Blue Heelers: episode guide

Breaking Point - Part 1

Episode 9.01 (337)
Wed, February 13, 2002
Written by Dave Worthington
Directed by Denny Lawrence

Tess worries for Hayley's safety when Hayley's new friend is accused of attacking a girl at school. Tom's daughter, Susan, teaches the accused boy and has faith in his innocence. When it is discovered that the boy killed a classmate two years ago, opinion is divided. He was too young to be charged, but could he snap again? Tom is obliged to protect him, but Tess' determination to ensure Hayley's safety creates friction. The father of the murdered boy arrives in town and tempers run high. Tom becomes the target of a hit and run and Susan's bid to warn him has her struck down instead. Who would do this? Will Susan survive?

Starring: Ditch Davey, Caroline Craig, Jane Allsop, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Emily Browning as Hayley Fulton, Robert Menzies as Colin Rix, Ailsa Piper as Glenys Hopper, Alan David Lee as Bruce Hinton, Martin Sharp as Jamie Rix, Gemma Bromley as Shannon Hopper, Simon Woodward as Rollo Christie

Note: Beth Buchanan's first appearance as Susan Croydon since episode 4.24

Breaking Point - Part 2

Episode 9.02 (338)
Wed, February 20, 2002
Written by John Banas
Directed by Declan Eames

Tom discovers his daughter is pregnant when she becomes the victim of a hit and run. The accident leaves her unconscious and internally injured and Tom is faced with a terrible dilemma. If he saves his daughter's child he risks losing his own. Would Susan forgive him? Could Tom forgive himself? As Tom seeks justice, Tess fights for Hayley's love. Hayley's mother's prison release draws near as Tess struggles to understand why Hayley is pushing her away.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Emily Browning as Hayley Fulton, Alan David Lee as Bruce Hinton, Ailsa Piper as Glenys Hopper, Robert Menzies as Colin Rix, Martin Sharp as Jamie Rix, Gemma Bromley as Shannon Hopper, Simon Woodward as Rollo Christie, Samantha Bews as Tina Fulton, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Dean Ali as Fighting Kid, Eddie Baroo as Big Bloke

Note: the last of Emily Browning's nine guest appearances

If It Ain't Hurtin'

Episode 9.03 (339)
Wed, February 27, 2002
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Fiona Banks

Jonesy gets itchy feet when a hack wrestling troupe he once worked for comes to town. Meg, the owner, is an old flame and she makes her interest in Jonesy clear. The troupe is struggling to stay afloat and the theft of a valuable wrestling belt places their future under threat. Meg's plans for the troupe are unpopular with the older wrestlers. Did one of them steal the belt in an effort to protect their history?

A pyrotechnics accident leaves one old wrestler badly burnt and Meg leans on Jonesy for support. Jonesy is disbelieving as evidence mounts against his old girlfriend. Would she risk someone's life to get her own way? Tess thinks so. As the troupe continues to splinter, Tess questions Jonesy's objectivity. Jonesy is torn when Meg asks him to leave the Force and join her and the troupe. Does he know her as well as he thought? Where is his future?

Guest Starring: Krista Vendy as Meg Regan, John Orcsik as Don Carson, Jonathon Kovac as Rhys Connelly, Phil Walker as Phil Pearson, Adam Zwar as Mike Schneider, Terry Brittingham as Kevin Peterson

Down in the Forest

Episode 9.04 (340)
Wed, March 06, 2002
Written by David Allen
Directed by Roger Hodgman

Ben is already miserable with flu when he falls down a mantrap in the State Forest. PJ is disbelieving when Ben accuses a fairy of stealing vegetables from his garden. Has his fever made him delirious? An old prospector is questioned about the mantrap. He claims to have found a dead body but the Heelers can find no evidence of it. Was the body moved or is the prospector pretending to imagine things to disguise his guilt? Ben's determined efforts to catch the winged culprit leads him to a a neighboring farmhouse where he is taken as hostage by three children. Is there a connection between them and the missing dead man? Ben must earn their trust to unravel the mystery.

Guest Starring: Bob Hornery as Hec O'Farrell, Asher Keddie as Kelly Lonsdale, James Brennan as Steve Hughes, Madeleine Jay as Julia Kennedy, Lee Cormie as Michael Kennedy, Eboni Rutherford as Ellie Kennedy, Sue Yardley as Wendy Smale, Peter Jackson as Matthew Kennedy

Note: Asher Keddie appeared previous as Kelly Lonsdale in episode 7.19 and in a different role in episode 3.21. Eboni Rutherford (the fairy) was also in 8.01 and 8.02 while Sue Yardley was in 4.16 and 8.36

The Real Thing

Episode 9.05 (341)
Wed, March 13, 2002
Written by Tom Hegarty
Directed by Daina Reid

Jo's promising new romance with Guy Merrin, an award-winning fencer and journalist, becomes complicated when their professional lives collide. A talented young athlete dies suddenly and both Jo and Guy want answers. Did the young athlete's desire to be the best push him to use performance enhancing drugs?

The athlete's training partner and coach both hotly deny the possibility. Guy discovers important information about drug use amongst the athletes and Jo is compromised when he won't reveal his source. PJ doesn†t trust Guy and when the trainer casts doubt over Guy's credibility, Jo's faith in him falters. She thought she had finally found "Mr Right" but is Guy everything she thought?

Guest Starring: Leslie Dayman as Frank Jarvis, Damian de Montemas as Guy Merrin, Elizabeth Friels as Fiona Bartram, Aaron Catalan as Dan Reed, Helen Jones as Dee Stiles, Mark Wilson as Benny Matthews, Peter Morris as Newsreader, Matthew Duggan as Callum Stile

Rainy Night Blues

Episode 9.06 (342)
Wed, March 20, 2002
Written by Abe Pogos
Directed by Fiona Banks

Tess and Jonsey discover they both love Blues music when the first Mt Thomas Blues Festival comes to town. Tess' dream of seeing her favourite singer, Butch Jordan, perform is jeopardised when an embittered farmer threatens to close the festival down by refusing fans access through his land.

The Festival seems doomed anyway when the main road to the concert site is flooded. Then the organiser is robbed of the takings leaving her with no funds to pay the performers. Tess' faith in Butch is shaken when he becomes the main suspect. Is he the hero she thinks he is? Or is he a has-been destined to never to make a come-back?

Jonesy investigates the robbery and tries to keep the Festival alive. Tess is furious when Jonesy asks Butch for an autograph on her behalf and tells the singer about her past. When Butch reveals his intimate knowledge of Tess' life, she feels betrayed by Jonesy.

Guest Starring: Martin Vaughan as Roy Haiseman, William Zappa as Butch Jordan, Marita Wilcox as Maureen Williams, Andrea McEwan as Erin Williams, John Teague as Tim Williams, Aidan Fennessy as Ernie Savage, Terry Brittingham as Council Health Inspector, Michael Collins as Ken Elgar, Kevin Dee as Ken's Mate; Blues Guitar by Geoff Achison

Jack and Jill

Episode 9.07 (343)
Wed, March 27, 2002
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Peter Sharp

A surprise visit from Helena, PJ's mother, leads to trouble when PJ takes an instant dislike to Ivan, her boisterous new boyfriend, and he complicates matters by purchasing a collectable pottery item PJ believes is stolen goods. As Jo and PJ investigate the suspicious dispersal of an elderly woman's valuable pottery collection, the complications within the woman's family lead to police action, further damaging relations with PJ, his mother and her boyfriend. PJ wants to make amends with Helena, but his resentment of Ivan gets in the way and Helena becomes distraught. Can PJ put his feelings for Ivan aside and listen to the difficult news that Helena came to tell him?

Guest Starring: Arianthe Galani as Helena Hasham, Dawn Klingberg as Gwen Kinnear, Jules Hutchison as Georgia Hammond, Rosalind Hammond as Kerryn Robertson, Bob Ruggiero as Stefan Pavlic, Caroline Smart as Nurse

Note: Rosalind Hammond played Mt Thomas' resident witch Siobhan Kennedy in series 3 & 4, Marie-Louise Walker played the part in series 7

Sons and Mothers

Episode 9.08 (344)
Wed, April 03, 2002
Written by Caroline Stanton
Directed by Ray Quint

PJ's mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Rather than face her, PJ throws himself into a case concerning the apparent accidental death of a man jailed fifteen years ago for the kidnapping and murder of a young boy. PJ suspects the prisoner was murdered. Is the man's death linked to the original crime? As Helena's pain grows PJ doggedly continues with the investigation, despite Ben's criticism of his priorities. PJ solves the mystery and reunites the two people hurt most by the original crime but can he find the courage and strength needed to give his mother the support she needs?

Guest Starring: Arianthe Galani as Helena Hasham, Rob Meldrum as John Bramble, Matthew Crosby as Brad Charles, Marcus Eyre as Detective Sergeant Paul Donald, Zac Jardine as Harley Williams, Margot Knight as Meredith Foster, George Vidalis as Andy "Cuddles" Cudmore

Say His Name

Episode 9.09 (345)
Wed, April 10, 2002
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Aarne Neeme

PJ is unable to accept his mother's impending death and he works against her wish to die in peace when the time comes. Just as he is coming to terms with his mother, PJ is distracted by an irritating and petty case and she collapses and loses consciousness while he is at work. Despite Ben's protests, PJ insists that she be revived. PJ can settle the case, but can he face his mother's death?

Guest Starring: Arianthe Galani as Helena Hasham, Denis Moore as Phil Dyson, Mark Wilson as Benny Matthews, Leah De Niese as Kimberley Dyson, Merfyn Owen as Father Brian Hegarty, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter

The Perfect Life

Episode 9.10 (346)
Wed, April 17, 2002
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Ray Quint

PJ returns to work depressed by his mother's death. A distraught man reports his wife missing and PJ openly dismisses the possibility of the woman returning. PJ suspects the husband and his pessimism interferes with the capture of another suspect. Driven to bring the missing woman home to her family, PJ struggles with his own feelings of loss.

Guest Starring: Dino Marnika as Gary Parker, Gloria Ajenstat as Catriona Parker, Josephine Keen as Chloe, Ross Daniels as Shane Henderson, Bob Halsall as Barry Lonergan, Todd Parker as Jarryd Shaw, Tara Fitzgerald as Brianna Parker, Jarryd Shaw as Todd Parker


Episode 9.11 (347)
Wed, April 24, 2002
Written by John Banas
Directed by Daina Reid

Why is a strange Belgian woman working as a housekeeper for a totally disorganised Mt Thomas plumber? PJ suspects there is a secret agenda and his mistrust of her grows when she is seen arguing in the street with a former document forger. As PJ discovers this strange woman's real intentions, the life of the forger's child is threatened.

Guest Starring: Don Bridges as Charlie Clarke, Edith Podesta as Brigitta Bessant, Katrina Milosevic as Raeleen Clarke, Bruce Alexander as Bob Barker, Renee Moulley as Pippa Barker, Robert Price as Patrick Wilson, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Aidan Fennessy as Ernie Savage

Dancing On The Edge

Episode 9.12 (348)
Wed, May 01, 2002
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Peter Sharp

Ben is accused of assaulting another officer and he misreads Tom's advice to tow the line as a lack of faith in him. Ben doubts he has a police future when the only other person he thought he could trust lets him down.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Brett Tucker as Sergeant Peter Baynes, Donna Matthews as Shelley Piper, Eugene Schlusser as Norm Piper, Neil Pigot as Inspector Russell Falcon-Price, Pam Western as Beverly Dawkins, Jan Wositzky as Dance Caller, Dan Bourke as Fiddle Player, Stephen Simmonds as Guitar Player, George Butrumlis as Accordion Player

Those That Trespass

Episode 9.13 (349)
Wed, May 08, 2002
Written by Rachel Lewis
Directed by Aarne Neeme

In a story of faith and forgiveness, Jo decides to place her trust in an apparently uncontrollable teenage girl, but in her struggle for survival, the girl loses Jo's trust… then Jo's faith in the things she most takes for granted is shattered by the break up of her parent's marriage on the eve of their 30th anniversary.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Heli Simpson as Sam Baxter, Jackie Kelleher as Olive Hemmings, Delene Butland as Adele Baxter, Nick Crawford-Smith as Rick Baxter, Bill Young as Jeff Parrish, Helen Noonan as Bev Parrish, Michael King as Dave Moore, Adrian Dart as Mick Stevens

Note: as evident by the images, this episode marks the shows' transition to a widescreen format


Episode 9.14 (350)
Wed, May 15, 2002
Written by Petra Graf
Directed by Fiona Banks

Sen Sgt Tom Croydon celebrates 30 years on the force with the presentation of a service medal. His colleagues and the people of Mt Thomas turn out to honor him at The Imperial hotel. Celebrations come to an abrupt halt when an Aboriginal woman accuses Tom of being a "child stealer" and threatens him with a broken bottle.

Kim Cook claims Tom took her from her family at Lake End Mission in 1973, triggering a life of abuse and crime.

Constable Jo Parrish is horrified at the allegations against The Boss. A shocked Tom initially denies the girl's claim but examines his conscience and accepts some of the blame for the events of that fateful day. He reveals that, as a young constable, he did indeed help to remove Kim from her home — and from a violent and alcoholic father.

As the truth comes out, the Rev Grace Curtis acts as a mediator between Tom and Kim, who has returned to Mt Thomas to find her family.

Then Kim is found to be harboring her seven-year-old son Jay secretly in the pub. The Heelers discover NSW welfare authorities had placed Jay in foster care as Kim was unable to care for him. But she kidnapped him back in an act of desperation, severely injuring the foster mother.

Sadly, history looks set to repeat itself as the Heelers must follow the law and remove Jay from her care.

When Jay flees into the bush to hide, Tom finds Kim's closest living relative, an aunty, and enlists her help to find the missing boy. Emotions run high as Tom calls his team together to say an emotional "sorry" to Kim.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Janine Matthews as Kim Cook, Justine Saunders as Annie Baker, Marty Fields as Des Blewett, Sam Kirby as Jay Jennings, Sally Lightfoot as Doreen, Urshula Yovich as Elvira Cook, Geoff Still as Sergeant Rice, Sheeneya Penrith as Young Kim, Jnaallii Penrith as Young Kim's Sister, Nioka Thorpe-Williams as Young Kim's Cousin


Episode 9.15 (351)
Wed, May 29, 2002
Written by David Allen
Directed by Denny Lawrence

Jonesy's delight at meeting up with an old mate turns to dismay when he finds himself accused of involvement in a major diamond heist. When Jonesy refuses to co-operate with the police investigation, Tess is forced to question his integrity. Jonesy confronts her about this lack of trust, leading her to reveal her true feelings for him.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Ian Bolger, Andrea Wallace as Maxine Swann, Peter Finlay as Jim Deakin, J.P. Bolton as Ed Dyson, Ian Wilmoth as Wayne Bianchi

Broken Dreams

Episode 9.16 (352)
Wed, June 05, 2002
Written by David Boutland
Directed by Chris Langman

What price dreams? This is the question Jo asks herself as she fights for justice for a badly injured would-be ballet dancer. PJ has other ideas — he wants justice for a police informer who has died under mysterious circumstances. In the middle, a young man's career hangs in the balance and PJ finds himself involved with Ben's beautiful lawyer sister.

Guest Starring: Kat Stewart as Liz Stewart, Mark Wilson as Benny Matthews, Eddie Perfect as Mark Lalor, Jansen Spencer as Robbie Hart, Brenda McKinty as Jan Gudgeon, Lucy Honigman as Talia Gudgeon, Nicholas Stribakos as Tony Cutter, Peter Aanensen as Merv Poole

Notes: Appearing here as Ben's lawyer sister, Kat Stewart was previously in episodes 8.01 and 8.02. After her breakout role in Underbelly (alongside Martin Sacks), she went on to star with two of her fellow guest actors from this episode, Eddie Perfect in Offspring and Lucy Honigman in Mr and Mrs Murder

An Old Fashioned Man

Episode 9.17 (353)
Wed, June 12, 2002
Written by Chris Corbett
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

After Tom meets the new woman in his old mate Gossie's life, he considers his own next move with Grace. Tom is wary of the woman, which seems well-founded when she confesses to robbing Gossie. As Tom uncovers the surprising truth of the case he realises love is just as sweet the second time around. Meanwhile, PJ struggles to keep his relationship with Liz a secret from Ben.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Roy Billing as Senior Constable Ian Goss, Kat Stewart as Liz Stewart, Abbe Holmes as Barbara Wilson, Bridie Anderson as Laura Santini, D.J. Foster as Tony Santini, Robert Cooper as Dion Hayes, Michael Westlake as Keyboard Player, Michael Atkinson as Guitar Accompanist

Note: BH composer Michael Atkinson makes his only appearance in front of the camera (see images 32 and 33 in the gallery)

Of Middle Eastern Appearance

Episode 9.18 (354)
Wed, June 19, 2002
Written by Caroline Stanton
Directed by Fiona Banks

What makes a terrorist? Jo almost finds out through first hand experience when she and Jonesy narrowly escape being blown up by a bomb. The Heelers' investigation closes in on two Middle Eastern men, but they are surprised to find the source of the problem is actually much closer to home.

Guest Starring: John Gregg as David Larson, Hannah Greenwood as Emily Larson, Natasha Pincus as Deniz Gulmez, Robyn Arthur as Verity Ellis, Benjamin Schmideg as Rufus Sedgwick, Bernard Angel as Jason McKendry, Robin Blissett as Sadie Goldman, Anastasia Malinoff as Emine Demir, Ozgur Akdeniz as Ismail Hassan, Manuk Efe as Nazim Hassan

The Best Man

Episode 9.19 (355)
Wed, June 26, 2002
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Denny Lawrence

Jonesy is invited to a Buck's Night and things go horribly wrong. First the wedding rings go missing, the groom-to-be is seriously assaulted, then he disappears. The best man becomes a suspect when it is discovered he's in love with the bride but as Jonesy investigates, he finds the truth is far more complicated. Tess and Jonesy finally officiate at the long-delayed wedding, and Tess discovers Jonesy's feelings for her run deeper than she had imagined.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, David Paterson as Ned Blakeney, Shaunna O'Grady as Hilary Blakeney, Ella Caldwell as Charmian Blakeney, Angus Grant as Geoff Vincent, Dom Phelan as Wolfie Schmidt, Bruce Myles as Harold Craig, Holly Myers as Gloria Hughes, Charlotte McKinnon as Bambi Hughes, Ian Lingard as Damian Chapman

Wednesday's Child

Episode 9.20 (356)
Wed, July 03, 2002
Written by Anne Melville
Directed by Deborah Niski

Jonesy's honest handling of a paternity claim against him — and the claims by two women for the possession of a ten-year-old girl — expose more of Tess' feelings about Jonesy, as well as her own insecurities.

Guest Starring: Daniela Farinacci as Megan Crane, Sage Butler as Charlotte Persic, Trudy Hellier as Lynette Persic, Nicholas Opolski as John Persic, Jude Beaumont as Becky Morris, Sean Barker as Dave Bowman, Katerina Kotsonis as Sophie Andrikidis

Finders Keepers

Episode 9.21 (357)
Wed, July 10, 2002
Written by Julie O'Brien
Directed by Ray Quint

Tess and Jonesy have to learn to work together again when a motor accident victim claims his Good Samaritan is actually trying to kill him. Their investigation uncovers a career criminal searching for his ill-gotten gains and some local farmers who think their luck has changed. When the farmers are abducted, Jonesy and Tess must team up to overcome a highly charged and dangerous situation.

Guest Starring: Peter Sumner as Joshua Grieves, Neil Fitzpatrick as Daniel Grieves, Kat Stewart as Liz Stewart, Judy Johnson as Lucy Padgett, Kevin Donohoe as Leo Beaumont, Nathan Bocskay as Carl Willis

Burning Desire

Episode 9.22 (358)
Wed, July 17, 2002
Written by Dave Worthington
Directed by Fiona Banks

Jo invites herself to live in PJ's house, but fails to let him know. While PJ tries to persuade her to move out, a decision made by Jo in good faith has unforeseen and very serious consequences when an intellectually disabled man is accused of burning down a sheltered workshop. Jo refuses to believe the accusation, but her fight to prove his innocence and return him to his home places further pressure on his mother with tragic results. Jo is distraught, and PJ's efforts to comfort her turn into something neither of them expected.

Guest Starring: Michael Isaacs as Clancy Freeman, Tony Nikolakopoulos as Trevor Harvey, Kate Jason-Omodei as Jean Harvey, Stephen Whittaker as Steven Barnes, Amie McKenna as Chantelle Forster, Sue Yardley as Wendy Smail

Naked Lady

Episode 9.23 (359)
Wed, July 24, 2002
Written by Peter Hepworth
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Jo and Jonesy find a private school teacher shot dead on the outskirts of town. It looks like a clear cut case of suicide, but Jo's instincts tell her otherwise. The discovery of the drug Belladonna, sometimes called 'Naked Lady', in the man's system seems to confirm her suspicions and their investigation leads them to the discovery of some very unpleasant secrets. PJ and Jo find themselves waking up in bed together, but their attempts to pretend it never really happened don't quite come off.

Guest Starring: Alex Marriott as Sebastian Dougherty, Laura Gordon as Briony Dougherty, Geordie Taylor as Ross McAdam, Bruce Roberts as Ralph Edwards, Alethea McGrath as Lily Majors, David Wicks as Dave, Ian Rooney as Colin Smythe

Notes: there was no episode the following week due to coverage of the Commonwealth Games. Laura Gordon's first known acting credit

Inside, Outside

Episode 9.24 (360)
Wed, August 07, 2002
Written by Rachel Lewis, Rob George
Directed by Deborah Niski

PJ finds himself at loggerheads with Jo over her sympathy for a woman on work release from prison. The arrival in town of her son and defacto husband leads PJ to suspect that the woman is still involved in their criminal activities. His views seem to be confirmed when she escapes from prison, but Jo discovers she has a different motivation, and together she and PJ must try to save her son's life. After agreeing to be "just good friends", PJ naturally assumes Jo will now be moving out of his house, but Jo has different ideas.

Guest Starring: Anita Smith as Maxine West, James O'Dea as Ethan West. Brett Swain as Zac Gillespie, Peter Lamb as Toes Latham, Susan-Ann Walker as Barbara Ryan, Diana Emry as Sharon Dawes, Adam May as Ellis Corby

Private Lives

Episode 9.25 (361)
Wed, August 07, 2002
Written by David Allen
Directed by Steve Mann

Ben is personally affected by the tragic death of an infant in a motor accident. He believes he's found the drunken culprit but the suspect has a different tale to tell. As Ben tries to get to the truth, he uncovers a scandal involving Grace's congregation. Grace finds herself under attack from a mystery assailant, but resists Tom's attempts to protect her. She also rejects a proposal of marriage made for all the wrong reasons forcing Tom to examine his true feelings for her.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Douglas Hedge as Roy Barry, Michael Carman as Albie O'Connell, T'mara Buckmaster as Vicki McLeod, Chris Broadstock as Paul McLeod, Madeleine Greaves as Hannah McLeod, Claire McAlinden as Amelia McLeod, Barry Friedlander as Baxter Walsh, Natasha Herbert as Kate Wilson

The Last Jar

Episode 9.26 (362)
Wed, August 14, 2002
Written by Peter Dick
Directed by Richard Frankland

Tess and Jonesy clash when a man accuses his estranged wife of trying to kill his girlfriend by poisoning her breakfast jam. When they question the wife, she counter-accuses her husband of product tampering and extortion. Tess empathises with the wife, who is an independent woman like herself, running her own jam making business. Jonesy, on the other hand, feels the husband is misunderstood. Despite a product recall, the Heelers realise there is a second jar of poisoned jam out there somewhere which must be found before someone dies.

Guest Starring: Justin Green as Mark Robbins, Jodie Dorday as Sally Robbins, Nick Barkla as Campbell Ferguson, Michael Carman as Albie O'Connell, Marcella Russo as Tonya Berenski, Orpheus Pledger as Scott Robbins, Eva Lazzaro as Lisa Robbins, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Libby Stone as Judie O'Connell, Peter Morris as Newsreader, Susan Turner as Doris Hayes

Note: the first known role for Eva Lazzaro (The Elephant Princess, Tangle)

Stewart vs Stewart

Episode 9.27 (363)
Wed, August 21, 2002
Written by Jane Allen
Directed by Chris Langman

Ben takes on the job of prosecuting a teenager accused of the heart-breaking robbery of a grieving widower. Ben is determined to put away the accused, but his self confidence starts to evaporate when he discovers that his sister, Liz, has been hired as the teenager's defence lawyer and he finds his case thwarted by the unlikely confession of the accused's younger brother. Meanwhile, Liz is clearly interested in rekindling her relationship with PJ, leaving Jo wondering where she stands.

Guest Starring: Kat Stewart as Liz Stewart, Helen McFarlane as Kayleen Dawson, Cameron MacDonald as Jesse Dawson, Jarryd Jinks as Chad Dawson, Tom Considine as Wally Ogden, Samantha Tolj as Louelle Nixon, John Jacobs as Benny Danders, Jan Frazer as Magistrate Jane Gray, Bruce Barnes as Clerk

Note: Samantha Tolj's third appearance as Louelle Nixon (7.23, 8.22). Her first episode as Constable Kelly O'Rourke will be 11.24. Kat Stewart's final appearance.

Salvation (Part One)

Episode 9.28 (364)
Wed, September 04, 2002
Written by Caroline Stanton
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Tom's wedding plans are thrown into disarray when Grace's ex-husband, Simon, arrives in town. It soon becomes apparent that Simon will use any means to come between Tom and Grace and disrupt their marriage plans. An unfortunate caricature on the wall of the police station seems to be the work of Grace's son, but turns out to reveal the darker motives of Simon. Tom finds himself up against a very devious mind as he desperately tries to keep his marriage plans on track.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Ivar Kants as Simon Curtis, Kane McNay as Daniel Curtis, Darcy Bonser as Nelson Curtis, Philip Miolin as Lynton Parker, Lisa Reynolds as Amy Parker, Tanya Bourne as Wanda Lee, Stuart Baker as Richo, Pauline Coutts as Carole Hudson

Note: appearing here as Grace Curtis' soon-to-be-dead ex-husband, Ivar Kants also played Chris Reilly's thought-to-be-dead ex-husband way back in episode 1.14

Salvation (Part Two)

Episode 9.29 (365)
Wed, September 04, 2002
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Roger Hodgman

Tom finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation when Grace's ex husband is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Tom seems to be his own worst enemy when he admits to a violent confrontation with Simon shortly before his death. It takes the best efforts of the Heelers to clear Tom's name so that his wedding to Grace can finally go ahead. But there is another mystery to be solved before his colleagues can attend the nuptials.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Ivar Kants as Simon Curtis, Kane McNay as Daniel Curtis, Darcy Bonser as Nelson Curtis, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Patrick Mitchell as Reverend Samuel Murray, Marcus Eyre as Det. Sgt. Paul Donald, Adam Palmer as Det. Sgt. Doug Turnbull, Merfyn Owen as Father Brian Hegarty, Wayne Comley as Brian Neale, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter

In Another Place

Episode 9.30 (366)
Wed, September 18, 2002
Written by Leon Saunders
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

As Ben and Jo wrestle with the problems of an immigrant family new to Mt Thomas, they discover there are deeper reasons for their troublesome behaviour. While they do their best for the family, they find the scars left by their experiences as asylum seekers in detention are not so easily healed. When the father has to commit the mother to psychiatric care, Ben is forced to put his life on the line to deal with an explosive situation involving their teenage son. Meanwhile Tom finally starts his new life in the rectory with Grace.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Kane McNay as Daniel Curtis, Darcy Bonser as Nelson Curtis, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Vejay Shanmugam [VJ Kesh] as Amin Jafari, Milijana Cancar as Sima Jafari, Amene Kai as Kajim Jafari, Damien Fotiou as Vinnie Morelli

Fishing For Dummies

Episode 9.31 (367)
Wed, August 28, 2002
Written by John Banas
Directed by Declan Eames

Jonesy's relaxing fishing weekend turns into a disaster when he falls into the river, then claims the nice family who rescued him are actually ruthless killers.

Guest Starring: Marg Downey as Kaye Fisher, Laurence Coy as Bob Fisher, Miranda Nation as Tamsin Fisher, Angus Sampson as Tony Costa, Moya O'Sullivan as Grannie Gibson

Note: this episode, in which Tom is away on his honeymoon, originally aired before the two-part "Salvation" story that ends with Tom and Grace getting married. It has been relocated to its proper story-consistant location.


Episode 9.32 (368)
Wed, September 25, 2002
Written by Chris Corbett
Directed by Esben Storm

Tom finds parenthood is no easier the second time around. First his younger stepson is injured in an anti-abortion rally, then the older one admits to having caused the pregnancy of a local girl. To cap it off, his daughter gets defensive because her flatmate is a suspect in the brutal attack of Dr. Carter, who is running a controversial women's clinic. Tom recognises that his elder stepson isn't a kid any more and an unexpected bond forms between them.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Monica Maughan as Beryl Toogood, Lucia Smyrk as Caitlin Price, Kristian Pithie as Wendell Storey, Anna Galvin as Natalie Price, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Darcy Bonser as Nelson Curtis, Beth Buchanan as Susan Croydon, Kane McNay as Daniel Curtis

Note: Suzi Dougherty's final appearance as Dr. Melanie Carter

Boys Will Be Boys

Episode 9.33 (369)
Wed, October 02, 2002
Written by Noel Maloney
Directed by Daina Reid

Tess and Jonesy disagree about how to deal with a gang of troublesome teenage boys who seem to be beyond the reach of the law. The situation becomes complicated when a group of concerned citizens decides to take the law into their own hands. An injury to an old woman leads to retaliation with serious consequences for one of the youngsters. When Jonesy finally realises the source of Tess' intolerance, he helps her experience the childhood she never had.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Ross Thompson as Bill Whitehouse, David Hynes as Lenny Kraus, Lois Collinder as Hilda Kraus, Thomas Blackburne as Steve Wilson, Christopher Robin Street as Mark Wilson, Carmen Warrington as Cheryl Wilson, Dom Amerana as Toby Hanlon, Mike Newman as Maurice Hanlon, Tony D'Amelio as Mike Daley, Roy Gale as Max Owens

Deep Water

Episode 9.34 (370)
Wed, October 09, 2002
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Chris Langman

Ben's first wife turns up out of the blue just as he is being falsely accused of molesting a teenage girl, the star swimmer of a squad he's been coaching. As the accusations fly, Ben finds himself falling in love all over again with his childhood sweetheart, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the young swimmer.

Guest Starring: Annie Jones as Angela White, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Katie Barnes as Chloe Miles, Christopher Bunworth as Ray Pearson, Annie Wilson as Maria Miles, James Lawson as Michael Miles, Greta Larkins as Gretel Wagner Simon Roborgh as Ritchie White

Note: like his colleagues, this is out first time learning of Ben's three week marriage to his first wife, Angela. He has 3 kids with his second wife, Rachel, who we've seen in episodes 6.11 and 8.01/2 played by Margaret Mills and Elise McCredie respectively

Nothing Personal

Episode 9.35 (371)
Wed, October 16, 2002
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Declan Eames

Ben's re-involvement with his first wife, Angela, is complicated by the appearance of her jealous husband. By taking responsibility for the finances of an elderly and vulnerable female neighbour, Ben himself falls prey to exploitation by Angela's husband. Ben's police colleagues fear he is too much in love with Angela to see what is happening.

Guest Starring: Annie Jones as Angela White, Simon Roborgh as Ritchie White, Marijke Mann as Evelyn Cummings, Phyllis Burford as Rose Jolly, Hannes Berger as Adrian Forster, Earl Francis as Bruce


Episode 9.36 (372)
Wed, October 23, 2002
Written by David Boutland
Directed by Richard Frankland

Tess decides Jonesy needs to learn something about teamwork but the exercise does not go to plan. A local panel beater is found robbed and assaulted, but Tess and Jonesy have very different ideas about how to approach the investigation. Jonesy tries to solve the crime alone by withholding crucial information. When Tess finds herself at the wrong end of a gun, Jonesy is forced to make a critical decision alone.

Guest Starring: Peter Docker as Shane Connolly, Kate Cole as Lorelai, Nana Coburn as Kylie Watson, Craig Robinson as Colin Frame, Paul Hampton as Hugh Chisholm, Leighton Young as Kris Nguyen, Paula Gardiner as Annie Timms, Aaron Gazzola as Billy Timms, Ben Newell-Sakkas as Troy Watson, Josh Kalender as Craig

Stable Mates

Episode 9.37 (373)
Wed, October 30, 2002
Written by David Allen
Directed by Steve Mann

PJ finds it hard to believe that Jo is not affected by the incident last week when she was forced to shoot a man. He tries to sideline her from an investigation into the sabotage of a local racehorse, but Jo insists on getting involved and finds herself in another armed and dangerous situation. When PJ finally learns how she really feels, he is incensed. The resulting argument grows passionate, until once more PJ and Jo find themselves in bed together.

Guest Starring: Daniel Frederiksen as Dr. Josh Carmichael, Jeremy Stanford as Gavin Harrison, Nadja Kostich as Rowena Harrison, Steven Jacobs as Ronnie MacKellar, Kelly Tracey as Marlene MacKellar, Michael Burkett as Baz Duggan, Rosie Traynor as Police Psychologist

Note: Daniel Frederiksen's first appearance as Dr. Josh Carmichael

Some Days

Episode 9.38 (374)
Wed, November 06, 2002
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by George Ogilvie

Jonesy questions Tess' innocence when she is accused of stealing a stash of heroine.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Stribakos as Tony Cutter, Gary Files as Inspector Costello, Ben Harkin as Det Sgt Dylan Jones, Dylan Lloyd as Eric, Angus Cerini as Buzz, Therese Mauros as Det Sgt Kira McDonald, Geoffrey Caskill as Abe Henry, Peta Doodson as Inspector Monica Draper

Body Of Evidence

Episode 9.39 (375)
Wed, November 13, 2002
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Chris Langman

Jo and PJ heal their rift as they find themselves investigating a bizarre case involving empty graves, bikers and missing bodies. PJ finds himself admiring Jo's compassionate side when she fights to organise a proper funeral for a homeless man, only to discover that all is not as it should be at the local funeral home. Jonesy is encouraged in his pursuit of Tess even though she is dating the handsome new doctor.

Guest Starring: Debra Lawrance as Reverend Grace Curtis, Daniel Frederiksen as Dr. Josh Carmichael, Shane McNamara as Chas Fredericks, Simon Stone as Clayton Sanders, Ronald Falk as Horrie Tarrant, Holly Myers as Gloria Hughes, Charlotte McKinnon as Bambi Hughes, Simon McSweeney as Sprocket, Peter Richards as Dave, David Burton as Horse

All You Need Is Love

Episode 9.40 (376)
Wed, November 20, 2002
Written by Leon Saunders
Directed by Peter Sharp

The investigation into a mystery involving two brothers, one woman and obsessive love confirms PJ's belief that passion is dangerous and love only leads to heartache. PJ is thrown for a loop when Jo announces she is in love with him. Jonesy goes all out to win Tess, forcing her to take some time off to reassess her feelings towards him. On her return she announces she is married, but to whom?

Guest Starring: Daniel Frederiksen as Dr. Josh Carmichael, Jeff Keogh as Alex Egan, Travis Cotton as Bart Purdy, Lucy Slattery as Clarissa Kemp

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