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Episode 5
Aus: Sun, November 25, 2018 (Fox Showcase)
Written by Tommy Murphy
Directed by Ben Lucas

Four soldiers harbouring secrets return to Australia after an unsanctioned mission in Afghanistan.

Recalling memories of Ted prior to his deployment, Kim becomes convinced that the increasingly volatile Speedo is responsible for her husband's death.


  • Jay Ryan as Sergeant Sean 'Speedo' Collins
  • Ling Cooper Tang as Diana Lau
  • Kate Mulvany as Captain Kim Nordenfelt
  • Zack Grech as Zac Nordenfelt
  • Kaan Guldur as Callum Collins
  • Ewen Leslie as Captain Edward 'Ted' Nordenfelt
  • Milly Alcock as Maya Nordenfelt
  • Sarah Armanious as Vanessa Collins
  • Megan Drury as Captain Phoebe Colville
  • Luca Darda as Ali
  • Gael Ballantyne as Sister Bridget
  • Scott Harrison as Pablo
  • Marco Alosio as Private Isara'elu 'Izzy' Ulalei
  • Gail Knight as Ultrasound Technician
  • Sabryna Walters as Leilani Ulalei
  • Bella & Brooklyn Biasi as Eli Collins
  • George Pullar as Private Jarrod 'Toast" Vogel
  • Rhys Muldoon as Colonel Floss
  • Julian Maroun as Corporal Peter 'Pepsi' Aboud
  • Ben Toyer as Private Lee
  • April Maposua as Teenage Samoan Girl
  • Sheba Lafolua as Fofo
  • Ana Ramos as Police Woman
  • Lucy Bell as Phillipa Vogel
  • David Roberts as Ian Vogel
  • Suzi Dougherty as Greta
  • James Vaele as Writhing Man
  • Emily Coughlan as Narelle
  • Paul De Gelder as Corporal Travis Davis
  • Chilli as Chilli The Dog
  • Neal Horton as Stunt Performer
  • Phillip Partridge as Stunt Performer