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Only the Lonely

Episode 13.01 (500)
Saturday, April 01, 2006
Produced by Gus Howard
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Fiona Banks

Police try to identify an unknown gunman who is firing shots at the police on the streets. When the situation comes to a head, Alex risks his life to pursue the unlikely suspect into an abandoned building to try to learn what happened to Rory who has gone missing.

Tom defends an old friend who admits to shoplifting in a misguided effort to please his dying ten-year-old daughter. Tom tries to set things right with the shopkeepers but faces a tougher challenge in getting his friend to talk to his daughter about her inevitable future.

Meanwhile, Tom tries to hide his health problems from his co-workers but the signs are clear that all is not well with Mt Thomas' Senior Sergeant. Alex struggles with the emotions raised by fatherhood.

Starring: Matthew Holmes, Charlie Clausen, Danny Raco, Samantha Tolj, Rachel Gordon, Simone McAullay, Ditch Davey, Julie Nihill, John Wood

Guest Starring: Roy Billing as Gossie [Ian Goss], Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Rosa Argondizza as Tilly Thorne, Tony Cogin as Bob Thorne, Oscar Brooks as Ricky Slater, Cindy Pritchard as Irene Slater


Episode 13.02 (501)
Saturday, April 08, 2006
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Chris Langman

A bullied youth appears on Tom's doorstep looking for help. Tom is reluctant to get personally involved with the boy but his nagging persistance slowly begins to break down Tom's crusty exterior. An old colleague of Tom's pays him a visit looking for help with an old case for which it is learned Matt holds a key piece of evidence. Amy fights with Tom to get him to go see a doctor.

Guest Starring: Raymond Mirams as Francis Sullivan, Jack Hogan as Young Tom, Joe Petruzzi as Rex Kinnear, Rod Densley as Tom's Dad, Abbe Holmes as Janet Sullivan, Christopher Silverster as Young Tom's Opponent, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Arch Roberts as Sgt Kinsela, John Henkins as Gunman, Edward Wills as Stephen the Bully, Haidar Al-Asadi as Gunman, Christopher Charisiou as Marcus the Bully


Episode 13.03 (501)
Saturday, April 15, 2006
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by George Ogilvie

Responding to a reported fire in the National Park, Jonesy and Alex find a baby's remains in a firepit. Their investigation leads to a young girl and her involvment at a farm run by a cult. Alex struggles to connect with his son but his dismissal of Rory's claims of feeling sick lands the boy in hospital with appendicitis. An elderly man is arrested for repeatedly for stealing an assortment of items to give to his girlfriend. Tom finally opens up to Amy about his illness.

Guest Starring: Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Simon Wood as Kyle Lundrum, Brendan Donoghue as Morgan Scott, Natasha Herbert as Sheila Carmody, Emma Leonard as Beth Garland, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Gary Gartside as Owen Coleman, Don Barker as Lorne Coleman, Genevieve Moore as Teacher, Shirley Wallace as Bambi Dulfer

What's Love Got To Do With It

Episode 13.04 (503)
Saturday, April 22, 2006
Written by John Banas
Directed by Peter Sharp

Tom's mysterious unexplained disappearance from Mt Thomas gives Kelly reason to speculate about his absense while his replacement, Inspector Falcon-Price, demands quick results from Amy as she works to identify a suspect and build a case in a brutal home invasion and assault. When their different approaches come into conflict and Amy finds herself taken off the case, she must fight to keep the Police's focus on her suspect. Unable to keep Rory hidden from Falcon-Price at the station, Alex sends him out with Susie but panic ensues when he goes missing.

Guest Starring: Ian Roberts as Wayne Rhodes, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Jude Beaumont as Gwyneth Chandler, Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Craig Goddard as Calvin Tyrell, Paul Ross as Gym Manager, Gina Morley as Journalist, Darren Natale as Waiter, Brooke Wilkie as Nurse


Episode 13.05 (504)
Saturday, April 29, 2006
Written by Kylie Needham & John Banas
Directed by Chris Adshead

Joss gets the gambling bug when he and Kelly apprehend a pickpocket and a grateful victim gives him a winning tip at a picnic race meeting. A second assault on the same man at the track gives Jonesy cause to look further into the two incidents and the men involved, one a professional punter, the other a known race fixer. Alex and Matt come into conflict when Matt refuses to let a businessman slide on a petty shoplifting charge and continues to investigate the man on his day off convinced the man is planning something bigger. Tom is forced to accept help from good friends as he convalesces from his operation.

Guest Starring: Jacinta Stapleton as Tilda Dean, Bernard Curry as Andrew Gilfillan, Cameron Box as Sean Grady, Mike Frenchman as Tony Marchant, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Ross Buchanan as Benji Coulter, Peter Lowrey as Bookie, Bryan Martin as Racecaller, Lisa Schilling as Flirty Racegoer, Stacey Carmichael as Alarmed Race Goer

Going Down Swinging

Episode 13.06 (505)
Saturday, May 06, 2006
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Chris Langman

As Tom struggles back to work against doctor's orders, Inspector Falcon-Price seizes his chance to prove Tom isn't fit for duty by ordering him out on the road as Divisional Patrol Supervisor. Tom partners himself with Alex but when Alex is left fighting for his life in hospital after an escaping offender attacks him with a knife, Tom questions his own viability as an operational police officer. Inspector Falcon-Price asks for Alex's help in bringing Tom before the Medical Officer to have him permanently removed from active duty and Alex is more than willing to see put Tom out to pasture. Meanwhile, Evan and Amy are put to work searching for their suspect, a task made more difficult by a younger brother's misplaced admiration. Kelly's jealous side surfaces upon learning Joss is dating Tilda — but she does find some satisfaction in revealing Tilda's fraudulent police report.

Guest Starring: Jacinta Stapleton as Tilda Dean, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Tanja Bulatovic as Anna Jasinski, Orpheus Pledger as Olek Jasinski, Nicholas Colla as Darius Jasinski, Anya Beyersdorf as Jacqui Hatcher, Julian O'Donnell as Danny Brent, Phillip Sullivan as Louis Ballard

Burning Up

Episode 13.07 (506)
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by George Ogilvie

Kelly finds herself drawn to attractive young lawyer David Murray, but is furious when he soundly defeats her "open and shut" case in court, allowing an accused arsonist to walk free. Kelly is determined to pin a second fire on her suspect but a lack of evidence, a second suspect, and a concerned mother eager to get rid of a troublesome neighbour cloud the investigation and keep her suspect out of reach while causing her to lose focus.

Joss receives an unexpected visit from his mother, who is concerned about all the money he has been splashing around lately. She asks Kelly to find about the source of his money and upon questioning Joss, he admits to gambling, but ensures Kelly he has a sure-fire system, although that's not what she tells his mother.

Guest Starring: Joshua Lawson as David Murray, Matthew Crosby as Tim Dolan, Hamish Michael as Leon Dyer, Elly Varrenti as Angela Peroni, Tara Hazel as Wendy Larcombe, Star Hughes as Casey Larcombe, Bruce Hughes as Erik Elgin, Petra Glieson as Shelley Barnes, Adam Cooper as Mick Donohue, Diane Tiffin as Magistrate, Rod Mills as Police Prosecutor

Down To Earth

Episode 13.08 (507)
Saturday, May 20, 2006
Written by Ted Roberts & John Banas
Directed by Grant Brown

A crop duster pulled from his wrecked airplane insists his crash was no accident — and produces the threatening letter to back up his claims of sabotage. Amy and Kelly investigate a local organic farmer who has made public threats against the pilot — but he's just one in a long line of suspects. Kelly thinks Joss has lost his nerve when he fails to back her up during two risky police incidents. She confronts Joss, but he stonewalls her leaving it up to Alex to try and find out just what's wrong. When the truth comes out and Josh is left without a home, Kelly offers him a place to stay. Alex wants to stomp on the crush Rory has on Susie but comes to suspect the worst when his son provides evidence in a robbery. Kelly falls for lawyer David Murray but questions his intentions when he asks her to cross an ethical line.

Guest Starring: Joshua Lawson as David Murray, Robert Menzies as Marcus Delaney, Kane Alexander as Roger Armstrong, Kristen Hilton as Sharon Armstrong, Jonathan Auf Der Heide as Rob Tully, Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Cameron Heine as Lachie Carlton, Matthew Whittet as Jeff Carlton, Spencer McLaren as Gary Harding


Episode 13.09 (508)
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Martin Sacks

To pay off his gambling debts, Joss takes on a second job driving a cab. His troubles begin when a man he tries to collect a skipped fare from is found murdered. Joss then jumps at the chance to take on on a big fare to Melbourne hoping to make some easy cash. The man is a charismatic high roller who offers Joss a fast way to make even more money — as a getaway driver. As Joss tries to work his way out of an increasingly dangerous situation, Amy and Jonesy investigate the murder and it's connection to an armed robbery, eventually linking the crimes to Joss' client. With Joss' life hanging in the balance, his colleagues race against time to track him down.

Meanwhile, Kelly's relationship with lawyer David Murray is tested when they once again find themselves on opposite sides of a case, this time involving a drug dealer with a knack for avoiding prosecution. Matt suspects Joss is paying off Alex to get preferential treatment.

Guest Starring: Marcus Graham as Pilgrim Bond [Jason Grubb], Joshua Lawson as David Murray, Travis Cotton as Blake Webster, Anthony Cleave as Reece Young, Jamie Robertson as Dean Ridge, Melissa Pearson as Country Driver, Andrew Larkins as Bank Manager, Ray Tosti-Guerra as Street Dealer

Note: Marcus Graham won an AFI award in the category of "Best Guest or Supporting Actor in Television Drama" for this episode

One Day More, Part 1

Episode 13.10 (509)
Sunday, June 04, 2006
1.554m viewers (13th)
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by Fiona Banks

Senior Sgt Tom Croydon knows he should be looking after his own health and renewing ties with his estranged family. But he's distracted when disgraced former constable Adam Cooper returns to town and makes serious criminal accusations against him.

Tom receives some bad news about his cancer but he strikes up an unlikely friendship with end-stage cancer patient Gina O'Connor.

Elsewhere, Matt's struggles with the aftermath of having a shotgun discharged beside his head during a botched drugs bust and Kelly has had enough of having Joss as a roommate and agrees to move in with David.

Inspector Falcon-Price assembles the team and informs them that Tom has been suspended from duty pending an inquiry by ESD and the station will be closed at the end of their shift.

Guest Starring: Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Richard Cawthorne as Bryan McKeen, Damian Walshe-Howling as Adam Cooper, Chris Birt as Billy Talor, Victoria Thane as Gina O'Connor, Marguerite Tierney as Billy's Girlfriend, Joshua Lawson as David Murray, Katherine Halliday as Oncology Nurse, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Mark Blackmore as John Hughes, Milijana Cancar as Tom's Oncologist

Note: Damian Walshe-Howling last appeared in episode 5.41 (1998)

One Day More, Part 2

Episode 13.11 (510)
Sunday, June 04, 2006
1.554m viewers (13th)
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Peter Sharp

Tom last saw Adam Cooper eight years ago when he was dismissed from the police force for corruption. Now Adam's accusations may send Tom to jail, the station is about to be closed, and the jobs of all the Mt Thomas police are on the line.

But Tom does not seem interested in saving himself, or his colleagues. His personal life is in turmoil. Still coming to terms with the effects of his recent prostate cancer operation, Tom is caring for a fellow cancer patient in her final days. His new friend's plight makes him think about reuniting with his estranged daughters and grandchildren.

Detective Amy Fox and Acting Sergeant Alex Kirby struggle to investigate Tom's case and keep the station running. The team reluctantly seek other postings and prepare to be split up.

By the day's end, Tom has made some life altering decisions.

Guest Starring: Damian Walshe-Howling as Adam Cooper, Peta Doodson as Inspector Monica Draper, Victoria Thane as Gina O'Connor, Joshua Lawson as David Murray, Neil Pigot as Insp. Falcon-Price, Stephanie Millar as Dr Sophie Ash, Louis Corbett as Rory Hayes, Richard Cawthorne as Bryan McKeen, Alethea McGrath as Lily Majors, Michael Bishop as Mick Pearce O'Connor, Nicholas Fleming as Sam Allcott, Holly Pryor as Daisy Allcot

Note: Thus ends Blue Heelers. Debuting on Tuesday, January 18, 1994, the series concludes after 13 years and 510 episode making it Australia's longest-running weekly prime-time drama surpassing Homicide's 509 episode total. See the articles page for lots of coverage of the finale.

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