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Rachel, Danny and Samantha

Newcomers: Rachel Gordon, Danny Raco and Samantha Tolj.

Trio heel to appeal

Three new faces brave the elements to join our favourite coppers

WHERE else would three freezing police officers turn when their cop-shop is blown to smithereens but to the Victorian Blanket Appeal?

New Blue Heelers Rachel Gordon, Samantha Tolj and Danny Raco haven’t yet been seen on screen, but after last night’s drama, they soon will be.

The Eye caught them at Albert Park during rehearsals for their Blue Heelers debut.

And standing around in yesterday’s icy wind, they welcomed a little bit of help from the Winter Blanket Appeal.

Andrew Heslop turned up from appeal headquarters with a blanket to block the wind a little.

“The appeal runs all winter, and we need 10,000 blankets, or the money to buy 10,000 blankets, to help Melbourne’s underprivileged see through the chilly season,” Mr Heslop said.

The three thawed-out Heelers will appear in the popular show from next week’s episode.

Well actually, they started last night, because the big bang opened some holes in the storyline so they could come on board.

William McInnes returns next week as Detective Nick Schultz to investigate the bombing, and a new full-time detective, Amy Fox (Rachel Gordon), is posted to the Mt Thomas cop shop.

Sergeant Mark Jacobs (Geoff Morrell) also joins the team at this time of crisis, and his first job is to find the team a new home.

It soon becomes obvious the Heelers need help. Team leader Tom Croydon is in hospital, badly shaken by the tragedy.

The week after next, two probationary constables join the team in the shape of Kelly O’Rourke (Samantha Tolj) and Joss Peroni (Danny Raco).

SEVEN obviously hopes the new blood and big-bang storyline will give Heelers an explosion of popularity. It pulled a swifty in Sydney and Brisbane by airing on Tuesday night the episode we saw last night, so as not to compete with the Thugby State of Origin telecast. And it worked.

Heelers won its timeslot nicely for both cities.

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Picture: Craig Hughes
July 08, 2004
Herald Sun