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Episode 3.03

Sun, June 27, 2021 (8:30, ABC)
Screenwriter: Matt Cameron
Director: Greg McLean

The countdown to payday begins as Jack hunts down Barry's killer but as the truth begins to come out, Jack's world is turned upside down.


  • Guy Pearce as Jack Irish
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Linda Hillier
  • Aaron Pedersen as Cam Delray
  • Roy Billing as Harry Strang
  • Shane Jacobson as Barry Tregear
  • Damien Richardson as Drew Greer
  • Damien Garvey as Stan
  • Bob Franklin as Brendan O'Grady
  • Jacek Koman as Orton
  • John Flaus as Wilbur
  • Terry Norris as Eric
  • Emma Booth as Isabel Irish
  • Nicole Nabout as Evie Mansour
  • Greg Stone as Det. Joe Slorach
  • Damian Walshe-Howling as Daryl Riley
  • Alex Menglet as The Banker
  • Gary Sweet as Det. Phil Maitland
  • Alison Whyte as Nina Persky
  • Genevieve Picot as Det. Fran Underwood
  • Matt Testro as Troy
  • Ellen Grimshaw as Casey
  • Kate Gorman as Carol Tregear
  • Ivy Mak as Cherry Blossom
  • Tony Nikolakopoulos as Stavros
  • Anita Cerdic Smith as Thea
  • Deone Zanotto as Lena Rossi
  • Marcus Bagdas as Sami
  • Madison Aquino as Fatma
  • Miles Paras as Parsons
  • Peter Heagney as Horse Auctioneer
  • Sandy Morrison as Mrs Underwood
  • Daniel Solis as Stunt Performer
  • Rick Tonna as Stunt Performer


  • "Lie To Me" performed by Vera Blue
  • "Bleeding Hearts" performed by Audrey Powne
  • "God's Gonna Cut You Down" vocals by Guy Pearce