Produced by Essential Media & Entertainment
in association with ABC TV Australia, Screen Australia and Film Victoria

Producer: Ian Collie
Executive Producer: Andrew Knight
Writers: Andrew Knight, Matt Cameron, et al.
Director: Jeffrey Walker, et al.

Aired: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021 (ABC)

Once a successful partner in a busy Melbourne criminal law practice, Jack Irish slipped into an alcohol-fueled depression after his wife was murdered. First he lost his cases, then his self-esteem. But after hitting rock bottom, he finally started putting his life together again and has become a part-time investigator. In Jack's first case, "Bad Debts," he uncovers big-time corruption in the police, the church and the state government. In "Black Tide," Jack helps out an old family friend whose son has gone missing — for a good reason. Starring Guy Pearce as Jack Irish, this TV movie series based on the crime novels by Peter Temple offers a collection of suspense-filled whodunits with a charismatic lead and charming secondary characters.

Guy PearceJack Irish
Marta DusseldorpLinda Hillier
Aaron PedersenCam Delray
Roy BillingHarry Strang
Damien RichardsonDrew
Shane JacobseonBarry Tregear
Vadim GlownaCharlie Taub
cast photo

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