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Blood Money

Episode 4
Aus: Sun, November 18, 2018 (Fox Showcase)
Written by Belinda Chayko
Directed by Kate Woods

Four soldiers harbouring secrets return to Australia after an unsanctioned mission in Afghanistan.

The six-part event drama is a compelling mystery regarding a possible cover-up where the lines between killer and family man, between hero and victim, between truth and imagination, are constantly shifting. You don’t stop fighting just because you’re home.


  • Jay Ryan as Sergeant Sean 'Speedo' Collins
  • John Gregg as Governor
  • Julian Maroun as Corporal Peter 'Pepsi' Aboud
  • Marco Alosio as Private Isara'elu 'Izzy' Ulalei
  • George Pullar as Private Jarrod 'Toast' Vogel
  • Kate Mulvany as Captain Kim Nordenfelt
  • Milly Alcock as Maya Nordenfelt
  • Zack Grech as Zac Nordenfelt
  • Sarah Armanious as Vanessa Collins
  • Kaan Guldur as Callum Collins
  • Megan Drury as Captain Phoebe Colville
  • Warwick Young as Chief Of Army
  • Lucy Bell as Phillipa Vogel
  • David Roberts as Ian Vogel
  • Jay Laga'aia as Siaosi Ulalei
  • Aruna Po-Ching as Tina Ulaiei
  • Sabryna Walters as Leilani Ulalei
  • Luke Fewster as Private Benson
  • Bella & Brooklyn Biasi as Eli Collins
  • Kimberley Lim as Shop Assistant [Kimberley]
  • Lex Marinos as Hanny Aboud
  • Natasha De Rocco as Make Up Artist
  • Suzi Dougherty as Greta
  • James Lugton as Major Janssen
  • Paul De Gelder as Corporal Travis Davis
  • Rory O'Keefe as Young Private
  • Ewen Leslie as Captain Edward 'Ted' Nordenfelt
  • Simon Elrahi as Ali's Grandfather
  • Beccy Iland as Tori
  • Alexandra Morrison as Young Woman
  • Benjamin Cooke as Photographer
  • Kathy Luu as Photo Shoot Manager
  • Gael Ballantyne as Sister Bridget
  • Luca Darda as Ali
  • Aanisa Vylet as Ali's Mother
  • Craig Lindeman as Removalist
  • Alissar Gazal as Ali's Grandmother
  • Mirko Radas as Stunt Performer
  • Jordan Le Goueff as Stunt Performer
  • Mike Duncan as Stunt Performer
  • Alex Jewson as Stunt Performer