Produced by Goalpost Pictures

Creator: Blake Ayshford
Concept: Rosemary Blight & Kylie du Fresne
Producers: Kylie du Fresne, Elisa Argenzio, Blake Ayshord
Writers: Blake Ayshford, Belinda Chayko, Tommy Murphy, Kylie Needham
Directors: Kate Woods, Ben Lucas

Aired: October 28 - December 02, 2018 (Fox Showcase)

A series about a platoon of soldiers returning from Afghanistan after their section leader is killed in a controversial mission, one marred by bitter mistakes and cover-ups. Fighting Season is about an Army culture of stoic self-sacrifice that can corrode even the strongest marriage. About the politics of war and the bonds of mateship forged in a war-zone, of experiences so intense that those ‘back home’ in the civilian world can’t understand. And about a secret these men will do anything to keep. (6x50min)
Jay RyanSgt Sean "Speedo" Collins
Ewen LeslieCaptain Ted Nordenfelt
Kate MulvanyCaptain Kim Nordenfelt
Sarah ArmaniousVanessa Collins
Marco AlosioPrivate Isara'elu "Izzy" Ulalei
George PullarPrivate Jarrod "Toast" Vogel
Julian MarounCorporal Peter "Pepsi" Aboud
Rhys MuldoonColonel Floss
Lucy BellPhillipa Vogel
David RobertsIan Vogel
Camilla Ah KinCounsellor Pamela Yacoub
Paul De GelderCorporal Travis Davis
Jay Laga'aiaSiaosi Ulalei
Sabryna WaltersLeilani Ulalei
Aruna Po-ChingTina Ulaiei
cast photo
cast photo

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