith as Kevin, Alan Glover as Pat, Warren Coleman as Pryor, Kerry Casey as Target One, Anthony Kierman as Woods, Gary Selby as Squid, Vic Murray as Supporter One, Tony Lynch as Stunt Performer, Andy Clark as Stunt Performer, Tony Szeto as Stunt Performer, Greg Landy as Stunt Performer, Dean Gould as Stunt Performer, Greg Stuart as Stunt Performer, Patrick Moore as Stunt Double, Lou Horvath as Stunt Double, Tony Hughes as Stunt Double

Note: Jeremy Callaghan's first episode



Episode 2.07 (20)
October 22, 1992
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Michael Carson

Kathy refuses to deal with her emotions when tragedy strikes her family. After Mickey scales an apartment building to rescue a woman locked out on her balcony, he, Georgia and Kathy attend the scene of a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver. Angel has to deal with his brother, Con, who is getting into increasing trouble. Kathy descends in to a silo to rescue a worker buried up to his chest in sugar.

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena, Lani John Tupu as David, Fotis Pelekis as Con, Tom Weaver as Rick, Silvio Ofria as Silo Foreman, Geoff Cartwright as Drunk Driver, Paul Alexander as Senior Constable, Sam Wilcox as Young Constable, Anne Hunter as Mrs. Prowse, Jaclyn Hewett as Amy Prowse, Nicholas Heygate as Robert Prowse, Derek Amer as Mr. Phelps, Jack Campbell as Mark Orland, Susan Rigg as Mrs. Orland, Lucy Effer as Susan Orland, Celia Ireland as Lachlan's Mother, Finlay Heygate as Lachlan

Note: guest stars Jack Campbell (Kathy's brother) and Celia Ireland (trapped on balcony) will both go on to appear in All Saints alongside Tammy Macintosh.

With a Vengeance


Episode 2.08 (21)
October 29, 1992
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

After two youths crash a stolen plane in the National Park requiring rescue, Mickey finds himself being sued for negligence by the owner of the plane who is also the father of one of the boys who is paralysed in the crash. With a legal battle looming, Mickey receives help from the one man he would least expect it from.

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena, Lani John Tupu as David, Barry Quin as Mr. Scanlon, Kiri Paramore as Scotty, Murray Bartlett as Anthony Scanlon, Genevieve Mooy as Mrs. Scanlon, Ken Graham as Russell, John Allen as Vale, Armonio Benedito as Housekeeper, Elisabeth Kemp as Secretary, Geoff Vidall as Helicopter Pilot

Reasons to Live


Episode 2.09 (22)
November 05, 1992
Written by Richard Mortlock
Directed by Kate Woods

The squad is called on to save an artist who is obsessed with his wife's "affairs" and who has decided to kill both himself and his family. Mickey agrees to be Angel's Best Man but their close relationship becomes an obstacle for Angel in his relationship with Helena. A groom learns the benfits of a ball and chain while suspended from a bridge.

Guest Starring: Colin Friels as Lew, Mary Regan as Holly, Gia Carides as Helena, Warwick Moss as SOT Sergeant, Gillian Jones as Psychiatrist, Andrea Cunningham as Photographer, Rebecca Cartwright as Emma, Ellie MacCarthy as Sophie, Campbell MacPherson as Policeman, Dean Gould as Bridegroom, Peter Melov as Cop, Brenden Smith as Piano Player

Note: Rebecca Cartwright's first known television role at ~9 years old (image 10)

From This Day Forward


Episode 2.10 (23)
November 12, 1992
Written by Andrew Prowse and Christopher Lee
Directed by Michael Carson

Nipper voices his doubts that Brian will ever become an intergrated member of the squad. He must also deal with harrassment from a recently released criminal he arrested years ago who bears a grudge and learns that Mickey once dated his wife. Angel and Helena tie the knot.

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena, Lani John Tupu as David Goldberg, Phillip Gordon as Johnny Blackett, Eva Di Cesare as Dimitra, Arianthe Galani as Mrs Angelopoulos, Lisa Armytage as Michelle, Fotis Pelekis as Con, Joseph Caruana as Priest, Gary Down as Jeff, Jaye Paul as Eddie Wilson, Harry Pavlidis as Chris, Bianca Sulkowicz as Karen, Andrew Marshall as Barman, Rod Ansell as Man in Car, Rick Burchall as Manager, Scott Lowe as Injured Man, Edward Smith as Worker, Helen Kambos as Mimi, Frank Marinos as Takis, John Coughlan as Cop 1, May Pusey as Little Old Lady, Guy Norris as Johnny Double, Mark Hennessy as Nipper Double, John Heaney as Brian Double; Stunt Doubles: Lou Horvath, Andy Clark, Dean Gould, Avril Wynn, Nash Edgerton, Bernie Ledger

Angel's Devils


Episode 2.11 (24)
November 19, 1992
Written by Andrea Dal Bosco, Andrew Prowse, and Christopher Lee
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Angel becomes convinced that Helena is having an affair and begins losing control, both at home and at work. Inspector Adams finds a pamphlet on unplanned pregnancy as well as a pregnancy test in Sharyn's desk. Teenage lovers threaten to jump off the Harbour Bridge. Georgia and David discuss having children.

Guest Starring: Gia Carides as Helena, Lani John Tupu as David, Arianthe Galani as Mrs Angelopoulos, Salvatore Coco as Nick, Laura Vasquez as Soffie, Archer Lyttle as Johnson, Don Halbert as Marcus, Charles Hambling as Constable, Ben Joseph as Constable, Nicholas McKay as Honda Driver, Brad Pearson as Warren, Sean McKenzie as Wilson, Greg Blandy as Angell Double, Mark Hennessy as Nick Double, Tony Hughes as Stunt Performer

Note: guest actor Salvatore Coco will return in a starring role in series 5

The Real Meaning


Episode 2.12 (25)
November 26, 1992
Written by Philip Cornford
Directed by Kate Woods

Mickey and ambulance officer Tricia Mellick [ep 1.03 previously] receive public accolades and media attention after being involved in a high profile rescue. Georgia questions her future with the police after she has a close call on a rescue. Mickey finally admits to himself his feelings about Georgia just as she decides to make a commitment to David.

Guest Starring: Debbie Byrne as Tricia Mellick, Lani John Tupu as David , Cecelia Yates as Interviewer, Reg Cribb as Paramedic 1, Stuart Finch as Building Supervisor, Catherine Wright as Babysitter, Steve Rodgers as Floor Manager, Luke Dawson as Peter, Cedric McLaughlin as Elderly Man, Connie Hobbs as Elderly Woman, Julie Tyler as Trapped Girl [Julie], Tony Lynch as Welder, Nash Edgerton as Dead Body, Rocky McDonald as Mickey Double, Greg Blandy as Angel Double, Avril 'Polly' Wynne as Mellick Double



Episode 2.13 (26)
December 03, 1992
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Peter Fisk

Tensions between Mickey and Georgia build as her marriage to David draws near. Mickey and Angel rescue a superhero from a tight situation. The squad is called out to help rescue a group of archeologists who have been trapped in a flooding cave system. During the search, Mickey is swept away in the rising flood waters.

Guest Starring: Lani John Tupu as David Goldberg, Denise Kirby as Noeline Kay, Shane Connor as Geoff, Alan McFadden as Sergeant, Peter Healy as Paramedic, Barbara Fitzgerald as Robyn Conrad, Alan Faulkner as Dr Powell, Lisabeth Kennelly as Kim, Stephen Boyle as News Reporter, Troy Hardy as Superman, Paul Pantano as Kid No. 1, Paul Baines as Gang Kid, Ben Borgia as Gang Kid, Liam Burke as Gang Kid, Blake Champion as Gang Kid, Annette Conrad as Hospital Doctor, Kim Hillas as Baglady; Stunt Performers: Dean Gould, Lou Horvath, Rick MacClure, Patrick Moore

Note: keep an eye out for a very young Paul Pantano who makes his tv acting debut in this episode (image 2)