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Outside the Wire

Episode 6
Aus: Sun, December 02, 2018 (Fox Showcase)
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Kate Woods

Four soldiers harbouring secrets return to Australia after an unsanctioned mission in Afghanistan.

Kim's accusations threaten maximum damage for Speedo and the Defence Force on Anzac Day. Speedo decides he must reveal the truth about Ted's death.


  • Jay Ryan as Sergeant Sean 'Speedo' Collins
  • Kate Mulvany as Captain Kim Nordenfelt
  • Ling Cooper Tang as Diana Lau
  • Richard Reeves as News Editor
  • Kaan Guldur as Callum Collins
  • Zack Grech as Zac Nordenfelt
  • Sarah Armanious as Vanessa Collins
  • Jo Briant as Principal
  • Megan Drury as Captain Phoebe Colville
  • Julian Pulvermacher as News Promo v/o
  • Milly Alcock as Maya Nordenfelt
  • Rhys Muldoon as Colonel Floss
  • Sophie Gregg as Captain Beard
  • Marco Alosio as Private Isara'elu 'Izzy' Ulalei
  • Radek Jonak as Army Physiotherapist
  • Sabryna Walters as Leilani Ulalei
  • Ewen Leslie as Captain Edward 'Ted' Nordenfelt
  • George Pullar as Private Jarrod 'Toast" Vogel
  • James Henry as Private Barrell Medic
  • Julian Maroun as Corporal Peter 'Pepsi' Aboud
  • Jeffrey Mercado-Libunao as Private Tan
  • Corey Bidart as Private Figueroa
  • Scott Evennett as Private Spina
  • Luca Darda as Ali
  • Simon Elrahi as Ali's Grandfather
  • Alissar Gazal as Ali's Grandmother
  • Aanisa Vylet as Ali's Mother
  • Lex Marinos as Hanny Aboud
  • Catherine Davies as Social Worker
  • Paul De Gelder as Corporal Travis Davis
  • Jay Laga'aia as Siaosi Ulalei
  • Aruna Po-Ching as Tina Ulaiei
  • Jerusha Sutton as Midwife
  • Xavier Totaro as Baby Ulalei
  • Jeremian Wilson as Baby Ulalei
  • Bella & Brooklyn Biasi as Eli Collins
  • Lucy Bell as Phillipa Vogel
  • Suzi Dougherty as Greta
  • Miro Radas as Stunt Performer
  • Mike Duncan as Stunt Performer
  • Jordan Le Goueff as Stunt Performer
  • Alex Jewson as Stunt Performer
  • Tim Frost as Stunt Performer