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Episode 2.05

Sunday, August 05, 2018
738,000 viewers (7th)
Screenwriter: Matt Cameron
Director: Fiona Banks

As Jack Irish gets closer to the truth, his investigation threatens to tear his world apart.

Suspecting Rory is involved in the deaths of Eddie and Lakshmi due to her connection to Phillip, Jack refuses to talk to her. Rory snoops in Phillip’s computer and is surprised to find records of Jack’s phone calls — but she doesn’t want to know the truth when Phillip offers to give it to her.

Jack confronts Anoushka about the students who were deported and died after returning to India. She dodges his questions and when Jack returns with Barry, Meritus has been hastily shut down with Anoushka fleeing the country to escape arrest.

Simone does some research into the postmark on the letter in Martin’s van from ‘K’. She and Jack figure out that it’s Kendra Raspovic, Martin’s grant research assistant, and the letter was posted from a country town named Dargo. When Jack arrives at the address, he finds nothing but a recently destroyed hut and no sign of anyone else.

With Cynthia’s help, Harry realises that the race Ricky is targeting is the one named after him on his retirement from racing — The Harry Strang Stakes.

With no other leads, Jack follows up on the building in Doncaster that Javed attacked. He discovers that it’s a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) called Delatech, a company that conducts clinical trial research for pharmaceutical companies. Jack realises that Martin’s list is a group of students who took part in a clinical trial. With Cam and Simone’s help, Jack breaks into the building and finds the information he needs about the trial.

Gus is at Jack’s house when she gets kidnapped. Jack can’t get back in time to help her and when he receives a cryptic text message, he realises where Gus has been taken. Rory suspects Phillip may have had something to do with Gus’ kidnap and asks him to tell her the truth. Jack races to the mine shaft where he found Eddie’s dead body and finds Gus — alive.

As Jack recovers from his shock, he realises that he missed something when he was at the bush hut in Dargo. He travels back and discovers a wild-eyed, disturbed Kendra, clutching a rifle. Jack tries to talk her down, but too late — she turns the rifle on herself and pulls the trigger.


  • Guy Pearce as Jack Irish
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Linda Hillier
  • Danielle Cormack as Rory Finch
  • Aaron Pedersen as Cam Delray
  • Roy Billing as Harry Strang
  • Shane Jacobson as Barry Tregear
  • Kate Atkinson as Simone
  • Damien Richardson as Drew Greer
  • Damien Garvey as Stan
  • John Flaus as Wilbur
  • Terry Norris as Eric
  • Deborah Mailman as Cynthia
  • Bob Franklin as Brendan O'Grady
  • Tiarnie Coupland as Gus
  • Leah Vandenberg as Anoushka
  • Jacek Koman as Orton
  • Anna Samson as Kendra Raspovic
  • Neil Melville as Ricky Kirsch
  • Francis Greenslade as Kyle Molan
  • John Brumpton as Dyson
  • Don Bridges as Dougie Smalls
  • David Whiteley as Phillip Quinn
  • Tony Rickards as Razor Ray
  • Helmut Bakaitis as Thornton Finch
  • Marcia McCarthy as Governor General
  • Greg Pandelidis as Warwick
  • Steve Mouzakis as Ryan Neubecker
  • Natalia Novikova as Jaeger
  • Amiyet Mariano as Fatma
  • Chris Goodall as Jack Stand In
  • Marita Wilcox as Cheryl Toms
  • Tom Considine as Terry Mooney
  • Ken Radley as Mac
  • Hyder Khan as Indian Student
  • Yash Kamjula as Anil
  • Harry Tseng as Receptionist
  • Giordano Gangl as Security Guard
  • Jim Russell as Security Guard [Kev]
  • Stan Leman as Store Customer
  • Rosco Campbell as Stunt Performer
  • Dave Mondon as Stunt Performer
  • Richard Anastasios as Stunt Performer
  • Szumai Anderson as Stunt Performer
  • Chris Weir as Stunt Performer
  • Lincoln Barros as Stunt Performer