Blue Heelers: episode guide

Loose Ends

Episode 7.01 (254)
Wednesday, February 09, 2000
Written by John Banas
Director: Grant Brown

As Maggie gets closer to cracking the drug ring that killed her brother, her life is put in real danger. She fronts the trial of bent copper Barry Craig on tenterhooks — her testimony is crucial to win a conviction. Fearing for his life, Craig offers Maggie a deal she can't refuse — the names of each player in the drug operation in exchange for his safe incarceration. Following Craig's death in prison, Maggie quickly realises that she may have gone too far, but it's too late. The calling card they've been dreading is delivered and Maggie and PJ are trapped inside her home as it explodes into flames.

Starring: Jane Allsop, Rupert Reid, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, Lisa McCune, John Wood

Guest Starring: Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Terry Serio as Mick Doyle, Elizabeth Shingleton as Melissa Reeves, Mark Wilson as Benny Matthews, Alan Hopgood as George Ratcliffe QC, Tony Llewellyn-Jones as George Considine QC, Paul Dawber as Detective Barry Craig, John Cousins as Justice Belcher, Justin Lehmann as Roger Shannon

Note: Barry Craig was played by Robert Taylor in episodes 6.10 and 6.12

One More Day

Episode 7.02 (255)
February 16, 2000
Written by Coral Drouyn
Directed by Raymond Quint

The Heelers are shocked to learn that Maggie has called off her engagement to PJ and is leaving Mt. Thomas for a new job in Melbourne. After the torching of her house, she seeks safety elsewhere and knows that it can only be through the Witness Protection Program. But when her pick-up arrives, Maggie learns that her father has been abducted and her plans to reach safety are in jeopardy.

Guest Starring: Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Terry Serio as Mick Doyle, Brendan O'Connor as Stewie Forbes, Steven Millichamp as Detective Chandler

Note: Lisa McCune's final episode comes at the series' exact midpoint as there are 510 total episodes.


Episode 7.03 (256)
February 23, 2000
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Graham Thorburn

PJ's frustration mounts when all the evidence of a murder points to him. He throws himself into the investigation but there is confusion over his recall of events. PJ believes it was a contract hit but his theories don't tally with the evidence. When the murder weapon isn't found and the Heelers discover PJ's gun is missing from the safe, Homicide turns to PJ for answers.

Starring: Jane Allsop, Rupert Reid, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Terry Serio as Mick Doyle, Marcus Eyre as Detective Paul Donald, Adam Palmer as Detective Turnbull, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Peta Doodson as Inspector Monica Draper, Merfyn Owen as Father Brian Hegarty, Olivia Hamnett as Dr Ellen McCarthy, Ruth Schoenheimer as Church Soloist

Shadow of Doubt

Episode 7.04 (257)
March 01, 2000
Written by Chris Phillips
Directed by Grant Brown

PJ is arrested for murder but the case begins to crumble when Homicide's prize witness is found dead. PJ's only way out is an unreliable witness with vital information on the murder weapon. Will PJ's fate be freedom or life behind bars?

Guest Starring: Terry Serio as Mick Doyle, Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Marcus Eyre as Detective Paul Donald, Adam Palmer as Detective Doug Turnbull, Cathy Godbold as Natalie Anderson, Peta Doodson as Inspector Monica Draper, Mark Wilson as Benny Matthews, Brendan O'Connor as Stewie Forbes, Cheryl Ballantyne as Glenys Forbes, Anastasia Malinoff as Helen Thomas

A Chip Off The Old Block

Episode 7.05 (258)
March 08, 2000
Written by Jon Stephens
Directed by Peter Sharp

Jack's great-grandfather goes missing only to turn up in Mt. Thomas where he gets involved with some unsavoury characters, not altogether unconnected with a recent spate of house burglaries. The Heelers expose some startling community attitudes towards the aged during their investigation into the burglaries which have targeted elderly residents.

Guest Starring: Frank Wilson as Maurie Lawson, Reg Gorman as Chook Fowler, Brad Flynn as Colin Hammond, Kate Hood as Rita Hammond, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Bronwyn Di Cecco as Judith Dowling, Vivien Davies as Wendy Porter, Nigel Rodrigues as Hatish

Code of Honour

Episode 7.06 (259)
March 15, 2000
Written by Dave Worthington
Directed by Fiona Banks

When two transient bikies are brought into the station on a report of shoplifting, Tom discovers one of the men to be an old mate from Vietnam.

Bull's taken the other route after Vietnam, he chose the open road and a different sort of uniform and code. The lifestyle certainly looks seductive for Tom as he takes a spin on the back of Bull's bike. But Bull's not the carefree easyrider he seems. He is in town for a reason — he's been on a man hunt for seven years looking for the man who killed his daughter.

It seems the local video repair man, Peter Ross, is particularly twitchy since the gang came to town. In fact he's assaulted Jack, seemingly to get into jail and off the street. What is he afraid off? It becomes clear he is the source of Bull's vendetta — Ross, his daughter's bitter ex, is the "one that caved her head in that night."

Tom and Bull test each other's mettle in a "custody battle" over the desperate Ross. It's a stand-off — the gang aren't leaving till they get Ross and the nervous town are bunkered for a showdown.

Will the Heelers be bullied? Who will make the first move? Tom is under pressure, but then, as a sympathetic ear to both sides, he begins to notice discrepancies in their stories.

Could the haunted Bull be wrong about Ross? Has he been hunting the wrong man for seven years? Ultimately, Tom preforms an act of true mateship, when he frees his old friend with the truth.

Guest Starring: John Gibson as Bull, Stephen Whittaker as Peter Ross, Tamara Kuldin as Kate Ross, Peter Barron as Sledge, Cam Van Steel as Thommo, Chris Bidlo as Spider, David Pawsey as Skull

Note: Stephen Whittaker appeared previously in episodes 1.22, 2.40 and 2.41 — in the latter two as the older brother of Adam Cooper (Damian Walshe-Howling)

Life Class

Episode 7.07 (260)
March 22, 2000
Written by Karin Altmann
Directed by Chris Langman

When Tom is introduced to the joys of life-drawing, he is shocked to see the model is a girl he knows and who is under-aged . A flurry of finger pointing begins — Erin is clearly in moral danger but who is the corrupter? The boyfriend? The art teacher? The girl is protecting someone and Jo is determined to unveil her deep, dark secret.

Guest Starring: Layla Beavis as Erin Quinn, Jeremy Stanford as Victor Delaney, Victoria Nicholls as Tricia Quinn, Ian Rawlings as Matthew Quinn, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Andrew Ferguson as Jared Taylor, Tenley Gillmore as Susie

Vanishing Act

Episode 7.08 (261)
March 29, 2000
Written by Cass Carter
Directed by Raymond Quint

All is not what it seems as Jack and PJ investigate the case of a man who truly disappears after volunteering from the audience for a magician's vanishing act. His wife insists they were happily married with no financial problems, so why does $80,000 suddenly go missing? Is his wife in on the heist or does he have another accomplice? As Jack and PJ uncover the truth, they learn that you cannot always believe what you see.

Guest Starring: Tammy McCarthy as Annette Harding, Shayne Francis as Sharon Aitken, Jim Holt as Laurie Fletcher, John Flaus as Cliff White, Gerard Cogley as Mike Harding, Cody O'Prey as Danny Harding, Penny Richmond as Christine Marsden

Unfinished Business

Episode 7.09 (262)
April 05, 2000
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Roger Hodgman

PJ's quest to solve the mystery of Maggie's murder leads him to the bass guitarist in a recently re-formed rock band. When the muso refuses to give him the answers he wants, PJ decides to apply the pressure by applying for a warrant to search for drugs.

Heroin is found, but PJ's plans are soon thwarted because the leader of the band, a faded rock star, takes responsibility for the drugs.

Meanwhile, Jack strikes up a friendship with the band's spunky back-up vocalist, who turns out to be the daughter of the band's promoter, Bryce McLeod. PJ investigates Bryce and discovers he was not only named in a top secret drug trafficking inquiry, but was also a close friend of crocked copper Barry Craig's. Perhaps this is the missing link he is looking for.

With PJ applying pressure on Bryce he pulls the plug on the band, bringing about tragic consequences for one of its members. When Jack rescues the daughter from a drug overdose she realises the truth about her father, and decides to help PJ.

Guest Starring: Andy Anderson as John Gemes, Shane Bourne as Bryce McLeod, Jessica Gower as Sasha McLeod, Russell Kiefel as Keith Cashell, Damien Aylward as Dylan Hawker, Bill Binks as Ray Battye

Out of the Shadows

Episode 7.10 (263)
April 12, 2000
Written by John Banas
Directed by Steve Mann

PJ's quest to identify Maggie's killer accelerates when a mysterious man is pulled, alive, from a car wreck. He is missing from hospital when PJ and Ben discover a Mt Thomas man has been professionally killed. Is this the hitman who killed Maggie, and has he come to finish off PJ, the man who won't let it rest?

Against Tom's wishes, PJ offers himself as bait to lure the killer out of hiding. But his every move is predicted. It seems the killer is always one step ahead. But when the killer himself is gunned down in front of PJ, the evidence swings around to implicate an insider, another cop. In an unimaginable act of betrayal PJ finally comes face to face with his nemesis — Maggie's killer.

When the smoke has cleared, PJ and Pat Doyle can finally scatter Maggie's ashes over the land she loved.

Guest Starring: Terry Serio as Mick Doyle, Dennis Miller as Pat Doyle, Marcus Eyre as Paul Donald, Adam Palmer as Doug Turnbull, Shane Bourne as Bryce McLeod, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Cliff Ellen as Les Brown, Peter Knowles as Norman Kerr, Bruce Patterson as Dave Jackson

Note: the final appearances for Terry Serio and Dennis Miller

Dance Crazy

Episode 7.11 (264)
April 19, 2000
Written by David Allen
Directed by Chris Langman

Who is stalking Jo's popular dance instructor? The doting student, the possessive boyfriend or the love-lorn character from her past who just won't go away? Jo and Ben team up to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Guest Starring: Lisa Callaghan as Debbie Carlisle, Daniela Farinacci as Carol Gibson, Richard Morgan as Peter Stamford, Rachael Tidd as Sarah Stamford, Shaun Dumbrell as Alex 'Mac' MacIntosh, Shane Luther as Clive Rawlings

Welcome Back

Episode 7.12 (265)
April 26, 2000
Written by Piers Hobson, David Allen
Directed by Ray Quint

When Tom's old school friend, Robert, turns up in Mt. Thomas for the Saint Stephen's school reunion — dripping with money and big city success — Tom reassesses his own life and the choices he has made. A series of criminal acts surround Robert's arrival in Mt Thomas. The reunion is forced to move to the Imperial when there's a fire in the Hall, Robert's parent's home is burgled, and Robert's car is vandalised. When Robert disappears in suspicious circumstances, Tom investigates and discovers that there is more to success than material things.

Guest Starring: Roger Oakley as Russ Cavell, Peter Gwynne as Ken Barton, Betty Lucas as Mary Barton, Dennis Coard as Robert Barton, Carole Patullo as Tracey Barton, Gil Tucker as Ian Radley, Felicity Boyd as Shannon Morgan, Gillian Hardy as Valerie Hayes, Andrew Percy as Father Jerome

Broken Windows

Episode 7.13 (266)
May 03, 2000
Written by David Boutland & Peter Dick
Directed by Kevin Carlin

Ben's response to a state of graffiti attacks on Mt Thomas signs and icons is to suggest a policy of zero tolerance to all minor offences. Ben and Jo certainly do not see eye-to-eye on zero tolerance and its effectiveness, and when they become involved with a group of young street kids squatting in a house, their differing approaches are put to the test, and their working relationship becomes strained. Jo seems to be proven right when first the squat the kids live in is bulldozed, and then one of them narrowly escapes injury in a charity bin fire, but Ben stands his ground. Ben and Jo must put aside their personal differences to discover that the most useful part of zero tolerance is tolerance itself.

Guest Starring: Ross Williams as Bill Morrison, Max Garner Gore as Ollie Jones, Rebecca Ritters as Libby Orr, Talia Krape as Tania Carmichael, Verity Higgins as Ruth Cohen, Marita Wilcox as Alison Carmichael, James Kemp as Hayden Morrison, Irene Guzowski as Lieutenant Morgan

Something Fishy

Episode 7.14 (267)
May 10, 2000
Written by John Stephens
Directed by Roger Hodgman

Jack and Jo combine their detecting skills with some old fashioned fishing expertise to investigate an allegation of cheating during the annual Mt. Thomas fishing competition. Compo Hayes, known well to the police as a highly seasoned scam merchant, just happens to win the competition which is worth a cool $10,000 gold ingot, and an incensed fellow angler makes an official protest. But a dispute over a fish rapidly escalates into something far more serious when the gold ingot prize is stolen. Was there a fish switch? And who would viciously bash the security guard to get the ingot? Although it is Jack's angling experience which puts them on track to solve the case, Jo has a surprise for him up her sleeve.

Guest Starring: Tony Rickards as Compo Hayes, Brett Swain as Bruce Searle, Christine Mahoney as Ellen Moncrief, Mark Blackmore as Garth Nugent, Tony McGrath as Herb Saunders

Dead For Quids

Episode 7.15 (268)
May 17, 2000
Written by David Anthony
Directed by Steve Mann

A much loved elderly woman dies while under the care of Doc Bourke, an old-style country doctor who still makes house calls, sets broken legs in paddocks and accepts cuts of meat in lieu of payment. At the reading of the will it is discovered that the elderly women left her considerable estate to Doc Bourke. The disinherited relatives call foul and accuse him of murder. Tom was delivered by Doc Bourke and has regarded him as a hero all his life. PJ has a natural distrust of doctors, especially those who seem to be playing God. Tom and PJ clash as PJ investigate the increasing numbers of claims that the Doc has stepped over the line. For PJ, a copper is someone who swears to uphold the law, no ifs, no buts. Doctors swear to preserve life — there should be no difference between the two. But is there? When does relieving a terminal patient in extreme pain cross the line into a shortening of the patient's life? And who has the right to decide?

Guest Starring: James Condon as 'Doc Bourke', Sarah Kants as Emily Farrow, Alex Papps as Stephen Farrow, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Vic Gordon as Harry Quinn, James Cahill as Simon Rogers, Brenda Palmer as Winifred Starling

On The Road

Episode 7.16 (269)
May 24, 2000
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Richard Jasek

Jo gets herself into trouble with Tom when she accuses his accountant of being a drink driver. Her problems escalate when a young driver she has previously cautioned is involved in a serious accident. If Jo hadn't been so easy on the girl for the first offence, would the accident still have happened? Ben, meanwhile, has his hands full with cramming for the Sergeant's exam in St. David's. Regaining his stripes and being Sergeant in Mt.Thomas will put his career back on track, but does he really know who he's competing against?

Guest Starring: Caroline Craig as Tess Gallagher, Tiriel Mora as Dave Weller, Nell Feeney as Sonia Weller, Mary Ward as Betty Withers, Aimee Robertson as Fi McNamara, Michael Burkett as Simon McGinty, Sarah Sutherland as Mirsty Dickens, Jim Alexander as Don Kants, John McKay as Angus Weller, Levin McNamara as Ivan Brady, Ella Collins as Millie Dickens

Note: Caroline Craig's first appearance as Tess Gallagher, she is added to the opening credits in the next episode

Lost & Found

Episode 7.17 (270)
May 31, 2000
Written by Coral Drouyn
Directed by Chris Langman

The new sergeant, Tess Gallagher, starts work in Mt. Thomas. Ben, in particular, doesn't find it easy dealing with her presence as she took the job that he feels should be his. When a newborn goes missing, Ben and Tess are thrown together to investigate and the race to find the child only serves to highlight their difficulties.

Starring: Caroline Craig, Jane Allsop, Rupert Reid, Paul Bishop, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, John Wood

Guest Starring: Rachel Anastasi as Lucy Hedley, Daina Reid as Janie Hedley, Shane McWilliams as Ryan Fields, John Walker as Jim Macintosh, Rian Barlow as Jamie Macintosh, Benson Adams as Angus Macintosh, Todd Barlow as A.J. Cooper, Ian Lingard as Neville Rowe, Wilhelmina Stracke as Mary Ginters, Lanie Lamont as Miss Dalrymple, Emmerson Danda as Saffy

Rank Outsider

Episode 7.18 (271)
June 07, 2000
Written by David Worthington
Directed by Kevin Carlin

The Heelers are settling down into their new way of life with Sergeant Tess Gallagher in charge. Accepting the new system is not so easy. Tess has brought with her a new style of policing which doesn't sit comfortably with the old fashioned country way of doing things. A suspected greyhound ring-in puts pressure on the new and old ways. No one will cooperate with Ben and Jo in their investigation except for the track steward, who is, perhaps a little too keen to be of assistance. Tess, too, seems uncooperative at first. To her mind Ben and Jo are barking up the wrong tree. Is policing only about catching the crim and finding the evidence, or is there a place for compassion and discretion? As the bid to solve the case becomes a race against the clock, Ben and Jo, as well as Tess, learn that nothing is ever black and white.

Guest Starring: Kim Gyngell as Shane Sonnelly, Maxie Rickard as Crystal Donnelly, George Kapiniaris as Leo Tapis, Tommy Dysart as Jimmy Fong, Will Deumer as Marty Walker, Wayne Hope as Beetle, Aidan Fennessy as Ernie Savage, Tim Aris as Alex Freer, Chris Fortuna as Bazza

Conduct Endangering Life

Episode 7.19 (272)
June 14, 2000
Written by Chris Phillips
Directed by Steve Mann

The local timber workers are besieged by a group of environmental protestors. Spiking logs is a potentially lethal deed, and Jack, the son of a timber man, needs no evidence to convince him that the protestors are to blame. When Tess discovers that an old university foe is one of the protestors, she is as certain as Jack of their culpability in the spiking. But log spiking is not for amateurs — knowledge of timber and milling equipment is a necessity. Although Jack refuses to believe that any timber man would have anything to do with spiking, the two brothers who run the mill have their own dark secrets to hide, and they're not willing to cope with anyone. PJ retains his approach of suspecting everyone, but it is Jack's knowledge of timber which will lead him to solve the crime — but not before he is forced to reassess his prejudices and confront a family worthy of a Greek tragedy.

Guest Starring: Tony Barry as Johnno Wilson, William Snow as Dean Aichison, Frank Macgree as Brett Aichison, Emma Callaghan as Wendy Aichison, Asher Keddie as Kelly Lonsdale, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Jeremy Kewley as Tony Tims, Tiahna Wild as Jarrah Aichison

A Little Faith

Episode 7.20 (273)
June 21, 2000
Written by Cass Carter
Directed by Esben Storm

Mt. Thomas's resident witch, Siobhan Kennedy, is back in town. Her arrival coincides with rumours that someone is taking money for lifting curses on people in Mt. Thomas. Ben is horrified to discover that a pregnant women is paying someone so that she will bear a healthy child. At first he is convinced that Siobhan is dealing in the evil eye, but soon realises that she is worried as he is. But a prerequisite of faith is not to be questioned, so those who believe they are cursed will not help Ben in his enquiries. And if no one lays a complaint, the police cannot proceed any further. Frustrated at every turn in his attempt to uncover what he believes to be a scam on women in highly stressed, emotional states, Ben must find alternative paths to the truth. In his quest, Ben must not only question his own belief systems, he must be prepared to welcome assistance from someone who throws those beliefs into further doubts. But the life of an unborn child is at stake, and Ben learns that blind faith can be far more deadly than no faith at all.

Guest Starring: Marie-Louise Walker as Siobhan Kennedy, Scott Major as Steve Scarcella, Lisa Rogers as Sophia Gilmore, Anita Cerdic as Kim O'Grady, Matt Norman as Jason O'Grady, Marcella Ruso as Rosa Crivelli, Marco Malerba as George Crivelli

Note: Siobhan Kennedy was played by Rosalind Hammond in series 3 and 4

The Gumshoe

Episode 7.21 (274)
June 28, 2000
Written by David Allen
Directed by Kevin Carlin

A young Chilean backpacker goes missing, and PJ is called in to investigate. Another young female back packer went missing a few weeks ago from Mildura, and there is fear that they may both have met the same unpleasant fate. But PJ has more than just a missing girl to deal with. A gung-ho private investigator, Archie Garrett, has been engaged by her parents to find the girl, and is all too keen to join forces with PJ. At first Archie seems to do nothing but get in PJ's way and complain about the coffee they serve at the station. But as the case progresses, he continually happens to be in just the right place at just the right time, especially whenever a new piece of evidence is discovered. Is he lucky or does he know more than he is letting on? As an experienced detective, PJ knows that trust is something which must be earned but Archie is doing nothing by earn himself a reputation for interfering in police matters. Or is Archie genuinely sharing all the information he uncovers? Who to trust, and what to trust them with, is at the heart of the matter, as PJ and his self-appointed partner work towards solving the crime.

Guest Starring: Ernie Dingo as Archie Garrett, Maggie Kirkpatrick as Marj Cummings, Jason Crews as Ashley Palmer, Marcela Toro as Mariluz Alvarez, Adele Schober as Michelle Dumas, Mark Carra as Dickie Llewellyn, Luke Lennox as Shane Franklin

Small Potatoes

Episode 7.22 (275)
July 05, 2000
Written by Piers Hobson
Directed by Chris Langman

Accompanying each of her workmates as they go about their work in an effort to get to know them better, Tess quickly finds her attention drawn to a girl who keeps stealing to feed her brothers. Police intervention escalates the volatile situation, and Tess is forced to reveal her difficult past to save the lives of the kids.

Guest Starring: Emily Browning as Hayley Fulton, Blake Grant as Darien Fulton, Alexander Stock as Frasier Fulton, Samantha Bews as Bettina Fulton, Greg Ulfan as Nelson Smith, Marco Macerba as George Crivelli, Timothy Smith as Buster, Gabriel Egan as Cameron Martin, Aidan Fennessy as Ernie Savage, Suzi Dogherty as Dr Mel Carter

Note: the first of Emily Browning's nine guest appearances

A Good Kid

Episode 7.23 (276)
July 12, 2000
Written by Jon Stephens
Directed by Grant Brown

A night of innocent fun at the Mt Thomas Blue Light Disco goes horribly wrong when two of the participants are found dead soon after in a horrific car smash. Jo is immediately under pressure from her superiors to find the truth about the driver. Everyone seems to be protecting everyone else, but Jo must fight to save her own neck as she chooses to pursue the case over her own best interests.

Guest Starring: John McTernan as Peter Carlson, Tom Wright as Mitch Carlson, Michael O'Malley as Evan Walsh, Rashelle McHugh as Paula Welsh, Christopher Chapman as Dylan Bell, Nathan Wentworth as Tyler Burke, Samantha Tolj as Loelle Nixon, David No as Dr Harry Sun, Domani Madigan as Dixie Gardiner, Lauren Pratt as Chelsea Smith

Note: appearing in this episode in a guest role, Samantha Tolj will join the starring cast in 2004 as Constable Kelly O'Rourke

Fair Go

Episode 7.24 (277)
July 19, 2000
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Richard Jasek

Relations between Tess and Jo are becoming more and more strained. Tom suggests Tess give Jo a case of her own to run to prove herself and when a theft at a local factory is reported, it seems the perfect opportunity for Jo to save her skin and her career. But a straight forward theft turns into a professional nightmare and Jo soon finds herself facing possible criminal charges.

Guest Starring: John Penman as Gary Scully, Michael Fry as Gil Paterson, Katrina Milosevic as Cherly Anne Phillips, Benjamin McNair as Craig Simpson, Nathan Bokscay as Murray Dougherty, Leigh Whannell as Jared Ryan

Cop It Sweet

Episode 7.25 (278)
July 26, 2000
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Declan Eames

Jo is hauled out of bed to join Ben in attending a burglary in the middle of the night. The victims are a badly shaken elderly couple, the man horrifically pistol whipped. One of the suspects gets away by car. Jo goes after the other, chasing him through backyards and over fences until he falls whilst jumping a fence, hits his head, and is caught.

At the station the suspect complains of headaches, and insists on medical attention. PJ and Ben are sure that he is faking it, but are obliged to have him attended to. The hospital is severely understaffed. Jo is still not going to catch up on her sleep as the suspect needs to be kept overnight, and she draws the short straw as his guard. The only thing which keeps her going is thinking of the overtime entitlements she is clocking up.

PJ and Ben continue the hunt for the second burglary suspect — a hunt which becomes all the more urgent when the injured victim dies. The burglary has become a homicide. When they discover their most likely suspect died three years ago, the investigation grinds to a halt.

Jo's lack of sleep eventually takes its toll, and she inadvertently lets the second suspect escape after she pulls him over for a minor traffic infringement.

Convinced that his partner will try and break his friend out of his guarded bed, the Heelers stake out the hospital. The nurse's industrial dispute has escalated, allowing the Heelers the opportunity to infiltrate the hospital in the guise of volunteers. But when their man grabs a hostage, the stakeout becomes a siege. It takes the united efforts of the Heelers to bring the situation under control. But it is the unlikely teamwork of Tess and Jo which ultimately triumphs.

Guest Starring: Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Luke Elliott as Darren McQuilten, Duncan Aney as Steve 'Pedo' Pedrioli, Georgina Capper as Suzi Thornton, Joy Westmore as Anne Duffy, William McLorinan as Gordon Duffy, Alan Morgan as Frank Dibley

Moving On

Episode 7.26 (279)
August 02, 2000
Written by Kelly Lefever
Directed by Richard Jasek

Ben is being worn down by nightmares after attending the scene of a Gothic teenage boy's death. It appears the teenager, Elliot, killed himself by jumping into the path of a logging truck. No one has an answer for why this boy would take such desperate action, as he showed none of the classic signs of suicide. But in Ben's dream, it's his own teenage daughter standing on the country road waiting for the logging truck to hit her.

Elliot's father, Jim, sees his son as a coward for taking his life and wants to rid himself of all reminders of the boy. He organises a garage sale to sell Elliot's favourite possessions. Elliot's new girlfriend Tina comes across the garage sale and tries to take Elliot's favourite coat. Ben and Jack are called to stop the fight but neither father nor girlfriend is prepared to talk about Elliot and why he may have taken his own life.

When the Elliot's grave is vandalised, Ben is determined to find the culprit. He goes to the cemetery but instead of finding any clues about the damaged grave, he finds Tina assaulted and unconscious. Elliot's Gothic friends won't talk, and according to everyone Tina has no friends. Ben later discovers tranquillisers by Elliot's grave and begins to worry about Tina's state of mind, but she has now disappeared from hospital.

Ben is convinced she may harm herself and — haunted by his nightmares — returns to the country road where Elliot died. A distraught Tina is there and as Ben tries to catch her, his recurring nightmare begins to come true. But this time it's Tina who stands in front of a logging truck waiting to die.

Guest Starring: Chloe Armstrong as Tina Johnstone, Kim Trengove as Irene Johnstone, D.J. Foster as Jim Hartley, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Derryn Mullan as Baby Matty Waldron, Jessica Clarke as Madeleine Stewart, Claudia Buttazzoni as Ice Mooney, Daniel Bowden as David O'Hare, John McNamara as Elliot Hartley

Note: the man in the photo with Ben's daughter is Richard Jasek, the episode's director

Bank On It

Episode 7.27 (280)
August 09, 2000
Written by Chris Phillips
Directed by Grant Brown

Tess is working hard at managing the workload in Mt Thomas but it isn't easy when the station is understaffed and underequipped. Tess doesn't take kindly to PJ being critical of her when she uses his car in an emergency. The situation doesn't improve when PJ and Tess are forced to work together investigating a mysterious bank robbery.

As PJ and Tess uncover the details of the robbery, the two bank employees give them different stories. Tess thinks one of the employees is behind the hold-up, but PJ is convinced it's the other. The confusion adds to the tension between them. PJ even attempts to cut Tess out of the investigation.

Tess and PJ work separately, digging deeper for evidence and discover they may be looking for two suspects instead of one.

Jo is worried about Jack, who has a fast developing friendship with local girl Letty Waldron — a young mother who lost her husband in tragic circumstances. The situation may get complicated because Letty also happens to be the only reliable witness to the robbery. Jo doesn't want to see Jack set himself up for a fall either personally or professionally.

While the rift between the Heelers threatens to undermine the investigation, they must find a way to put their feelings aside and work together as a team to catch a violent and unpredictable criminal.

Guest Starring: Marian Haddrick as Brook Tomkin, Stuart Halusz as Enzo Matera, Trent Baker as Gavin Calder, Neil Melville as Kevin Sutton, Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Derryn Mullan as Baby Matty Waldron

Hard Feelings

Episode 7.28 (281)
August 16, 2000
Written by Peter Dick
Directed by Chris Langman

Jo becomes involved in the plight of a struggling cosmetics rep whose car has been stolen. The culprit turns out to be an angry teenager from a broken family. Not only has the car been written off, but $2,000 worth of cosmetics in the boot has been destroyed and a family's livelihood is gone. The resulting financial crisis is too much for the victim's husband, who leaves home hot on the heels of the repo men. The Heelers' attempts to get the boy to apologise and pay restitution fall on deaf ears. Tom and Jo are angry at the boy's unrepentant attitude, but the victim doesn't help her case when she meets him at the station and punches him in the stomach.

The teenager insists on pressing assault charges, which only hardens the attitudes of Jo and most of the other Heelers against him. But Ben refuses to give up on the kid. If he likes cars perhaps the challenge of fixing one up can keep him out of trouble. The boy's father runs a successful automotive workshop and agrees to help by providing tools and garage facilities for a wrecked car, but the new woman in his life refuses to go along with the plan. The kid is infuriated by what he sees as yet another rejection from his father and stomps off. Soon after, his father's girlfriend is assaulted and his cash box emptied in a daring robbery.

There is no question in PJ's mind that the kid is the prime suspect in the crime. Ben holds out and defends the boy even when the teenager turns up with an expensive automotive part and refuses to say where he got the money to purchase it. Ben knows there must to be another answer and discovers the kid has a part-time job. Do the Heelers now have to find the real offender? What started out as a relatively minor crime has now left a trail of shattered lives.

Guest Starring: Ben Geurens as Carl Wagner, Jenny Seedsman as Lorraine Wagner, John Bishop as Mike Wagner, Davini Joy [Davini Malcolm] as Cathy Fyfe, Nicholas Flanagan as Ross Fyfe, Rebecca Reid as Jessica Fyfe, Mitchell Conway as Ryan Fyfe, Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Erin Mountford as Linda Bennett, Aidan Fennessy as Ernie Savage, Ron Bingham as Max Daley

Running of the Rams

Episode 7.29 (282)
August 23, 2000
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Declan Eames

Tess hears about the Running of the Rams, an event involving naked men and four rams running down the main street of Mt Thomas. It is being organised by two well-known con artists; Compo and Richo, supposedly to raise much needed funds for the CFA. Tess handles the situation the only way she knows how — by the book. She warns that anyone running naked will be arrested for indecent exposure. Tensions increase as, with Tom away, Tess runs a tight ship, much to the displeasure of Jo.

Tom returns to a barrage of complaints from the locals about his new Sergeant. Tom advises Tess that a hands off approach is sometimes necessary when policing a country town. His attempts to find a creative solution go wrong when the rams earmarked for the event are stolen.

The Heelers suspect the farmer of 'stealing' his own livestock and come up with a clever plan to catch him. But when they follow him to a farm shed expecting to find the 'missing' rams, they find the beasts have actually been stolen!

When the rams are finally recovered, Tom finds himself in a dilemma. Does he let the run go ahead and allow the participants to break the law, or does he stop it and deprive the CFA of badly needed funds? Fortunately, Tess has now learned something about country policing and comes forward with a clever way for the fund raiser to go ahead.

Jack and Letty disappear together to Jack's hotel room during the Running of the Rams — but if either of them thought they wouldn't be missed they've got another thing coming.

Guest Starring: Tony Rickards as Compo Hayes, Stuart Baker as Richo, Reg Evans as Keith Purvis, Roger Oakley as Russ Cavell, Cliff Ellen as Les Brown, David Murray as Dan Ryder, Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Peter Dick as TV Presenter

Note: this is the only episode to feature both Reg Evans and Tony Rickards. Add in Stuart Baker, Roger Oakley, and Cliff Ellen and this episode is bursting with local colour

A Tangled Web

Episode 7.30 (283)
August 30, 2000
Written by Lyn Ogilvy
Directed by Roger Hodgman

Ben is concerned when a boy he coaches throws a tantrum during a basketball game, kicking his mother in the shins. The next day the same boy, Jay Holbrook, is reported for an assault at school and Ben starts to worry about where he is learning this aggressive behaviour. Ben is fond of Jay's mother, Jeannette, and suspects they may be victims of domestic violence. Tess dismisses Ben's fears but he defiantly confronts the woman's husband, Peter, at the pub about Jay's behaviour.

Meanwhile, fresh from their intimate encounter, Jack proposes to Letty during a stroll in the park. Taken by surprise, Letty asks to think about it. But the moment is broken when Jack spies some kids sneaking into a shed. He confronts them and discovers they are Jay and Jessie Holbrook — hiding from their violent father who has just been fighting with their mother. Jack calls in the info, and Ben rushes to the Holbrook home to discover upturned furniture, broken plates and blood — but the house is deserted.

That night at the pub, Chris lets it slip to Ben that Jeannette is staying at a friend's house while the friend is out of town. Ben races over there to check Jeannette is OK — only to be snapped by local journalist Tony Timms as Jeannette throws her arms around him.

After the photo is published in the local paper, Tom warns Ben he is in danger of losing his standing in Mt Thomas. It may already be too late — some people in town have labelled Ben a homewrecker, after hearing about his supposed relationship with a married woman. The parents are even keeping their children away from the basketball matches coached by Ben.

Ben denies any wrong doing but can't deny he is attracted to Jeannette. In the middle of the police station, Peter Holbrook confronts Jeannette about her affair with Ben and a heated argument develops, ending with her demanding a divorce — and looking to Ben for support. Unfortunately for Ben, Jeannette reveals she has admitted the affair to her husband!

The matter escalates when Peter Holbrook takes Tony Timms hostage, demanding to air his grievances with the Mt Thomas police over the local radio station. Jeannette is forced the reveal the truth — over the airways.

At the end of a drama filled day, Jack is disappointed — and embarrassed — when Letty turns down his marriage proposal. But she has plans of her own with Jack.

Guest Starring: Alyce Platt as Jeanette Holbrook, Greg Parker as Peter Holbrrok, Julian Jones as Jay Holbrook, Danica Wild as Jessie Holbrook, Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Jeremy Kewley as Tony Timms, Lucy Honigman as Lucinda Watts, Katerina Kotsonis as Sophie Andrikidis, Tania Chandler as TV Reporter

Notes: the first known role for Lucy Honigman (Mr and Mrs Murder, The Ex-PM), appearing here at age 10. She has another guest role in episode 9.16. Alyce Platt's only appearance in BH and the second of Greg Parker's three (5.35, 11.31).

On Your Bike

Episodes 7.31 (284)
September 06, 2000
Written by David Allen
Directed by Raymond Quint

While out patrolling the streets on bikes, Jo and Jack are surprised to see a letterbox explode in front of them. A neighbour quickly confesses to the offense and accusses his target, the local postie, of stealing his mail. Jack seems to be settling in happily with Letty and her infant son — until an old flame of hers turns up and Jack doesn't know where he stands.

Guest Starring: Verity McIntyre as Letty Waldron, Jeremy Angerson as Scotty Foster, Ben Schumann as Heath Redlin, Soula Alexander as Cas Redlin, Andre Moullet as Lachie McKinnon, Callie Gray as Regan Whelan, Richard Moss as Ted Bergen, Mark Dogget as Colin Forbes, Derryn Mullan as Baby Matty Waldron

Notes: the first known role for Ben Schumann (Holly's Heroes, Kick, Snake Tales, Slide, Tangle, House Husbands). The final appearances for Jeremy Angerson and Verity McIntyre.

Stir Crazy

Episodes 7.32 (285)
September 06, 2000
Written by Piers Hobson
Directed by Richard Sarell

Tom and PJ head off for a fishing weekend — leaving Tess in charge for the first time. All seems to be going smoothly until some prisoners prove they are a violent, unruly group which takes Tess to the edge. The bashing of one of the inmates uncovers a web of deceit and proves a vital clue to the identity of a murderer.

Guest Starring: Jonathan Brooks as Luke Darcy, Craig Beamer as 'Angel' Barrett, Robert Morgan as Bob Carillo, Peter Curtin as Harrison Brealey, Paul Begeja as Jason Kenny, Darryl Spencer as Brick, Aaron Smith as Prison Van Driver

Note: episodes 7.31 and 7.32 originally aired back-to-back

Broken Promises, Part 1

Episodes 7.33 (286)
October 04, 2000
Written by Michael Winter
Directed by Steve Mann

After a stakeout fails to intercept a drug shipment into Mt. Thomas, Jack's involvement is questioned. Anxious to put an end to the corruption allegations against him, Jack comes up with his own theory. But things take a dangerous turn when the body of a girl is found and the Heelers start a full-scale search for her murderer. Jack's secret plan to prove his innocence inadvertently puts the Heelers in life-threatening danger and one of the Heelers is shot and left for dead.

Guest Starring: Robert Mammone as Bernie O'Halloran, Sean Scully as Doug Healy, Simon Gleeson as Jamie Mitchell, Joelene Crnogorac as Stephanie Hislop, Christian Bell as Trevor 'Chocka' Block, Richard Neal as David Hislop, Amanda Sandwith as Rohy Pringle, Craig Blumeris as Frank Raynor, Mark Campbell a Plugger Smith, Nicole Moro as Juliet Rush

Broken Promises, Part 2

Episodes 7.34 (287)
October 04, 2000
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Raymond Quint

As they await word on the condition of their injured colleague, the Heelers work to identify the person responsible for the shooting. Determined to clear Jack's name, Jo puts her career on the line as she goes up against an uncooperative detective who is sure Jack is behind for the drug shipment.

Guest Starring: Robert Mammone as Bernie O'Halloran, Sean Scully as Doug Healy, Simon Gleeson as Jamie Mitchell, Joelene Crnogorac as Stephanie Hislop, Richard Neal as David Hislop, Amanda Sandwith as Rohy Pringle, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Peta Doodson as Monica Draper, Frank Blumeris as Frank Raynor, Mark Campbell as Plugger Smith, Marg Howden as Elsie

Note: episodes 7.33 and 7.34 originally aired back-to-back

Wheeling & Dealing

Episode 7.35 (288)
October 11, 2000
Written by David Worthington
Directed by Mike Smith

In the aftermath of the shooting, life at Mt Thomas is changed forever. While his prognosis for recovery is good, Jack's biggest challenge is his attitude. When his mother becomes the victim of a robbery, Jack's may lose the one source of support he can tolerate. In taking an active role in solving the case, Jack soon learns there is far more (and less) to the case than appears.

Guest Starring: Zoe Bertram as Brenda Lawson, Simone Buchanan as Angie Cohen, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Nicholas Colla as Ethan Dooley, Julie Campbell as Robyn Gilespie, James Wardlaw as Ian Fairclough, Brenda Palmer as Winifred Starling, Katia Loisel as Vanessa Williams, Daniel Forbes as Gavin Masters, Clair Posthuma as Amity Stephens, Todd Hannan as Ethan Double

Note: the first of Simone Buchanan's two guest appearances as Angie Cohen (10.10)

Mind Over Matter

Episode 7.36 (289)
October 18, 2000
Written by Michael Brindley
Directed by Richard Sarell

After the shooting of one of the team, the Heelers pull together to get through the tough times ahead. Meanwhile, life in Mt. Thomas must go on and Clancy Freeman, a mentally disabled man, wants to be the town's new school crossing supervisor. The local council and parents aren't so keen but at Tom's urging, they decide to give him a go. When a hit and run occurs on the school crossing, the Heelers have to figure out who was really the intended victim.

Guest Starring: Michael Isaacs as Clancy Freeman, Margot Fenley as Wendy Dubcek, Matthew King as Richard Dubcek, Penny Larkins as Nicole Clements, Kirstie Grant as Linda Watkins, Jason Buckley as Jim Watkins, Harry Mulkearns a Cody Watkin, Suzi Dougherty as Dr Mel Carter, Carole Patullo as Tracey Barton

Paper Chase

Episode 7.37 (290)
October 25, 2000
Written by Cass Carter
Directed by Graham Thorburn

The Heelers think a theft of some stationary is a minor offence — until they discover the thief has struck other businesses in the area. The young student helping out at the real estate office seems like the perfect suspect until they learn that her father is the town's supplier and she could get supplies easily from home. The truth unfolds after Jack recognises the thief by his shoes!

Guest Starring: Ken James as Keith Herbert, Libby Stone as Gail Stone, Tenley Gillmore as Dani Herbert, Suzy Cato as Celia Donald, James Patrick Reed as Rowan Rogers, Paul English as Nick Stewart Browne, James O'Dea as Troy Dougherty, Dominica Ryan as Natalie Nixon

Notes: the first of Suzy Cato's two appearances as Celia Donald (8.07), the character was played by Helen Trenos in series 1-4. A quick turn-around for Tenley Gillmore who just appeared in episode 7.07 in another role.

Bully Boys

Episode 7.38 (291)
November 01, 2000
Written by Chris Phillips and David Allen
Directed by Fiona Banks

A parent arrives at the station with his bruised son claiming that he was assaulted by his female teacher. As the Heelers investigate, they discover a different side to the story. In his defense of the youth who is identified as the school bully, Jack loses his cool with another youth he believes to be behind a string of incidents at the school.

Guest Starring: Teague Rook as Bryan Meldrum, Wendy Strehlow as Anita Harvey, Kane McNay as Brad Carmichael, Cameron McDonald as Jason Richards, Ian Swan as Sean Carmichael, Craig Kenner as Gus McGregor, Ben Tomlinson as Nick, Sharon Kershaw as Beth Richards


Episode 7.39 (292)
November 08, 2000
Written by Tony Morphett
Directed by Declan Eames

When rodeo trick rider Shane Denovan rides into town with his sick horse Lulubelle, Jo plays the good samaritan and finds him a job and accommodation. Sadly, the local vet believes Lulubelle should be put down so Jack lets Shane ride his horse, Matilda, to chase the thieves of horse semen into the bush. In an awkward moment, Jack makes a decision about his beloved Matilda.

Guest Starring: Sam Worthington as Shane Denovan, Kevin Summer as Bill Lucas, Nicola Paul as Margaret Nelson, Patrick Harvey as Michael Nelson, Lisa Emmanuel as Jodi Nelson, Wayne Comley as Brian Neale, Stephanie Chen as Pauline Wu

Ten Percent

Episode 7.40 (293)
November 15, 2000
Written by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Richard Sarell

Cup Day is on in Mt Thomas and it seems all will be quiet until a businessman arrives at the station with a bizarre message on his mobile phone — he has inadvertently recorded someone's conversation planning an armed robbery. After hours of listening to the garbled recording and checking phone numbers, Jack finally discovers the identity of the caller when he is only meter from the perpetrator. When they realise their plan has been unveiled, the robbers take Jack and Chris hostage at the Imperial.

Guest Starring: David Patterson as Terry Carmichael, Kim Denman as Marnie Carmichael, Darren Mort as Greg Carter, Leo Faust as Danny Maloney, Thomas Meadmore as Tyson Maloney, Richard Heath as Big Max, Sam Brown as George

Leg Work

Episode 7.41 (294)
November 22, 2000
Written by David Allen
Directed by Peter Sharp

When a theft occurs at the local community centre, Jack refuses to believe that the main suspect could be Sam, a wheelchair basketballer whom he befriends. Meanwhile, Tom has been notified that Jack is to be transferred to St. Davids so the Heelers band together to show headquarters that Jack is a vital member of their team. In desperation, Jack makes a brash demand.

Guest Starring: Matthew Dyktynski as Sam Turner, Michala Banas as Michaela Brady, Helen Doig as Gillian Beamish, Suzi Dougherty as Dr. Mel Carter, Neil Pigot as Inspector Falcon-Price, Mary Ward as Betty Withers, Paul English as Nick Stewart-Browne, Aljin Abella as Jai Jai, Christopher De Cinque as Spiro, Adam De Young as Damien, Fred Lee as Mr Lee

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