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The Medal

Episode 3
Aus: Sun, November 11, 2018 (Fox Showcase)
Written by Kylie Needham
Directed by Ben Lucas

Four soldiers harbouring secrets return to Australia after an unsanctioned mission in Afghanistan.

The men are called in for an unscheduled reinterview by the army, which bolsters Kim's hopes for Ted to be recognised with a posthumous medal.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jay Ryan as Sergeant Sean 'Speedo' Collins
  • Marco Alosio as Private Isara'elu 'Izzy' Ulalei
  • Alissar Gazal as Ali's Grandmother
  • Simon Elrahi as Ali's Grandfather
  • Luca Darda as Ali
  • Aanisa Vylet as Ali's Mother
  • Ewen Leslie as Captain Edward 'Ted' Nordenfelt
  • Sabryna Walters as Leilani Ulalei
  • Sarah Armanious as Vanessa Collins
  • Kaan Guldur as Callum Collins
  • Bella & Brooklyn Biasi as Eli Collins
  • Milly Alcock as Maya Nordenfelt
  • Kate Mulvany as Captain Kim Nordcnfclt
  • George Pullar as Private Jarrod 'Toast' Vogel
  • Rhys Muldoon as Colonel Floss
  • Paul Byrne as Army Lawyer Bruce Seagrave
  • Lucy Bell as Phillipa Vogel
  • Lex Marinos as Hanny Aboud
  • Julian Maroun as Corporal Peter 'Pepsi' Aboud
  • Aruna Po-Ching as Tina Ulaiei
  • Chilli as Chilli The Dog
  • Jay Laga'aia as Siaosi Ulalei
  • David Roberts as Ian Vogel
  • Camilla Ah Kin as Counsellor Pamela Yacoub
  • Susan Prior as Dr Linda
  • Zack Green as Zac Nordenfelt
  • Georgia Laga'aia as Izzy's Sister
  • Bella Laga'aia as Izzy's Young Sister
  • Noah Pita as Izzy's Brother
  • Dominic Nimo as Izzy's Cousin
  • Moave Naiuadamanu as Treasurer
  • Michael Abercromby as Real Estate Agent
  • Warwick Young as Chief Of Army
  • Megan Drury as Captain Phoebe Colville
  • Alex Jewson as Stunt Performer
  • Neal Horton as Stunt Performer
  • Mirko Radas as Stunt Performer
  • Ben Toyer as Stunt Performer