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Episode 3.04 (series finale)

Sun, July 04, 2021 (8:30, ABC)
Screenwriter: Andrew Knight
Director: Greg McLean

As the Great White pay day approaches, more people come into the line of fire and Jack must lay to rest the ghosts of the past or risking losing everything all over again.

In Memory of Peter Temple


  • Guy Pearce as Jack Irish
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Linda Hillier
  • Aaron Pedersen as Cam Delray
  • Roy Billing as Harry Strang
  • Kate Atkinson as Simone Bendsten
  • Damien Richardson as Drew Greer
  • Damien Garvey as Stan
  • John Flaus as Wilbur
  • Terry Norris as Eric
  • Bob Franklin as Brendan O'Grady
  • Jacek Koman as Orton
  • Emma Booth as Isabel Irish
  • Gary Sweet as Det. Phil Maitland
  • Alison Whyte as Nina Persky
  • Genevieve Picot as Det. Fran Underwood
  • Matt Testro as Troy
  • Ellen Grimshaw as Casey
  • Nicole Nabout as Evie Mansour
  • Greg Stone as Det. Joe Slorach
  • John Stanton as Bill The Boatman
  • Kate Gorman as Carol Tregear
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Wayne Milovich
  • Marta Kaczmarek as Anja Milovich
  • Alex Menglet as The Banker
  • Ivy Mak as Cherry Blossom
  • Marcus Bagdas as Sami
  • Madison Aquino as Fatma
  • Ali Ammouchi as Det. Nehme
  • Reg Roordink as Det. Reg
  • Mia Landgren as Isabel Irish Double
  • Josiah Barker as Jack & Isabell's Son
  • Ava Law as Jack & Isabel's Daughter
  • Ramez Tabit as Manos
  • Adam Matt as Watering Hole Barman
  • Kristen Calleja as Riding Instructor
  • Bert Labonté as Det. Dufresne
  • Joshua Hine as Vinnie Riley
  • Kevin Willie as Anh Nguyen
  • Jarrah Cocks as Stunt Performer
  • Chris Chalmers as Stunt Performer
  • Adrian Pickering as Stunt Performer
  • Laura Sutton as Stunt Performer
  • Daniel Solis as Stunt Performer


  • "I Remember When I Was Young" performed by Matt Taylor
  • "Ginger Man" performed by Brian Cadd
  • "God's Gonna Cut You Down" vocals by Guy Pearce
  • "Virginia" performed by Scott Matthews