Blue Heelers: episode guide

Retribution, Part 1

Episode 11.01 (419)
Wed, February 04, 2004
Produced by Gus Howard
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Roger Hodgeman

PJ is faced with a figure from his past when troubled Luke Darcy returns to Mt Thomas having been released from prison. Luke is the troubled son of a woman who PJ shot dead seven years ago [episode 3.36]. Having been in prison he now claims to have seen the error of his ways after discovering religion. A skeptical PJ refuses to believe Luke is a changed man and promptly arrests him for robbery. Although a lack of evidence means PJ is forced to let him go, during the course of a day he brings Luke in for questioning on two other matters. Just as PJ's behaviour is looking like police harassment, "reformed" Luke attempts to rape Jo. Later, PJ is discovered over Luke's dead body.

Meanwhile, Ben, newly promoted to sergeant, braces himself for Susie's return to town. Although he claims to be coping with the ramifications of shooting Susie's husband in the line of duty, she tries to talk about it, but Ben is unwilling to discuss the situation.

Starring: Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Jane Allsop, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: Jonathan Brooks as Luke Darcy, Evonne Fletcher as Kayla Darcy, Jason Gann as Ditch Kenny, Dawn Klingberg as Grandma Kenny, Andy McPhee as Vic Booker, Lynette Griffiths as Kate Healy, Ryan Barlow as Beau Healy, Heidi Arena as Marissa Craddock, Bill Johnston as Ronnie Hall, Eddie Baroo as Nurse, Aiden & James Di Pretoro as Baby Tarkyn

Notes: New opening and promo-friendly closing credits debut along with a new version of the theme music. Events pick up eight weeks after those of 10.42. Dawn Klingberg is the third actress to play Grandma Kenny after Mary-Maude Marschall (3.10) and Lesley Baker (4.41). Seen in a flashback, Blaise Stowers played Kayla Darcy previously and Cristin Daniel played Ditch Kenny in series 2

Retribution, Part 2

Episode 11.02 (420)
Wed, February 11, 2004
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Peter Sharp

PJ refuses to explain how he came to be standing over the dead body of Luke Darcy, forcing the Homicide Squad to arrest him for murder. The other Heelers must prove his innocence and find the real killer.

Guest Starring: Marcus Eyre as Det. Sgt. Paul Donald, Evonne Fletcher as Kayla Darcy, Jason Gann as Ditch Kenny, Jonathan Brooks as Luke Darcy, Adam Palmer as Sen. Det. Eddie Turnbull, Andy McPhee as Vic Booker, Lynette Griffiths as Kate Healy, Ryan Barlow as Beau Healy, Eddie Baroo as Burly Orderly, Aiden & James Di Pretoro as Baby Tarkyn

The Right Thing

Episode 11.03 (421)
Wed, February 18, 2004
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Delcan Eames

The community is split over a decision to ban men from the local pool to allow Muslim women-only swimming sessions. Before long, Chris Riley finds herself in the middle of a heated political battle with local Muslim woman Deniz Gulmez in the lead-up to the next council election. But when Deniz becomes the victim of a series of personal attacks, she points the finger at Chris.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Kewley as Tony Timms, Natasha Pincus as Deniz Gulmez, Peter Stefanou as Mehmet Gulmez, Robert Rabiah as Yusaf Zabir, Pouneh Hatami as Ameena Zabir, Mason Krysko as Tufail Zabir, Damien Fotiou as Vinnie Morelli, Josephine Clark as Elise Roberts

Notes: Natasha Pincus appeared previously as Deniz Gulmez, nee Demir, in episodes 4.07, 5.33, and 9.18

Happily Ever After

Episode 11.04 (422)
Wed, February 25, 2004
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Chris Adshead

Ben faces a dilemma when he and his fiancée Marissa search for two homeless kids — the children of an itinerant drifter who collapsed during a brawl outside the Imperial. Ben has already begun to suspect that he has met his match in selfless self-sacrifice in Marissa, but when he realises she is harbouring the children from him, he starts to question the basis of their future marriage.

Guest Starring: Heidi Arena as Marissa Craddock, Brendan O'Connor as Spence, Sue Yardley as Wendy Smail, Danielle Sullivan as Jarna Ryder, Dean Saitta as Derry Ryder, Geoffrey Graham as Hart Ryder, Sebastian Gregory as Rohan Shanley, Greg Francis as Tim Shanley, Peter Stefanou as Dr Gulmez

Heirs Apparent

Episode 11.05 (423)
Wed, March 03, 2004
Written by David Allen
Directed by Chris Langman

When Susie finds herself escorting a pet alpaca to a funeral, she really begins to understand something about country policing. Unfortunately the recently acquired alpaca is the heir to a fortune, and suddenly all sorts of contenders emerge to make counter claims.

Guest Starring: Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Charles Shaw, Marijke Mann as Evelyn Cummings, Shane Luther as Adrian Jolly, Dana Miltins as Kirsten Abbott, Andrew Blackman as Lloyd Ryan, Jeff Drummond as Don Dennison, Michael Roland as Uniting Church Reverend, Tony Arlotta as Taxi driver, Poetic Justice as Algernon & Albert

A Mere Formality

Episode 11.06 (424)
Wed, March 10, 2004
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by George Ogilvie

Ben and Susie face the inquest into Brad's death. What is hoped will be a mere formality quickly becomes complicated when a witness makes damning claims against them both — including accusations Ben and Susie were having a passionate affair and murdered Brad.

Guest Starring: Felix Williamson as Michael Stakis, Tim Bell as Derek Farrow, Tracey Callander as Lisa Fingleton, Heidi Arena as Marissa Craddock, Michele Williams as Harriet Donovan, Jenny Seedsman as Marion Jones, Jan Frazer as Jane Gray, Jessica Muschamp as Jill Reynolds, Benjamin Franzen as Legal Assistant, Rex Callahan as Court Clerk, Vivien Davies as Court Tape Operator

Cast the First Stone

Episode 11.07 (425)
Wed, March 17, 2004
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Kath Hayden

PJ and Jo run into a wall of silence when they investigate the allegation that a music teacher employed by the Mt Thomas Brass Band has been having sex with his underage charges. Tom seeks help from his parish priest, who finds himself constrained by a skeleton in his own closet.

Guest Starring: Dennis Coard as Robert Davies, Trent Baker as Jeremy Price, Kia Luby as Romy Deeble, Glynis Angell as Kathy O'Hara, Elisa Taylor-Cotter [Elisa Taylor] as Tatum O'Hara, Ben Esler as Bobbie Davies, Merfyn Owen as Fr Brian Hegarty, Nicki Paull as Maureen Flannery, David Clencie as Mark Deeble, Olivia Connolly as Clarice Price

Great Expectations

Episode 11.08 (426)
Wed, March 24, 2004
Written by Dave Worthington & John Banas
Directed by Steve Mann

Tom has a black eye, PJ and Jo are in a foul temper after a bush walk went horribly wrong, and Ben and Susie have had a frustrating day chasing a non-crime. But it's not until Jonesy reveals his adventures in Widgeree with the new female Senior Constable that PJ realises that each of them has a piece in a puzzle which might lead to the recovery of a quarter of a million dollars in stolen loot.

Guest Starring: Amanda Bishop as Rochelle De La Rue, Kellie Jones as Kristy Nicholls, Michael Burkett as Maurice Haig, Cameron Knight as Sean Quinn, Mark Pegler as Malcolm Walker, Joss McWilliam as Gavin McBride

Off Your Face

Episode 11.09 (427)
Wed, March 31, 2004
Written by John Banas
Directed by Chris Langman

Constable Evan Jones and fellow officer Susie Raynor are clearly affected when they are by a distraught mother's side at a deserted party site as she finds her 13-year-old son unconscious after being force-fed vodka, alerting the Heelers to a dangerous sub-culture of teenage violence. Jonesy tries to help out a stressed Chris by helping behind the bar after she breaks her leg while disturbing intruders at the pub.

Guest Starring: Damien Fotiou as Vinnie Morelli, Christopher Connelly as Jim Murchison, Nikolai Nikolaeff as Aiden Wiltshire, Felicity Soper as Bernadette Knottage, Steven Bahnsen as Lindsay Knottage, Lucy Machancock as Lani Roole, Christopher Tooney as Hugh Leggett, Emma Buter as Fiona Leggett, Bryan Martin as Race Caller

Running Scared

Episode 11.10 (428)
Wed, April 07, 2004
Written by Mary McCormick
Directed by Kath Hayden

Jo and Susie are on their way to work from a session at the local gym when they discover a woman who has been raped. Is she the second victim of a serial rapist? Matters are complicated when Jo discovers someone is posting photos of the rape victims on a local website, and when her own photo turns up on the site, Jo has to accept that she may be the rapist's next victim.

Guest Starring: Scott Major as Will Graham, David Hoflin as Scott Drummond, Tamara Searle as Gemma Walters, Stan Tsitas as Lou Pietro, Anita Torrance as Tracy Allen, Emily O'Meara as Tamara Jennings

Mind Wide Open

Episode 11.11 (429)
Wed, April 14, 2004
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Ray Quint

PJ is determined to prove to Jo that aliens are not responsible for a series of strange events in Widgeree, including the theft from the local Bushranger pub of a saddle purported to have belonged to Ned Kelly, and a missing person who, upon his return, confirms that he was in fact abducted by aliens — a claim soon shared by their oddball colleague, Constable Rochelle de la Rue. While there is a more down-to-earth explanation for the alien abductions, there is still one very real child abduction which requires the Heelers' attention.

Guest Starring: Amanda Bishop as Rochelle de la Rue, Hunter Perske as Haydon Pierce, Caroline Lee as Molly Burchell, Peter Stratford as Kevin Riordon, Paul Reichstein as Murray Pierce, Katherine Tonkin as Sally Carter, Brad Deluca as Oliver Carter, Brendan Bacon as Gary Block

Reasonable Doubt (Live Episode)

Episode 11.12 (430)
Wed, April 21, 2004
Ratings: 1.6 million
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Aarne Neeme

The Heelers must deal with a child killer (Chris' nephew) who has been found not guilty by a jury. When he returns to Mt. Thomas and gets involved in a fight with a group of angry locals, Jonesy arrests him and clearly plans to mete out his own form of justice, in spite of opposition from his colleagues. With the mob out for blood, the acquitted man is sheltered at the station as an armed standoff errupts at the Imperial.

Guest Starring: Matthew Le Nevez as Matt Proctor, Amy Mathews as Tahnya West, Tahli Corin as Britnee West, Mark Priestley as Brucie Duggan, Kurt Geyer as Roger West, Bill Charles as Lionel, Paul Robertson as Big Bob, Lesley Baker as Irene Wilkes; Pub Patrons: Jenny Barkla, Eddie Baroo, Katy Crosby, Elke Jenyns, Gina Morley, Bill Passick, Damian Rocher, Rosalind Romney, Tim Ruse, Nathan Seeckts, Ray Tosti-Guerra, Belinda Trupkovic

Note: With this episode, Blue Heelers became the first Australian drama series in 40 years to air a live episode. Paul Bishop is the only regular not to appear due to a scheduling conflict with a theatre role but his voice is heard over the police radio. See the following articles for more coverage: Heelers face some real drama, Live and laughing, Heelers try new trick, Live Heelers bang on.

On The Inside

Episode 11.13 (431)
Wed, April 28, 2004
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Chris Adshead

Susie and Jonesy try to help a little boy who is desperate to visit his mother at the local women's prison and are soon drawn into a web of lies and deception, which includes a torched car and a young man found fleeing the prison.

Guest Starring: Angela Hattersley as Heidi Gills, Christine Keogh as Sonia Stafford, Gregory Ross as John Neville, Judith Roberts as Val Ferber, Louis Corbett as Thomas Gills, Sallyanne Ryan as Rhonda Hewitt, Hamish Michael as Antony Beaumont, Nathan Wentworth as Quentin Bell

Secret and Lies

Episode 11.14 (432)
Wed, May 05, 2004
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Jo re-opens the case of a missing teenager when his mother claims to have seen him in the dead of night. Jo senses there is more to this case than she originally thought and soon finds herself involved in a web of lies.

Guest Starring: Rebecca Smart as Amy Rose, Ian Scott as Owen Fielding, Joan Murray as Tina Fielding, Jim Daly as David Rose, Alex Cappelli as Jay Fielding

Yesterday's Hero

Episode 11.15 (433)
Wed, May 12, 2004
Written by David Boutland
Directed by Chris Langman

The blossoming romance between Susie and Jonesy is interrupted when they are called to attend the robbery of dashing former footy star Jed Stone. Jed shows an interest in Susie and asks her out on the spot. Jonesy believes his rival is involved in a spate of burglaries — or is Jonesy just jealous?

Guest Starring: Bernard Curry as Jed Stone, Thomas Milton as Stewie Burgess, Casey-Lee Walker as Dana O'Leary, Matthew Robinson as Craig Watson, Kat Crosby as Cher, Chris Kearon as Mick, Danielle Wright as Celebrant

The Cull

Episode 11.16 (434)
Wed, May 19, 2004
Written by David Allen
Directed by Kath Hayden

Jonesy and Susie come across a field of dead kangaroos that have been massacred with a high-powered assault rifle. The field is owned by an old friend of Tom's who also happens to have lodged an application for a kangaroo cull. Tom must again take on the role of peacemaker when he gets caught in the middle of a dispute between two Vietnam veterans, one wanting to cull the kangaroos on his property, the other determined to do everything he can to stop him. The situation takes a terrible turn and it's up to Tom to try to avert a horrific tragedy.

Guest Starring: Steve Jacobs as Mike O'Grady, Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Jim Morgan, Anne Wood as Annette Morgan, Diana Emry as Lynn O'Grady, Jonathan Burton as Eddie Morgan, Ruth Green as Woman in Pub, Ewan Sprague as Man in Pub, William Wood as Man in Pub

Life Of The Party, Part 1

Episode 11.17 (435)
Wed, June 02, 2004
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Chris Adshead

Jonesy is annoyed when he and Susie are beaten to an ecstasy overdose by none other than his cocky younger brother, Drug Squad detective Dylan Jones. Dylan still delights in outsmarting Jonesy, rubbing in that he is a higher ranking officer, and it doesn't take Susie long to realise the brothers are akin to Cain and Abel.

Dylan reveals that he is investigating a suspicious shipment of glass to the area that indicates a local ecstasy manufacturer in their midst. After leading a gung-ho investigation that riles Jonesy, Dylan decides he's got the drug maker nailed when the evidence points to a teenage girl and her father who has priors for marijuana cultivation.

But Jonesy isn't buying it. He instead goes after friends of Dylan's, a brother and sister, who claim their large quantity of glassware is used exclusively for making essential oils — not ecstasy. Despite Dylan's assurances his friends are above board, Jonesy pursues them with a vigour that makes even Susie wonder whether it's more a case of proving his brother wrong than following the evidence. Susie is furious when she finds herself an unwitting accomplice in Jonesy's unorthodox investigations.

Amid the mounting tensions the Heelers throw a surprise 30th birthday party for Jonesy, which his father turns up to. The sibling rivalry comes to a head over Jonesy's suspicions and they're caught fighting by Tom and their father — Police Commander Reg Jones. When Dylan collapses on the dance floor, Jonesy works furiously to save his brother's life.

Guest Starring: Peter Curtin as Commander Reg Jones, Ben Harkin as Det. Sgt. Dylan Jones, Stephen Whittaker as Det. Con. Doug Walters, Lauren Clair as Eloise Maxwell, Philip Cameron-Smith as Julian Maxwell, Kevin Summers as Harry Burnett, Erin Dewar as Tracee Burnett, James O'Dea as Todd Ross, Laura Fitzpatrick as Nicola Johnson

Life Of The Party, Part 2

Episode 11.18 (436)
Wed, June 09, 2004
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Steve Mann

Jonesy's world is turned upside down when tests reveal that his brother Dylan's seizure is the result of ecstasy. Dylan, a Drug Squad detective, regains consciousness long enough to reassure his strict father, Police Commander Reg Jones, that he didn't take any drugs — and long enough to lay the blame squarely on Jonesy. When Dylan dies, a distraught Jonesy tries to comfort his father only to be accused of spiking his brother's drink.

Susie is worried that Jonesy is more concerned about protecting his father's image of Dylan than vindicating himself and enlists PJ's help to clear his name. They begin by trying to establish how the ecstasy got into Dylan's body. Did Dylan's jealous drug squad colleague spike his drink? Or was it Dylan's friends, whom Jonesy suspects of running a clandestine drug lab? Or did Dylan take the ecstasy himself?

Things are looking better for Jonesy when he uncovers the ecstasy lab, and hence the prime candidates for spiking Dylan's drink. However, Jonesy's paternal relations reach a new low when he's accused of being on the take and he becomes the subject of an ESD investigation by the hard-nosed Monica Draper. In his father's eyes, Jonesy once again becomes responsible for his brother's death.

Jonesy uncovers evidence of his brother's drug habit. But will he tell his father and clear his name? Or will he, as Susie fears, fall on his sword to protect the memory of his dead brother?

Guest Starring: Peter Curtin as Commander Reg Jones, Ben Harkin as Det. Sgt. Dylan Jones, Stephen Whittaker as Det. Con. Doug Walters, Lauren Clair as Eloise Maxwell, Philip Cameron-Smith as Julian Maxwell, Peta Doodson as Insp. Monica Draper, James O'Dea as Todd Ross, Adam May as Ellis Corby, Peter Stefanou as Dr Gulmez

The Family Way

Episode 11.19 (437)
Wed, June 16, 2004
Written by Chris Corbett
Directed by Chris Langman

Susie and Jo find a body when they go searching for a local GP who hasn't turned up to give evidence for a case at Mt Thomas Magistrates' Court. It appears the middle-aged doctor was murdered in his consulting room that morning.

Both the doctor's daughters, Gillian and Rowena, have motives. Rowena is a recovering heroin addict and single mother with no money. Gillian has cared for him since their mother's death five years ago, but never received the love she craved. The sister are at loggerheads, each jealous of the other. Yet both are clearly devastated by their father's death.

The Heelers look at another obvious suspect — Ron Macallister, whose wife was a patient of the dead GP. Ron blamed the doctor for his wife's death 18 months ago and vandalised the doctor's car in a fury. But Jo is sure Macallister wouldn't commit murder.

Jo becomes emotionally involved in the case when she sees Rowena and her 11-year-old son Anton's pathetic existence in a caravan park. Anton warms to Jo and reveals he saw Gillian shoot his grandfather. Jo thinks they deserve a break and withholds vital information from the investigation.

Meanwhile, Jo faces her own personal dilemma when she thinks she's pregnant to PJ.

Guest Starring: Marcus Eyre as Snr Det Paul Donald, Joshua Jay as Anton DeLuca, Fiona Todd as Rowena DeLuca, Carmen Warrington as Gillian Woodside, Craig Wooldridge as Ron Macallister, Jemma Swan as Lisa Macallister, Philip Reilley as Mechanic, Eric McPhan as Dr Jonathan Woodside


Episode 11.20 (438)
Wed, June 23, 2004
Written by John Banas
Directed by Fiona Banks

Susie shoots Ben in the arm during a late night break-in at a furniture warehouse, prompting an internal investigation. Inspector Falcon-Price wonders whether it was an accident or, in fact, payback for Ben shooting Susie's husband Brad last year.

Susie maintains she saw a figure holding a gun and Ben stepped into her line of fire. Ben's recollections are muddled by the trauma. He's not even sure if Susie called out to warn she was about to fire her gun.

During a reconstruction of events at the warehouse, the Heelers find a drill — not a gun — that appears to have been dropped by the intruder. And the safe appears untouched.

Tension at the police station is high as Susie is taken off active duty and made to hand in her gun belt. Jonesy believes her version and sets out to prove her innocence. But Ben starts to doubt Susie's motives and wonders if it was a case of payback.

When a safe cracker is caught, he seems a natural suspect as the intruder at the furniture warehouse. Unfortunately for Susie, he has an alibi.

Meanwhile PJ is investigating a series of credit card frauds about town. It's Ben who first notices a link between the frauds and the furniture warehouse. He starts to question if the elusive intruder was actually a burglar.

In their quest to uncover the truth, Ben and Susie find themselves back at the warehouse at night chasing a suspect — with their guns drawn.

Guest Starring: Mark Mitchell as Arnold Robinson, Shelley Krape as Phoebe Robinson, Jay Bowen as Peter Garrison, Gus Mercurio as Harry Spencer, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Flynn Cohen as Denise West, Merfyn Owen as Fr Brian Hegarty, Jeremy Kewley as Tony Timms


Episode 11.21 (439)
Wed, June 30, 2004
Ratings: 1.4 million
Written by Maureen Sherlock
Directed by Steve Mann

Jo and PJ's romance is blooming when he agrees to them having a baby together. There's one proviso — they get married first! Jo is over the moon and they buy an expensive engagement ring that day.

But the bliss turns to suspicion when a case drags up Maggie's memory and PJ starts to question his feelings for Jo. Tom senses PJ's apprehension and assures him love the second time around can be just as fulfilling. While Tom's marriage to the Rev Grace Curtis is flourishing, PJ is haunted by nightmares of Maggie's death.

The personal tension between PJ and Jo doesn't help when they disagree on a suspected paedophile case. A local woman claims she reported abuse by her school teacher six years ago but the constable, Maggie Doyle, didn't take any action. Jo knows investigating the allegations against Maggie may help to solve their current case of an attempted hit and run of the same teacher. But PJ refuses to co-operate.

When Jo overhears PJ talking a disturbed woman off a balcony, she learns what is truly in his heart.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Rev Grace Curtis, Andrew Curry as Andrew Paterson, Cassandra Magrath as Corinne Sharp, Lucia Smyrk as Cate Simmons, Georgia Martin as Gemma Adams, Bruce Myles as Harold Craig, Aleks Vass as Murray Adams, Rachael Tidd as Wendy Baird, Casside Barlow as Child in Park, Curtis Boyle as Child in Park

Note: Lisa McCune appears in numerous flashbacks

End of Innocence

Episode 11.22 (440)
Wed, July 06 / 07, 2004
Ratings: 1.5 million
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Chris Langman

Tension is high at Mt Thomas Police Station as Jo and PJ struggle to work together after Jo has called off their engagement. Unable to compete with his love for Maggie, she has moved out of the house. Their colleagues suspect it's just a lover's tiff and will blow over, until Jo applies for a transfer to another station.

Meanwhile, a bag snatcher gets lucky when their elderly victim is carrying more than $3000 of the church's money. The kind-hearted but simple Clancy has a photographic memory of the mugging which provides vital clues. Rev Grace Curtis is caught in the middle when the main suspects turn out to be a needy but criminal family who are new in town — the Baxters. Tom seems hell bent on prosecuting the wayward sons.

Then a Vietnam veteran, who served with Tom, stupidly tries to take a detonator on a light aircraft to Mildura. Although proclaiming his innocence, Tom is not so sure and comes down hard on his former ally.

When a brick is thrown through the rectory window that night, Tom immediately suspects his aggrieved war buddy. But his alibi sticks, leaving only the bag snatchers.

Those accused seek revenge on the police with a bomb shaking Mt Thomas to its very core — leaving Tom stunned and shaking.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Grace Curtis, Michael Isaacs as Clancy Freeman, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Winston Brearley as Matt Baxter, Ben Mingay as Troy Baxter, Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, DJ Foster as Rocket Turnbull, Damien Richardson as Col Milic, Isobel Hymer as Dimity Milic, Janet Foye as Edna Furlonger, Joe Siliato as Security Officer, Brad Liddicoat as Security Officer

Note: the final episode for Jane Allsop and Michael Isaacs. This marks the end of an era for BH as the series is about to undergo drastic changes.

Headless Chooks

Episode 11.23 (441)
Wed, July 14, 2004
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Chris Adshead

Tom Croydon has witnessed the destruction of the Mt Thomas Police Station. He wakes in hospital and the first face he sees is that of Sergeant Nick Schultz, who is in charge of the investigation into the explosion. Tom is told the explosion also killed Jo and a mentally disabled young man, Clancy Freeman.

Tom's staff are thrown into emotional disarray by these events. New police premises are quickly organised and two new staff members unexpectedly arrive — Sergeant Mark Jacobs and Detective Amy Fox.

Tom is more concerned with the disappearance of his wife Grace. He discharges himself from hospital and leads the search.

Starring: Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: William McInnes as Det Sgt Nick Schultz, Geoff Morrell as Sgt Mark Jacobs, Rachel Gordon as Det Sen Const Amy Fox, Debra Lawrance as Grace Curtis, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Winston Brearley as Matt Baxter, Ben Mingay as Troy Baxter, Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, DJ Foster as Rocket Turnbull, Damien Richardson as Col Milic, Sarah Sutherland as Jenny Milic, Donal Forde as Duncan McCrocken, Marco Devincentis as SOG Team Leader

Note: the final episode for Debra Lawrence and the first for Geoff Morrell and Rachel Gordon. For the new direction of the show, see articles: Plot boiler, Terrorists to strike Mt Thomas, Back with the pack, Trio heel to appeal, Familiar face in Blue Heelers, and Bad girl, good cop

A Time For Mourning

Episode 11.24 (442)
Wed, July 21, 2004
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Peter Sharp

Nick Schultz investigates the supposedly accidental death of Troy Baxter, and can find nothing which contradicts Tom's version of events, so for the moment his suspicions are allayed. But that doesn't stop Barry Baxter from loudly accusing Tom of murdering his son.

When PJ and Nick find links between the hot tempered young father, Cal Milic, and Grace, he becomes the prime suspect for her murder. An autopsy report reveals Grace was also raped. But while Cal is being questioned, another similar rape takes place. They finally track down the rapist, only to discover he's just a copycat. Now Cal is back in the hot seat for Grace's rape and murder.

Meanwhile, two more new members join the station. Probationary Constables Kelly O'Rourke and Joss Peroni are both fresh out of the Academy and have some adjusting to do to fit into life in Mt Thomas.

Jonesy and Susie organise an informal memorial service for Jo, Clancy and Grace, which is interrupted by a contingent of angry Baxters. A wild melee ensues, with Tom taking on Barry Baxter in what could well have been a fight to the death if it hadn't been stopped by the combined efforts of Nick and PJ. Nick is now beginning to wonder again about Tom's new propensity for violence.

Starring: Rachel Gordon, Geoff Morrell, Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: William McInnes as Det Sgt Nick Schultz, Samantha Tolj as Const Kelly O'Rourke, Danny Raco as Const Joss Peroni, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Winston Brearley as Matt Baxter, Ben Mingay as Troy Baxter, Damien Richardson as Cal Milic, Ronald Falk as Albert Jenks, Mark Currie as Kendall Grieves, Nathan King as John Hunter, Jane Bayly as Margaret Dalton, Joanne Dobbin as Phoebe Jenks

Notes: Geoff Morrell and Rachel Gordon are added to the opening credits (which were revamped for 12.23). The first episode for Samantha Tolj (Kelly is Tom's niece) and Danny Raco, they are added to the opening credits in the next episode. Joss joins Maggie and Jack in the club of new officers pulled over on their first day while driving a red car.

Pigs Will Fly

Episode 11.25 (443)
Wed, July 28, 2004
Written by Deb Parsons
Directed by George Ogilvie

The Heelers are forced to evacuate their new building and call in the Bomb Squad when Amy finds a bag containing a suspicious metal object in their reception area. The 'bomb' turns out to be a thermos of soup, but this brings no comfort to the Heelers who are under increasing pressure as the town erupts in irrational fear and madness.

When the soup-bomber turns out to be an extortionist taking advantage of the situation, PJ and Nick apply pressure to their original suspect, only to have it end in tragedy.

Meanwhile, Nick and PJ come to blows when Nick tries to convince him that Tom might be guilty of the assault on Barry Baxter as well as Troy's death. PJ won't buy it and Nick backs off, but doesn't forget.

Susie offers comfort to the shattered Ben, but it turns into something more passionate just as Jonesy comes looking for her.

Starring: Danny Raco, Samantha Tolj, Rachel Gordon, Geoff Morrell, Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: William McInnes as Det Sgt Nick Schultz, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Damien Richardson as Cal Milic, Sarah Sutherland as Jenny Milic, Isobel Hymes as Dimity Milic, Meredith Chipperton as Julia Ames, Edwina Wren as Alyssa Andrews, Brad Martin as Noel Hannah, Stephen Wheat as Dale Christie, Mark Guerin as Colin Rooney

Note: with the recent additions, BH now boasts its largest starting cast

Life Goes On

Episode 11.26 (444)
Wed, August 04, 2004
Written by Michael Brindley
Directed by Grant Brown

Tom is convinced they've got a new speed merchant in town when Joss and Kelly track down a speed freak on a rampage. Tom suggests this could be the reason the Baxters have chosen to settle in Mt Thomas, but Nick and PJ doubt it — their recent search of the Baxter farm indicated absolutely no sign of amphetamine production. Jonesy and Susie investigate another reported speed freak, only to discover a young teenager giving birth in a public toilet.

Tom is determined to prove Troy Baxter was responsible for Grace's death and insists that the Heelers interrupt his funeral so that DNA samples can be taken from the body. Although the Baxters object strenuously, Troy's DNA does match, and Grace's rape and murder is finally solved.

PJ is concerned that Tom seems to be fixating on the Baxters, and asks his daughter Susan to try and reason with her father. But Tom rejects Susan's attempts to organise his life, and after a stolen 4WD is driven through her bedroom wall, he orders Susan to leave town, telling her he doesn't want her in his life any more.

Meanwhile, Ben and Susie's relationship grows closer.

Guest Starring: William McInnes as Det Sgt Nick Schultz, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Winston Brearley as Matt Baxter, Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, DJ Foster as Rocket Turnbull, Greg Stone as Bryan Reynolds, Erin Brass as Cassie Reynolds, Martin Copping as Boyd Spurling, Edwina Wren as Alyssa Andrews, Maria Angelico as Bianca Amalti, Jorja Elliott as New Born Baby

Note: Beth Buchanan's first appearance since 9.32 and her last.


Episode 11.27 (445)
Wed, August 11, 2004
Written by Alison Nisselle
Directed by Chris Adshead

Tom starts to take investigations into the station bombing into his own hands and heads to Melbourne to coerce a name for the explosive dealer from an ex-commando. The dealer denies any involvement, but Nick and PJ get enough information to authorise another raid on the Baxter farm. All they find is some broken glass, but PJ now orders surveillance from the neighbouring property and the Baxters are eventually nabbed for manufacturing speed.

But proving they were behind the bombing proves more difficult. PJ and Nick are furious when they learn that Tom has offered the dealer protection in return for information against the Baxters, but this ploy eventually pays off.

Nick finally persuades PJ they should confront Tom with their suspicions about his part in Troy's death. Tom absolutely denies killing him, and Nick decides to accept this denial, on the proviso that PJ continue to keep an eye on Tom. After Nick returns to Melbourne, news comes that the explosives dealer has died in an unfortunate accidental explosion at his warehouse, leaving PJ looking hard at Tom.

Susie and Jonesy are door-knocking for PJ when they rescue attractive Donna Maitland from a rubbish skip. Later, she catches up with Jonesy at the pub to thank him. They are flirting happily when another man comes in and tries to drag Donna away. Jonesy objects, and gets punched in the face for his trouble. The man is arrested, but explains that Donna is his absconding thief of a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Susie plucks up the courage to tell Ben their brief affair had been a mistake, then goes to Jonesy's room — only to find him getting intimate with Donna.

Guest Starring: William McInnes as Det Sgt Nick Schultz, Danny Adcock as Barry Baxter, Winston Brearley as Matt Baxter, Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Steve Mouzakis as Theo Kallergis, Peter Docker as Peter Simpson, Alan Hopgood as Doc Parkinson, Merfyn Owen as Fr Brian Hegarty, Jeff Richards as Dr Darby, Guy Blackburne as Flynn O'Donnell, Tim Ruse as Technician

Note: a two week hiatus for the Athens Olympics followed this episode

Don't Call Me Baby

Episode 11.28 (446)
Wed, September 01, 2004
Written by John Banas
Directed by Peter Sharp

Jonesy puts his job and safety on the line to protect his new lover, Donna Maitland — a woman with criminal connections and a problem with the truth. Donna is apparently on the run from her violent boyfriend, Theo Kallergis. She claims she thinks Theo may try to kill her and asks if she can stay with Jonesy for the time being. Jonesy agrees, but his room is soon ransacked.

Jonesy arrests Theo and takes him to the station, where Amy recognises from her police past as being connected with a vicious assault on a drug dealer in Melbourne. Amy and Tom thinks the matter between Donna and Theo might be more than just a domestic dispute, and Tom refuses to give Donna police protection until she tells the whole truth.

Jonesy pleads with Tom to change his mind, saying Theo is a violent thug who could kill Donna — but Tom remains firm. An angry argument ensues, ending when Jonesy storms out of the station to try and protect Donna himself. As far as Tom's concerned, Jonesy has one hour to get back to work or his police career is in jeopardy.

After crashing a patrol car while on patrol with Kelly, Josh is given busy-work which sees him coming to the aid of an attractive single mother whose son's dog has been stolen by her neighbour. While being treated for a neck injury resulting from the car accident, Kelly makes a startling discovery about the town's new doctor.

Guest Starring: Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Steve Mouzakis as Theo Kallergis, Paul Canlan as Kenneth Stafford, Wesley Scott as Birdie Edwards, Suzannah McDonald as Fiona Schuter, Chad Hamilton as Trent Schuter, Greg Carroll as Eric Waterford, Christopher Barry as Man at Accident

Bring It On

Episode 11.29 (447)
Wed, September 08, 2004
Written by Chris Corbett
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Jonesy continues to risk his career by protecting his lover, Donna, and matters are made worse when Amy accuses him of helping Donna fake her own abduction.

Guest Starring: Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Steve Mouzakis as Theo Kallergis, Lee Mason as Adam Carpenter, Max Chanesman as Mitchell Hobbs, Joey Coley-Sowry as Jesse Butler, Robert Price as Derek Hanley, Paul Upchurch as Trey McNamara, Claire Williamson as Sally

Pillow Talk

Episode 11.30 (448)
Wed, September 15, 2004
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Grant Brown

Jonesy and Amy risk their careers and safety to investigate murder, illegal gambling, and possible police corruption in St Davids.

PJ risks being unable to keep his promise of a 'sure-thing conviction' to the daughter of an assault victim when he loses a critical piece of evidence that could result in the accused walking free. The gravity of the error is compounded when the man dies of his injuries.

Probationary Constables Peroni and O'Rourke investigate a driving school after encountering a series of especially bad new drivers.

Ben's love poems to Susie become the subject of office rumours.

Guest Starring: Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Steve Mouzakis as Theo Kallergis, Neil Pigot as Insp. Falcon-Price, Don Halbert as Det. Sgt. Andrew Reid, Miles Paras as Snr. Cons. Lucy Wu, Alfred Nicdao as Louis Chang, James Wardlaw as Roland Hill, Veronica Porcaro as Patsy Norton, Greg Pandelidis as Licence Tester, Emma Moran as Learner Driver, Damian Neate as Boy With Bike, Rebecca MacAuley as Lorraine Allen, Clare Powell as Olivia Richards, Graeme Baker as Olivia's Father

Out Of Love

Episode 11.31 (449)
Wed, September 22, 2004
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Chris Langman

Amy wants to question Donna Maitland about the death of Theo Kallergis, but she has done her famous disappearing trick again. Susie tracks her down and finds her high on cocaine and refusing to answer difficult questions.

The next day Jonesy follows her to a safety deposit box containing a mobile phone which she admits belongs to missing businessman, Hugo Allen. When Allen's body is found, it becomes clear that Donna's life is also in danger. Jonesy locates what he thinks is a safe place for her, only to find himself in the way of a sniper's rifle.

Chris Reilly is confronted with her past when her worthless ex-husband, Terry Kennedy, and an old lover, Dan Woodley, both turn up in town. Just as Chris and her former love are about to rekindle the flame, Tom discovers he is wanted for a serious crime in Queensland.

Chris is willing to be arrested herself rather than turn him in, but Tom is unmoved and throws her old flame into a police cell pending extradition to Queensland. A furious Chris points the finger at her ex-husband as the real criminal.

Guest Starring: Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Don Halbert as Det. Sgt. Andrew Reid, Miles Paras as Snr. Cons. Lucy Wu, Alfred Nicdao as Louis Chang, Steve Mouzakis as Theo Kallergis, Frank Holden as Terry Kennedy, Greg Parker as Dan Woodley, Jennifer Jarman as Rosie Stephens, Denis Rebic as Hugo Allen

Note: Chris' ex-husband, Terry Kennedy, was played by Ivar Kants in episode 1.14

Turf War

Episode 11.32 (450)
Wed, September 29, 2004
Written by Bill Garner & Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Sharp

Susie worries about Jonesy's safety when he fails to call her as arranged. As it turns out, Jonesy has a very good reason; not only has he been shot and wounded, but his mobile phone was broken in the process. He no longer knows who he can trust, so he directly confronts a man who he believes to be an illegal casino operator, only to be knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Susie battles to convince Tom that Jonesy is in real danger, and hasn't simply absconded with his girlfriend Donna Maitland.

The Heelers uncover a web of corruption within the St David's police station which appears to lead directly to Inspector Falcon-Price. The Inspector doesn't help matters by refusing to answer Tom's questions, and consequently delays efforts to rescue Jonesy.

Frustrated by all of this, Susie decides to go undercover unofficially. Concerned about her welfare, Ben offers to assist her. However, they quickly find themselves out of their depth and looking down the barrel of a gun.

Guest Starring: Samantha Healy as Donna Maitland, Neil Pigot as Insp. Falcon-Price, Marcus Eyre as Det. Sgt. Paul Donald, Don Halbert as Det. Sgt. Andrew Reid, Miles Paras as Snr. Cons. Lucy Wu, Alfred Nicdao as Louis Chang, Sean Barker as Brian Doig, Justin Anderson as Mechanic, Graham Jahne as Bodyguard, Brett Sleigh as Croupier, Mark Taylor as Casino Patron

Note: debuting in episode 6.27, this is the last of Marcus Eyre's 12 appearances as Det. Sgt. Paul Donald

Away Games

Episode 11.33 (451)
Wed, October 06, 2004
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Steve Mann

Following up a noise complaint at a teenage party, Susie and Joss discover a girl who claims to have been pack raped. The party was in honour of a visiting Tasmanian high school football team, and matters are complicated when Tom's step-son, Daniel, turns out to have been one of the guests. As PJ and Amy investigate the case, evidence mounts against Daniel, who doesn't help matters by refusing to give a DNA sample. At first Tom refuses to accept his guilt, but as the evidence becomes overwhelming, Tom suddenly turns, arresting Daniel and throwing him in the cells.

Meanwhile, Ben and Jonesy follow up a motel manager's report of a peeping tom, only to find themselves in a siege situation with Jonesy being threatened with a nail gun. Ben finds himself in a familiar situation — threatening to shoot someone in order to save a colleague. He finds he can't do it, and quite literally walks away. Failing at his job, and rejected by Susie, Ben spirals into a depression which ends with him contemplating his service revolver on a lonely country road...

Guest Starring: Kate Keltie as Bec Cleary, Abe Forsythe as Daniel Curtis, Simon Westaway as Abe Burrows, Luke Hemsworth as Glen Peters, Martin Sharpe as Shrug Ruggles, Karen Day as Fiona Cleary, Matylda Buczko as Fern Thompson, Kate Hansen as Mrs Thompson, Nick Farnell as Martin Stratton, Lucy Slattery as Leanne Stratton, Jeff Kovski as Eric Sarnoff, Vanessa Carroll as Motel Prostitute

Notes: Paul Bishop's final episode (he debuted in 5.20). Daniel Curtis was previously played by Kane McNay.

Special Treatment

Episode 11.34 (452)
Wed, October 13, 2004
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Kath Hayden

Tom's step-son Daniel is in real trouble as the key suspect in a rape case, with his only unlikely ally being Inspector Monica Draper. She is concerned that Tom is running amok and tries to pump Sgt Jacobs for evidence.

When Daniel finally agrees to a DNA test, Amy returns to suspecting the charming footy captain who has been billeted at the rectory with Daniel. But finding proof is another matter, especially as the girl refuses to believe he was involved. It is only when the girl receives an SMS apology that the truth starts to come out.

Joss takes delivery of a snake, handed into the station in the mistaken belief that the Exotic Reptiles Amnesty is still in force. To keep it docile, Joss puts it in the fridge, where it is eventually found by Jonesy. Tom soon identifies it as a harmless carpet snake, and orders Joss and Kelly to return it to its owner, where they find a little more than they bargained for.

Tom returns home to find his step-sons moving out. Disappointed and angry at his lack of trust, they have decided to go and live with their grandparents.

Starring: Danny Raco, Samantha Tolj, Rachel Gordon, Geoff Morrell, Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: Simon Westaway as Abe Burrows, Abe Forsythe as Daniel Curtis, Darcy Bonser as Nelson Curtis, Kate Keltie as Bec Cleary, Luke Hemsworth as Glen Peters, Matt Hutchinson as Darren Pollock, Peta Doodson as Insp. Monica Draper, Karen Day as Fiona Cleary, Martin Sharpe as Shrug Ruggles, Steve Greig as Kurt Heslop, Steve Danielsen as Footballer, Matt McFarlane as Footballer

Notes: this is the last we see of Tom's step-sons Daniel and Nelson Curtis.

Too Late To Say Sorry

Episode 11.35 (453)
Wed, October 20, 2004
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Chris Langman

Joss hopes the new sergeant at Mt Thomas will let him do some "real" police work instead of shuffling papers. However, before he can give Kelly the benefit of his thoughts on the subject, another vehicle cuts off the patrol car and they find themselves in a pursuit. On pulling over the other vehicle, they discover the driver is a woman who has given birth to a baby girl a short time before and is on her way to hospital. Joss and Kelly take mother and baby there and Kelly bonds with them on the way.

Sergeant Roy Holland doesn't disappoint. He shakes down a second hand dealer on his way into town, then lets Joss and Kelly lead the raid on one of the dealer's dodgy customers. Kelly is delighted when it turns out that Roy worked with her dad when they were both young constables.

Then Joss discovers something that wipes the smile off her face: there are serious flaws in the mother's story that she gave birth on the side of the road. Kelly is devastated when the police have to remove the child, but grateful of Roy's support — until he reveals his true agenda.

Chris hires a mate of Jonesy's to provide security at a twenty first, but is mortified when one of the party guests winds up seriously injured and Jonesy's friend is accused of assaulting him.

Guest Starring: Marty Fields as Sgt Roy Holland, Bert Labonte as Karl Tyler, Tom Meadmore as Dane Webster, David Harris as Adam Morrison, Allison Byrne as Nicole Parker, Robert Ratti as Taxi Driver, Elena Carapetis as Cath Matarazzo, Paul Denny as Peter Matarazzo, John Jacobs as Benny Danders

One of the Boys

Episode 11.36 (454)
Wed, October 27, 2004
Written by Maureen Sherlock
Directed by Peter Sharp

Kelly over-reacts when she comes across an incident between a male and female student in the toilets at Mt Thomas High. On returning to the station she cops a serve from the Sergeant Roy Holland, who has neither forgiven or forgotten her rejection of him the night before.

Amy realises something is wrong and guesses what it is, but Kelly won't follow her advice and put in an official complaint. Roy continues to needle and abuse Kelly and she finally decides to talk to Tom, only to find herself outmanoeuvred. Roy has rescued a suicidal kid from a deadly situation leading Kelly to believe that any complaint she makes will fall on deaf ears.

Joss and Roy end up with a dinner invitation after rescuing an attractive female cyclist and delivering her home to her mother, Faye Tudor. While Joss questions the ethics of accepting the invitation Roy has no such qualms and suggests one of them could very well find themselves getting lucky. However, the evening turns out very differently from what he's expecting.

PJ and Susie suspect an inside job when they investigate a robbery at a veterinary clinic and end up unravelling a deep family secret.

Guest Starring: Marty Fields as Sgt Roy Holland, Tottie Goldsmith as Fay Tudor, Sianoa Smit as Charlie Campbell, Simon McSweeney as Alan Campbell, Tammy Anderson as Sylvia Walker, Georgina Andrews as Mandy Tudor, Jackie Kerin as Viveane Ball, Sage Butler as Vanessa Williams, Serge De Nardo as Red Car Driver

Note: Sianoa Smit-McPhee's first role

A Helping Hand

Episode 11.37 (455)
Wed, November 03, 2004
Written by Max Singer
Directed by Roger Hodgman

PJ and Amy investigate a case of burglary and arson, only to find themselves at loggerheads over suspects. Who was responsible? The loyal daughter who's been struggling to support an ailing father, or the hero nurse who dragged an old man from his burning house?

Joss discovers the older woman he is dating has a jealous husband, and when he turns up to work with a black eye, Tom orders him to end the relationship. Joss agrees and tries to live up to his promise — until the woman turns up to the station with an offer too good to refuse.

Kelly is still being given a hard time by Roy, and is forced to confront a woman who has been accused of stealing a horse's tail to make a wig. Kelly confides in Susie about Roy's advances, and with her support finally figures out a way to teach Roy a lesson.

Guest Starring: Marty Fields as Sgt Roy Holland, Tottie Goldsmith as Fay Tudor, Fred Whitlock as Jim Tudor, David Tredinnick as Mike De Costa, Emma Buter as Isabella Scutti, Cliff Ellen as George Scutti, Susan Kazda as Meredith Rowan, Chloe Armstrong as Emily Patterson, Kay Keighery as Robyn Mason

Tit for Tat

Episode 11.38 (456)
Wed, November 10, 2004
Written by John Banas
Directed by Steve Mann

Tom is out walking his dog when he is confronted by Tarni Baxter, the daughter of Barry and sister of Troy, who blew up his police station and sexually assaulted his wife, then left her to die. Tom has no doubt she is in town to get vengeance against him for killing her brother and putting her father in jail — and this is borne out when he finds his car torched and his dog viciously killed. However, as Tarni soon discovers, Tom has a few dirty tricks of his own.

It's pay back time for Roy Holland, but if Kelly thinks leaving him naked in the bush will make him change his ways, she soon realises she's mistaken. Rejected by Kelly and spurned by the other female Heelers, Roy turns his attention to a more vulnerable target.

Kelly finally makes an official complaint and thinks she has Tom onside, but Roy is able to turn the tables one more time and the next day Tom's burnt out rental car is found on a lonely country road, a charred body at the wheel.

Joss thinks its all over between him and Fay Tudor — until she springs a surprise on him.

Guest Starring: Marty Fields as Sgt Roy Holland, Tottie Goldsmith as Fay Tudor, Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Ryan Dekker, Peter Aanensen as Merv Poole, Steve Hardman as Daryl Burke, Emily Wheaton as Shaelyn Burke, Leanne Clancy as Clothesline Woman

Note: the final appearances for two long-time reoccuring characters — Peter Aanensen, who first appeared as Merv Poole in episode 4.31 (1997) and Bluey, who has played Tom's dog, Digger, since the very start of BH

Crash Site

Episode 11.39 (457)
Wed, November 17, 2004
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by George Ogilvie

The Heelers have to come to terms with the idea that the Boss is dead, burnt to death in his rental car at the side of a country road. As a result of having to check his house Amy forms the belief that Tom died at his own hand.

PJ refuses to accept this and desperately tries to prove that Tarni Baxter murdered him, but receives a setback when she is clearly surprised at the news of Tom's death.

The investigation eventually leads to a seedy Melbourne hotel where Tom is found the worse for wear, but very much alive. As PJ and Amy try to discover the real identity of the body, Tom goes from being victim to murder suspect.

PJ brings Tom to a better mind — but just as it seems the old Tom is about to return the actions of Tarni send Tom into a homicidal rage.

Joss wants to take the next step in his relationship with Fay Tudor and makes the shocking discovery he's not as shallow as he thought.

Guest Starring: Melissa Andersen as Tarni Baxter, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Ryan Dekker, Steve Hardman as Daryl Burke, Emily Wheaton as Shaelyn Burke, Natalie Bate as Pathologist, Frank Kennedy as Fergusson, Renae Potter as Bystander, Cheryl Dobbie as Shopper, Maria Losinno as Shopper, Rachel Lee as Kid at Christmas Party

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