Blue Heelers: episode guide

A Woman's Place

Episode 1.01
Tue, January 18, 1994 (7:30pm)
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Mark Callan

New constable Maggie Doyle arrives in Mt. Thomas. She is faced with not only rampant chauvinism but the fact that she will be stationed with her ex-boyfriend, Constable Wayne Patterson, who has recently moved there with his wife Roz.

On her first night in town, Maggie encounters local girl Sally-Anne after she is raped by her boyfriend, Bruce Maclean. Sally-Anne makes a formal complaint but after Bruce pressures her, she attempts to withdraw it. When she discovers that this isn't possible, Sally-Anne tries to commit suicide but is found by Maggie and Nick who are able to revive her.

Tom sends Maggie and Wayne out to speak to farmer Mick Doherty about his parking fines. When Mick's dog breaks free from its chain, Maggie is forced to shoot it to protect Wayne prompting Mick to start firing back at them. To make amends, Tom is forced to go out and have a yarn with Mick, and with the help of PJ, gets Mick a new dog.

Starring: Grant Bowler, Ann Burbrook, Lisa McCune, William McInnes, Martin Sacks, Julie Nihill, John Wood

Guest Starring: Radha Mitchell as Sally-Anne, Josh Picker as Bruce Maclean, Richard Moss as Mr Maclean, Keith Eden as Mick

Note: names misspelled in the credits are corrected throughout this guide (when known). Starring casts are only given at the start of each series and when there is a change.

Doing It Tough

Episode 1.02
Tue, January 25, 1994
Screenplay by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Gary Conway

Local farmer Bob Crowley is due to have his harvester repossessed. Nick and Maggie are assigned to escort the repo agent, Mr. Miller, to the farm but arrive to discover it's been stolen prompting a lot of finger pointing. Later that day, Maggie tries to have a word to Bob's daughter, while Miller and his mates return to the farm and rough up Crowley. Turns out that Grace and her boyfriend had "hidden" the harvester so that her father could collect the insurance so he wouldn't lose the farm. Needless-to-say, Miller insists she be charged.

On the personal front, Roz is trying to establish a beauty parlour at the watch-keepers house. Wayne doesn't get around to asking Tom for permission and when women start ringing the station for facials, Roz is found out. Tom spits the dummy and closes her down before she really starts.

Meanwhile, when local handyman David Tufnel is found dead, a long-held secret is revealed and Wayne learns the hard way that whoever signs the body over to the morgue has to assist with the autopsy.

Guest Starring: Jenny Seedsman as Lynette Radcliff, Johnny Quinn as Mr Miller, Neil Melville as Bob Crowley, Elise McCredie as Grace Crowley; Maggie King as Dr Noonan, Karl McMillian as Frank, Paul Dier as Warren Crowley, Anthony Fletcher as Jim Crowley, Martin Hopkins as Lenny, John Scott as Stevo

Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them

Episode 1.03
Tue, February 01, 1994
Screenplay by John Upton
Directed by Paul Moloney

While giving a talk at the local elementary school, Maggie meets local school teacher Liz Shields and her husband Brian. Having served in Vietnam, Brian is very anti-gun but when he gets into a minor prang with some city duck-shooters, he goes berserk and accidentally discharges one of their guns in the street. Tom agrees to release him on bail if he promises to stay out of trouble. PJ writes shields off as a wacko but Maggie feels there is something more to it. When Shields is found dead the next day, the finger is pointed squarely at the duck-shooters.

When pressed by PJ, Liz admits that her husband had terminal cancer and committed suicide using a gun to send a message about guns and violence. PJ and Homicide's Rob Cole are not convinced but soon the media arrive and tell the wife's story. Finally, Maggie gets some circumstantial evidence that Liz killed her husband but it's too late as she is now a media darling and they could never make charges stick.

Meanwhile, Roz has bought herself a new car so she can start a mobile salon but the added workload results in her falling behind with her cleaning duties at the station. With help from Nell, Tom finally contracts the work out to a local widow.

Guest Starring: Susie Edmonds as Liz Shields, Peter Hardy as Rob Cole, Simon Woodward as Mel, Kirsty Child as Jean Crowhurst; Greg Carroll as Brian Shields, Lesley Baker as Mrs O'Shaughnessy, Sally Davis as Tina, Damien Lawler as Neale, Bruce Stadus as TV Reporter


Episode 1.04
Tue, February 08, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Judith John-Story

Wayne are Roz are celebrating her new business when the phone rings — there's been a burglary at the local antique store, the latest in a spate of local break-ins. With PJ occupied with a "girlfriend," Wayne is forced to stand guard all night. Meanwhile, Maggie and Nick arrest "Blackjack" Eagan, an ex-copper and hero of PJ's. It turns out Eagan is hanging round Mt. Thomas to avoid some crims he had put away who are due to be released. Tom asks Nick to drop the charges so that Eagan will move on.

The next day at the home of a client, Roz sees a pair of earrings which she thinks could be a match for a pair stolen during another burglary — it doesn't help that the client's husband is an ex-crim. PJ makes a reluctant Roz provide a formal statement, and as a result of telling police information she learned on the job, her business suffers. PJ gets the woman's husband to finger the fence he brought the jewellery from, a travelling jewellery salesman and a close friend of Chris. With help from Eagan, they manage to nail the man for fencing stolen goods.

Guest Starring: Gerard Kennedy as John Eagan, Helen Jones as Elaine Duncan, Nigel Bradshaw as Ted, John Brumpton as Greg Duncan; Terry Trimble as Neighbour, Chase Moore as Duncan Child 1, Remy Moore as Duncan Child 2

Waiting For Apples

Episode 1.05
Tue, February 15, 1994
Screenplay by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Alister Smart

The annual Mt Thomas Cup brings an array of colourful characters to Mt. Thomas. Maggie is accompanied during her shift by Sgt Noel Harrison, a stickler for the finer points of the law.

Guest Starring: Tim Robertson as Sgt Noel Harrison, Jim Daly as Bobby Shearer, Ruth Yaffe as Barbara Dillon, Carole Yelland as Margaret Yates; Barry Main as Charlie Meadows, Brett Swain as Peter Sutcliffe, Libby Stone as Mrs. Quinn, Doug Dew as Dick Jacobs, Maurie Annese as Grant Maxwell, Jeff Booth as Father Morton, James Patrick as Delivery Guy

Apprehended Violence

Episode 1.06
Tue, February 22, 1994
Screenplay by Greg Haddrick, Tony Morphett
Directed by Gary Conway

It is a busy Sunday in Mt Thomas that sees Tom turn marriage counsellor while the discovery of an abandoned child raises painful memories for Nick. Meanwhile, a man shows up at the station and confesses to a ten-year-old murder and Roz faces losing her driver's license after she is pulled over by Nick.

Guest Starring: Peter Hosking as Frank Davis, Maurice Marion as Bob McCormack, Don Bridges as Raymond Lamont, Kate Keltie as Sally Lamont, Keith Agius as Peter Horton; Fred Whitlock as Len McCormack, Tammy McCarthy as Joanne Davis, Nadja Kostich as Louise Horton, Guy May as Darren, Cheryl Ballantine as Mrs. O'Leary, Chris Goodall as Simon Davis, David Robinson as Scotty, Joan Cogger as Mary Davis

Life After Death

Episode 1.07
Tue, March 01, 1994
Screenplay by Ted Roberts
Directed by Paul Moloney

There's a fatal car accident in Mt Thomas and what seventeen-year-old Clare Brady was doing behind the wheel of a local farmer's utility is anyone's guess. PJ turns debt collector while Roz receives a pair of job offers — one in Melbourne.

Guest Starring: Mickey Camelleri as Maureen Gunn, Tim Bell as Mr. Callan, Anne Phelan as Mrs. Brady, Malcolm Robertson as Jack Brady; Trudy Hellier as Mrs Lock, Bernard Curry as David Edwards, Warren Owens as Hawkins' Neighbour, Geoff Paine as Arthur Lock, Meg Clancy as Miriam Hawkins

Domino Effect

Episode 1.08
Tue, March 08, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Judith John-Story

Having received a job offer in Melbourne, Roz asks Wayne to consider applying for a transfer. Soon after, Wayne is shot while attempting to assist the occupants of an apparently disabled car.

Guest Starring: Gary Day as Det. Sgt. Steve Milich, Tim Hughes as John Haley, Marianne Fahey as Sandra Lynch, Jon Concannon as Larry; Jane Hall as Miss Haley, John Arnold as Ronnie, Kat Georges as nurse, Brendon Suhr as Mr Clarke, Josephine Eberhard as woman, Katy Brinson as VKC Voice Over

Note: this episode marks the end of the initial 8-episode order

Diary Entry

Episode 1.09
Tue, March 15, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Wayne returns to work after the shooting. A local drug dealer is exposed when a girl's diary entry hints at drugs in the local school.

Guest Starring: Lynda Gibson as Jan Parker, Christopher Schlusser as Damien Parker, Ellen Cressey as Mrs. Stewart, Petra Jared as Kym Stewart; Dominic McDonald as Jimmy, Kevin Summers as Rod Coates, Kate Ingram as Mavis Coates, Tobi Webster as Derryn Coates, Anne Vercoe as Mother, Katy Brinson as VKC Voice Over

Visions Splendid

Episode 1.10
Tue, March 22, 1994
Screenplay by John Upton
Directed by Gary Conway

It's Police Week in Mt Thomas and the station's doors are thrown open to the public. Maggie and Wayne investigate a harassment complaint by an elderly farmer. Roz applies for the general support officer's job at the station.

Guest Starring: Marie Trevor as Vivian Harris, Peter Curtin as Inspector Len Murray, Adam Briscomb as Eric Midford, Bill Binks as Billy Sinclair; Lyn Semler as Jane Midford, Genevieve Morris as Nurse


Episode 1.11
Tue, March 29, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Paul Moloney

While the Heelers are searching for the mother of a baby found abandoned at the railway station, the child is abducted from the hospital. Roz has a rough first day as the station's new administration officer.

Guest Starring: Karen Davitt as Karen, Petra Glieson as Gemma; Sarah Cathcart as Fran Kennedy, Pauline Coutts as Mandy, Chris Gaffney as Gemma's Dad, Sue Giles as Lucy Moffat, Billy Kolivas as Station Master, Rebecca Macauley as Wendy, Richard Neal as Farmer, Mairead Pitcher-Jao as Baby, David Watson as Michael Jackson

Note: playing a nurse in this episode, Karen Davitt (pictured) will return in the reocurring role of Dr. Zoe Hamilton, appearing in series 2 - 5

Damaged Goods

Episode 1.12
Tue, April 05, 1994
Screenplay by Howard Griffiths
Directed by Judith John-Story

When the wife of a prominent solicitor is arrested for shoplifting, Tom puts his reputation on the line to help a friend. Nick solves two problems when he helps out an arthritic farmer who has been keeping his son out of school. Roz is asked to speak to the CWA.

Guest Starring: Will Gluth as Barry Taylor, Colwyn Roberts as Wes Mathews; Jane Menelaus as Helen Burns, David Bradshaw as Martin Burns, Lee Allen as Danny Mathews, Margo McLennan as Jean Richards, Andrew Murrell as Wilkinson

Armed and Dangerous

Episode 1.13
Tue, April 12, 1994
Screenplay by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Steve Mann

A series of aggravated burglaries brings the Special Response Squad to Mt. Thomas. Roz voices her opposition to Tom's treatment of a young offender.

Guest Starring: Peter Mochrie as Col Monroe, Brad Hulme as Joe Tonelli, Clarissa House as Val Copeland, Maude Davey as Jean Blakely; Greg Stone as Ron Blakely, Felix Nobis as Charlie Copeland, Ray Chubb as Arthur Bascombe, Guy Mullaby as Brett Danielson, Roy Edmonds as Jim Danielson, Luigi Villani as Frank Morello, Mark Padfield as Barry Edmonds, Sally McLean as TV Interviewer, Marita Wilcox as Nurse


Episode 1.14
Tue, April 19, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Gary Conway

No one is more surprised than Chris when her supposedly dead ex-husband climbs through her bedroom window in the middle of the night, mere hours after she identified his body in the morgue. ANZAC Day keeps the team hopping.

Guest Starring: Ivar Kants as Terry, Charles (Bud) Tingwell as Hayes, Keith Eden as Doherty; Michelle Royal as Irene Kennedy, Bruce Carboon as Photographer, Jeff Booth as Old Priest, Judy Hall as Morgue Attendant, Hugh Elphingstone as Acker, Gerry Gerolemou as Old Digger 1, Danny Ellerton as Old Digger 2, Axl Taylor as Bar Attendant, Norm Barkell as R.S.L. President

Family Lies

Episode 1.15
Tue, April 26, 1994
Screenplay by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Alister Smart

The fate of a five-year-old boy hangs in the balance due to a maze of untruths after it is reported he has been abducted by his father. With the boy's mother in hospital after being bashed unconscious, Wayne and Roz are tasked with looking after his troublesome sister.

Guest Starring: Kristy Barnes-Cullen as Ginny Hart, Kim Deacon as Heather Hart, Dino Marnika as Barry Hart; Gianni Dal Forno as Zac, Gwen Peters as Doris Leahman, Denis Rebic as Doctor, Genevieve Morris as Nurse, Zab Athanasios as Male Police Officer, Penny Weekes as Female Police Officer


Episode 1.16
Tue, May 03, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Chris Langman

Wayne is accused of theft and his future at the station hangs in the balance when Internal Affairs is called in to investigate the reported disappearance of two leather coats from a stolen van Wayne recovered. PJ investigates the theft of a safe from a local business.

Guest Starring: Bruce Kerr as Graham McCann, Colin Hay as George Patterson, Michele Williams as Newsagent, Luke Elliot as Aaron Williams, Robert Morgan as Inspector, Bradley Croft as Senior Constable, Martin Trainor as Pestman, Glyn Sampson as Old Man

Meat is Hung, Men are Hanged

Episode 1.17
Tue, May 10, 1994
Screenplay by Everett De Roche
Directed by Steve Mann

Residents protest when a convicted child killer released on early parole returns home to Mt. Thomas, an event that could have serious consequences for the town. The man's return brings back memories of a dark moment in Tom's career.

Guest Starring: Suzi Dougherty as Lee Sutcliffe, Simon Thorpe as Jim Sutcliffe, Victoria Nicholls as Wendy Ruhl, Leo Taylor as Clive Ostroff; Jeff Kovski as Rainy Babineau, Doug Bennett as Bernard Ruhl, Tasos Petousis as Dino, Greg Scealy as Howard, Lois Collinder as Mrs. Rivers, Peter Webb as Ken Rivers

Note: Suzi Dougherty returns in the reoccuring role of Dr. Mel Carter in series 6 – 9

Conduct Unbecoming

Episode 1.18
Tue, May 17, 1994
Screenplay by Ray Harding
Directed by Gary Conway

PJ meets his match when an old flame comes to town to investigate a series of cattle thefts. When accused of theft, a young woman accuses her boss of sexual harassment.

Guest Starring: Jennifer Botica as Hillary Edmunds, Tony Porter as Adam Hunt, Gerald Lepkowski as Paul McLauglin, Keira Lyons as Angelo DeVenuto; Rod Sharp as Martin Jamison, Karin Sutton as Claire Jamison, Alberto Vila as John DeVenuto, Judith Roberts as Marcia DeVenuto, Mark Oddie as Ray O'Neill, Lance Anderson as Mick O'Neill, Brett Anderson as Bevin O'Neill, Kim Fraser as Louise

Note: Tony Porter's character is miscredited as Adam Stunt but the name used during the episode is Adam Hunt

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Episode 1.19
Tue, May 24, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Alister Smart

When Tom goes on leave, he and the other Heelers are worried by rumours that he may be transferred to Melbourne. Tom does not want the transfer to the city and his unpopular replacement is equally reluctant to stay in a small town. Wayne's attempts to serve a warrent are complicated when his target evades him by fleeing up a tree. Tom's fishing trip comes to an abrupt end when a body surfaces in the river. The unfortunate death gives Tom the leverage to stay in Mt Thomas.

Guest Starring: John Jarratt as Charlie Glover, Helen Trenos as Celia Donald, Nick Waters as Inspector Faulkner, Rosie Tonkin as Marjorie, Bob Horsfall as Rob Fleming, Tom Coltraine as Randolph Soames, Natasha Pincus as L.T. Brockman, Terry Trimble as Acker, Jon Savage as Booked Motorist

Note: Helen Trenos is credited as Celia Drake but her character is repeatedly called Celia Donald during the episode. In subsequent episodes she is also credited as Celia Donald. John Jarratt returns episode 12.33 as Tom's old army mate. Natasha Pincus returns in the role of Deniz Gulmez in series 4, 5, 9 and 11

The Final Season

Episode 1.20
Tue, May 31, 1994
Screenplay by Tim Gooding
Directed by Chris Adshead

Wayne's sporting hero, Big Don Danites, returns with his wife to her hometown of Mt. Thomas, but as a violent drunk he finds it hard to live up to his reputation. As his violent outbursts grows increasingly more serious, it becomes harder for the people around him to continue looking the other way. PJ assembles a team to compete in a "friendly" requalification shoot against their counterparts from St Davids.

Guest Starring: Harry Pavlidis as Big Don Danites, Sheryl Munks as Tracey Danites, Jan Friedl as Mrs. Webster, Marcus Chisholm as Andy Poulton; Bruce Carter as Senior Sgt. Wilkie, Steve Hardman as Purcell, John Atkinson as Sullo, John Weldon as District Firearms Officer, Dave Murray as Football Coach (Norm), Laurie Dobson as Club Executive (Arthur), Anthony Breslin as Sgt. Altobelli, Rian McLean as Damien Poulton


Episode 1.21
Tue, June 07, 1994
Screenplay by Judith Colquhoun
Directed by Steve Mann

Nick is destined to lose another relationship when the woman he is seeing is implicated in a hit-and-run. The Heelers are taken aback when the prowler they are searching for presents himself at the station.

Guest Starring: Belinda McClory as Jennifer Wiilis, Lauren Fragapane as Kate Willis, Christopher Bird as Tony McHugh, Fred Barker as Ralph Pollock; Sharon Kershaw as Lisa Roberts, Mary Little as Mrs Cartwright, Kevin Groves a Gerald Conway, Rhonda Papadimitriou as Mrs Wheeler, Tania Bosak as Barbara, Adam May as Ambulance Officer [Bill], Axl Taylor as Barman

Sex, Lies & Videotape

Episode 1.22
Tue, June 14, 1994
Screenplay by Patrick Edgeworth
Directed by Gary Conway

Tom is bewildered by his mate Charlie McVie embezzling $10,000 from the football club's funds. Maggie has a formal complaint filed against her after she and Wayne lock up a drunken, underage teen overnight in the cells. Nick picks up a new patrol car.

Guest Starring: Cathy Godbold as Gail Hatton, Robin Cuming as Charlie McVie, Tamsin West as Nina McVie, Helen Rollinson as Margot Hatton; Stephen Whittaker as Tony Maxwell, Richard Cordner as Morrie, Michael Croft as Reg, Jeremy Fuller as Craig, Anthony Horton as Constable Hannon, Jodi Haigh as Cheryl, Lance Anderson as Craig Double, Russell Allen as Nick Double Driver

The Men In Her Life

Episode 1.23
Tue, June 21, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

Maggie's reputation is put on the line when she arrests her boyfriend's boss, a police-friendly MP, for drunken driving. Despite Maggie's desire to handle the delicate situation on her own, her father comes to Mt. Thomas to help sort it out — by whatever means necessary.

Guest Starring: Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Jeremy Callaghan as Glenn Ritchie, Gary Files as Ken Forbes, Helen Trenos as Celia Donald; George Vidalis as Horst Braun, George Novak as Pat Doyle Driver Double, Archie Roberts as Ken Forbes Driver Double

Note: the first of Dennis Miller's 14 appearances as Maggie's father (series 1 - 7)

A Bird In The Hand

Episode 1.24
Tue, June 28, 1994
Screenplay by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Richard Sarell

Tom assigns Roz to help out at the one-man Widgeree station where Senior Constable Alan McCubbin is running behind on his paperwork. Roz makes an excuse so as not to have to return after being subjected to Alan's inappropriate advances. Maggie encourages her to report the incident to Tom but it is only after learning of Alan's drinking on the job that Tom finally takes notice. Unfortunately it is too late to prevent Alan from blowing an undercover investigation into a wildlife-smuggling ring and shooting their suspect.©tzuk

Guest Starring: Sancia Robinson as Toni Faletti, Richard Piper as Alan McCubbin, Tony Rickards as Reg Taggerty, Damien Foley as Rob Woods; Sally Anne Upton as Rita Weekes, Terry Brittingham as Wal Fry, Christopher Rickerby as Ben Fry, Arthur Hoadley as Julian Henson

Note: Tony Rickards will return as Compo Hayes in series 2, 4, 6, 7 and 11


Episode 1.25
Tue, July 05, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Steve Mann

Bill Mason arrives in Mt Thomas hoping to follow up leads relating to the disappearance of his son, Paul, four years earlier. News coverage on the anniversary of boy's disappearance brings in a spate of sightings but her colleagues' negative attitude about working such a cold case grates on Maggie. Despite their initial reluctance, the Heelers manage to break the case and, although the outcome is unfortunate, provide closure for the grieving father.

Guest Starring: Ron Hill as Bill Mason, Laura Keneally as Kelly Morrison, Blake Osborne as Luke, Robin Collins as June; Paul Glen as Truck Driver, Jasper Bagg as Gary, Alan Davies as Kelly's Husband, Rebekah Fraser as Kelly's Daughter, Greg Keyes as Coach

Day In Court

Episode 1.26
Tue, July 12, 1994
Screenplay by Justin Glockerla, Stephen Measday
Directed by Mark Piper

When the local magistrate comes to town for the day, the Heelers are less than enthusiastic about spending their time in court. None moreso than Maggie who's got butterflies in anticipation of her first day in court. Chris, a key witness to a crime, decides not to testify after the suspect's wife tells her a sob story, child in hand, prior to the trial. The Heelers force Chris to testify by subpoenaing her but her vague testimony results in an acquittal. The bigger fallout is the hit to her relationshiop with PJ. Also, a negligent horse owner is prosecuted and an elderly driver loses her license, but gains a chauffer.

Guest Starring: Heather Bolton as Sgt. Paula Dyson, Myles Collins as Barry Lambert, Raelee Hill as Jill Lambert, Esme Melville as Maude Keane; David Ravenswood as Rodney Thorpe, Robert Wallace as Price, Eugene Schlusser as Drew, Ian De Lacy as Gardiner, Helen Trenos as Celia Donald, Nikki Simmons as McKay, Erika Peril as McKay's Girlfriend, Hugh Rennie as Todd Lambert, Geoff Beamish as Mr. Russo

Nowhere to Run

Episode 1.27
Tue, July 19, 1994
Screenplay by Susan Hore
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

A young girl is found dead and her housemates, who are withholding information about her death, are suspected of involvement.

Guest Starring: Libby Tanner as Heather, Richard Young as Anderson-Otolski, Frank Magree as Mick, Kristof Kaczmarek as Mr. Otolski; Jackie Hoelter as Sally, Adam May as Ambulance Man [Sam]


Episode 1.28
Tue, July 26, 1994
Screenplay by John Upton
Directed by Richard Sarell

It appears that Bill Todd, owner of the local meatworks, is making a fortune by selling inferior carcasses as quality meat — but visiting Inspector Faulkner insists that any action be postponed until after his launch of the local Safety House Scheme, of which Bill is a prominent supporter. Also, PJ pressures a young burglar into confessing and later, the boy is found beaten.

Guest Starring: Nick Waters as Inspector Faulkner, Ian Scott as Joshua Sinclair, Richard Moss as Bill Todd, Peta Doodson as Angela Todd; Christopher Schlusser as Damien Parker, Lynda Gibson as Jan Parker, Nique Needles as Matt Zdenkowski, Jonathon Lee as Terry Fitzgerald, Michael Harrop as Gary Graham, Davin Taylor as Damien Stunt Double

Note: an early guest role for Peta Doodson who will resurface in the reoccuring role of Inspector Monica Draper in series 2 - 11 and 13. Ian Scott's character is credited as John Sinclair but is called Joshua in the episode. We last saw the Mrs Parker and her son in episode 1.09.

A Matter of Trust

Episode 1.29
Tue, August 02, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Steve Mann

A young man found loitering outside a woman's home, and later suspected of breaking in, is subsequently found brutally beaten in his room at the Imperial. Roz's actions could have dire consequences when she gets personally involved with a domestic case and gives confidential police information to a friend.

Guest Starring: Rel Hunt as Ben Murphy, Natalie Bate as Robin Cousins, Doug Bowles as Dean Cousins, Gary Perazzo as Mark Cousins; Martin Hopkins as John Murphy, Glynis Ann Jones as Linda Murphy, Katy Brinson as Liz Mooney, Geoffrey Baird as Ian Mooney, Anthony Littlechild as Sam Mooney, John Turner as Solicitor, Peter Alchin as Doctor

Necessary Force

Episode 1.30
Tue, August 09, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Mark Piper

Moira Field shoots an unarmed intruder at her isolated farmhouse and is prepared to shoot a second believing that Wayne, who is responding to her call for help, is the man's accomplice. Roz witnesses the shooting over the telephone and frantically tries to find out what has happened to Wayne after the line goes dead. In the light of day, PJ leads the Heelers' investigation into the shooting but it is Moira Field who finds herself the subject of their inquiries. Roz's life is radically changed by the incident prompting her to return to Melbourne.

Guest Starring: Charlotte Alexander as Moira Field, Nicholas Stribakos as Lennie Duke, Robyn Wyman as Sharon Duke, Robert Kemp as Porter

Note: Ann Burbrook's last appearance as a regular, she will appear once more in a guest role. Characters' surname is Duke in credits but Dukes is used in the episode

Bitter Harvest

Episode 1.31
Tue, August 16, 1994
Screenplay by Justin Glockerla, Alan Hopgood
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

PJ recognises a man brought into the station under suspicion of drunk driving as the suspect acquitted in a Melbourne rape case two years prior. PJ is still convinced of the man's guilt and when another rape occurs in Mt. Thomas (a young woman with a crush on PJ), he is determined to find justice for the victims — the first of whom was his cousin. Is he right, or is he victimising an innocent man? Meanwhile, Inspector Faulkner arrives in Mt Thomas to talk to Wayne about his future as Watchhouse Keeper now that he and Roz are seperated.

Starring: Grant Bowler, Lisa McCune, William McInnes, Martin Sacks, Julie Nihill, John Wood

Guest Starring: David Webb as Joe Furness, Jennifer Jarman-Walker as Emma Furness, David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham, Shanti Gudgeon as Trish Lowe, Nick Waters as Inspector Faulkner, Verity Higgins as Mrs. Turner, Richard Huggett as Det. Const. Sean Neale, Peter Maver as James Tunbridge

Crazy Like A Fox

Episode 1.32
Tue, August 23, 1994
1.434 million viewers (19th)
Screenplay by John Lord & Tony Morphett
Directed by Alister Smart

Feuding elderly siblings make life hell for the Heelers. The angry brother accuses the owner of an antique store of receiving stolen goods after his sister sells a chest of drawers without his knowledge. When the chest is discovered to have been burned by the shop owner, the investigation shifts to the whereabouts of the $15,000 that was inside the chest — and the exact nature of the shop owner's business. Nick pulls over a car for speeding and is offered a bribe by the driver. The driver insists it was an honest mistake but with a known criminal as his passenger and his own identity a mystery, the Heelers are lead to an unexpected result.

Guest Starring: Patsy Martin as Mrs. Edgecombe, Cliff Ellen as Greg Sutton, Robert Forza as Alex Stavros, Warwick Comber as Trevor Edwards; Beth Child as Phillipa Sutton, Jeff Booth as Father Morton

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Episode 1.33
Tue, August 30, 1994
Screenplay by Rachel Lewis
Directed by Steve Mann

Nick and Maggie investigate some strange happenings at a retirement home, leading them to an unexpected culprit. Wayne investigates a series of residential break-ins where nothing was stolen.

Guest Starring: Lois Ramsay as Eileen Hart, Alethea McGrath as Alice Foster, Tony Hawkins as Bernie Granger, Alan Rowe as Fred; Emma Strand as Karen Taylor, Rob Constable as Frank Norris, Andrew Bibby as Jason, Beverly Ann Bowerman as Jason's Mother, Anthony Evans as Phil O'Rourke, Jane Menz as Young Woman, Tom Travers as Newsagent, Bob Halsall as Mr. Arnold

Labour of Love

Episode 1.34
Tue, September 06, 1994
Screenplay by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Mark Piper

A travelling prosititute is found robbed and beaten in the motel room she is working out of. The Heelers' investigation leads them to high-profile suspect. In Melbourne for a training course, Wayne's attempts to contact Roz are thwarted by her mother and he takes out his frustrations on eager new recruit Adam Cooper.

Starring: Grant Bowler, Damian Walshe-Howling, Lisa McCune, William McInnes, Martin Sacks, Julie Nihill, John Wood

Guest Starring: Jeff Booth as Father Morton, Ian Smith as Clive Burton, Olivia Hamnett as Gwen Burton, Pepe Trevor as Carla Houghton; Iain Murton as John Houghton, Carol Muir as Elizabeth McGregor, Bill Johnston as George Patterson, Nield Schneider as Len Grey, Shane Little as Farmhand, Stephen Stagg as Police Cadet 1, Emily Jay as Girl 1, Cherise Donovan as Girl 2

Note: Damian Walshe-Howling's first episode

Escape Route

Episode 1.35
Tue, September 13, 1994
Screenplay by Judith Colquhoun
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

When a car crash victim turns out to be a battered wife, the Blue Heelers discover how difficult domestic cases can be when the woman refuses to press charges. Adam falls for Maggie but as rumours about a budding relationship begin to circulate around the station, Maggie makes it clear there will never be anything between them.

Guest Starring: Bruce Myles as Frank Neilson, Grace Parr as Yolanda Roberts, Christina Azucena as Pina Neilson, Peter Williams as Barry Roberts; Adam May as Ambulance Man, Emily Robinson as Nurse, James Wright as Doctor, Evan Zigmantis as Hoon 1, Greg O'Meara as Hoon 2, Alan Spalding as Bernie, Axl Taylor as Barman

Adverse Possession

Episode 1.36
Tue, September 20, 1994
1.528 million viewers (16th)
Screenplay by John Coulter & Justin Glockerla
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

An elderly land owner returning to the district to retire stands to lose his land due to an abscure law. His neice Hillary Edmunds, PJ's old flame from the Stock Squad, returns to Mt. Thomas to help her family retain their property. The property dispute escalates with an arson and spreads to involve the families' children.

Guest Starring: Jennifer Botica as Hilary Edmunds [sic], Harold Hopkins as Geoff Lovett, Hannah Barry as Tracey Lovett, Broderick Smith as Max Lovett; Fletcher Humphrys as Simon Lovett, Graham Dow as Stan Horvath, Marijke Mann as Elsie Horvath, Scott Meneilly as Motorist, Kylie Moppert as Teacher

The Folly of Youth

Episode 1.37
Tue, September 27, 1994
Screenplay by Susan Hore
Directed by Steve Mann

Two missing girls cause suspicion to be placed in an unfair direction when the Blue Heelers are looking for suspects.

Guest Starring: Richard Huggett as Det. Const. Sean Neale, David Wenham as William Cassidy, David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham, Paul Roberts as Noel Hawkins, Fred Barker as Vince Cassidy; Libby Stone as Fay Cassidy, Peter Edmunds as Max Geary, Joanna Cooper as Liz Geary, Miranda Barber as Rhoda Hawkins, Andrea McEwan as Joanne Foster, Livinia Nixon as Becky

Note: David Wenham will return in episode 3.12 as Maggie's brother, Robbie. In series 4 Brett Climo will take over the role and appears in 13 episodes

Face Value

Episode 1.38
Tue, October 04, 1994
1.456 million viewers (20th)
Screenplay by Hugh Stuckey
Directed by Mark Piper

Tom is puzzled when he sees Father Leary talking to two con artists who are selling herbal remedies to the locals. In a subsequent encounter at the Imperial, Tom finds that Leary has become distant and rude. Then, a car accident involving Father Leary has the Heelers puzzled as to what really happened when it is discovered that elements of the accident scene were staged.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Hope as Father Leary, Ken James as Matthew Balfour, Joy Westmore as Mrs. Buchanan, Lynne Nicol as Nadia Balfour; Elizabeth Welch as Sandra Buchanan, Josephine Keen as Josephine Harris, Lesley Baker as Mrs. Flynn, Rusty Bertter as John Ratten, Marty Fields as Laurie Ratten, James Wright as Doctor, Eric Donnison as Sergeant Peters


Episode 1.39
Tue, October 11, 1994
Screenplay by Anne Brooksbank
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

A drug raid based on a tip-off goes wrong when the drug manufacturers get wind of the raid. With their joint operation blown, the coppers from Mt Thomas and St Davids point accusing fingers at one another and Maggie's relationship with Detective Neale puts her in the middle of the dispute. When money and booze go missing from the Imperial, Chris suspects her pretty new bartender, a friend of Adam's.

Guest Starring: Richard Huggett as Det. Con. Sean Neale, David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham, Christine Keogh as Hannah Kentish, Kevin Summers as Greg Walters; Peter Sardi as Richard Kentish, Chris Waters as Det. Sgt. Saunders, Shawn Unsworth as Vega, Alex Schepisi as Melissa, Monty Maizels as Old Man

Without Intent

Episode 1.40
Tue, October 18, 1994
1.436 million viewers (20th)
Screenplay by Peter Gawler
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

When a carpet shop is ram-raided and a body goes missing from a funeral parlour, Tom believes it is more antics from the B&S Ball revellers who are running amok in the town.

Guest Starring: Penelope Stewart as Julia Fogarty, John Lee as Clive McLean, Pip Mushin as Simon, Stephen Scully as Terry Fogarty, Simon Wilton as Fergus; Paul Monaghan as Howard Brown, Penelope Shelton as Dr Charlotte Webb, Simon Hughes as Dave Fogarty, Robyn Bissett as Imelda Thornton, Monty Maizels as Jeffrey Thorton, Judith Mary Stewart as Farm Lady, Kevin Grise as Gary Fogarty

Family Matters

Episode 1.41
Tue, October 25, 1994
Screenplay by David Allen
Directed by Steve Mann

PJ does some checking when a young security guard blames a small-time criminal for a series of burglaries. Meanwhile, a young woman comes into the station highly distressed after being robbed of company funds.

Guest Starring: Marc Gray as Jason Campbell, James Patrick as Happy Jack Hargreaves, Meg Clancy as Wilma Hargreaves, Peter Roberts as Kevin Oakley; Sally Cooper as Betty Oakley, Petra Jared as Debbie Perkins, Peter Felmingham as Bob Campbell, Louisa Graham as Mandy, Livinia Nixon as Becky, Bill Kolivas as Truck Driver

Note: a quick turn around on guest stars — Petra Jared appeared in episode 1.09, Meg Clancy was in 1.07, and James Patrick was in 1.05, all in a different roles.

The First Stone

Episode 1.42
Tue, November 01, 1994
Screenplay by Tony Morphett
Directed by Mark Piper

Nick is unwittingly involved in a murder investigation that could spell the end of his career when a rowdy drunk that Nick took home is found dead the next day. PJ's mother gives him some relationship advice in hopes he will get married.

Guest Starring: David Glazebrook as Det. Sgt. Grantham, Jon Bennett as Mark Davies, Kirk Alexander as Lloyd Davies, Janet Andrewartha as Bridget Ryan; Arianthe Galani as Helena Hasham, Aaron Blabey as Robbie Davies, Renato Bartomlomei as Gino Scarlatti, Alison Whyte as Janelle Davies, Christine Stephen Daly as Jilly Miles, Janet Paul as Mrs. Clarence, Vanessa Ready as Meg Davies

Notes: guest actor Alison Whyte will star alongside Lisa McCune and William McInnes in the 2002 drama Marshall Law, McCune's first series after Blue Heelers. Arianthe Galani's first appearance as PJ's mother. She won't reappear until episode 6.36. Detectives Ryan and Scarlatti are seen again in episode 2.15

Skin Deep

Episode 1.43
Tue, November 08, 1994
Screenplay by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Tensions are running high in the Mt. Thomas station as renovations are underway. When two Aborigines known for causing trouble arrive in town, Tom is accused of racism as he tries to identify the man responsible for a stabbing. Adam pursues a clever teenage shoplifter who he is never able to catch with the goods.

Guest Starring: Max Fairchild as Frank Marple, Tony Briggs as Tony Dixon, Jeynara Alkina Blair as Fred Thompson, Jim Daley as Eddie Johnson; Carole Fraser as Lilly Dixon, Brad Hulme as Lewis Marple, Stan Dryden as Dennis Thompson, Stan Dryden Jnr as Casey Dixon, Emily Mortimer as Kelly, Michelle Gleeson as Justine, Lyn Asling as Mrs. Bloye, Warwick Randall as Jim Taylor, Warwick Begg as Shopkeeper

Luck Of The Draw

Episode 1.44
Tue, November 15, 1994
1.418 million viewers
Screenplay by Cassandra Carter
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

A major car accident shatters the lives of several Mt Thomas families. Killed in the collision are three teenagers and Tom's wife, Nell, whose car the impaired teenagers collided with. Tom's daughter, Susan, is the lone survivor. After the unenviable task of informing the families of their losses, the Heelers shift their focus to investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the father of one of the dead teenagers files a complaint against Chris for selling alcohol to the underage kids.

Guest Starring: Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Richard Huggett as Sean Neale, Keith Eden as Mick Dougherty, Nick Waters as Ted Faulkner, Jeff Truman as Lance Stroller; Ernie Gray as Jim Seaton, Madeleine Swain as Sally Seaton, Mark Wilson as Kit Seaton, Bob Ruggiero as Lou Vicenza, Maria Portesi as Rosa Vicenza, Tibor Gypajas as Terry, Paul Glen as Towie, Eric Donnison as Sgt. Bill Peters, Robert Price as Sgt. Cliff Watkins, Axl Taylor as Len (Barman), James Wright as Doctor, Callum Shaw as Complainant; uncredited as Nell voiceover

Note: Nell Croydon is only seen on screen once, in episode 6.33, as Tom marks the anniversary of her death. Beth Buchanan's first appearance as Susan Croydon. She will return in series 2, 4, 9 and 11

Damage Control

Episode 1.45
Tue, November 22, 1994
Screenplay by Judith Colquhoun & Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Gary Conway

Maggie's boyfriend is suspected of being on the take when a horse racing ring-in is discovered. Maggie's hopes of being promoted into the detective ranks is derailed by the appearance of a rival from St Davids.

Guest Starring: Dale Stevens as Rose Egan, Richard Huggett as Sean Neale, David Glazebrook as Peter Grantham, Brian Hannan as Joe Lucas; Mike Bishop as Charles Fenwick, Esme Melville as Mrs. Keane, Kevin Summers as Greg Walters, Russell Fletcher as Davis, Robert Morgan as Johnson, Greg Fleet as Miller, Jonathan Isgar as Carter

Notes: the beginning of Dale Stevens' 11 episode run as Senior Constable Rose Egan. Maggie gives her date of birth as April 10, 1969

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