Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation and Reflective Pictures

Creator: Mark Brotherhood
Producers: Ross Allsop, Bernadette O'Mahony
Executive Producers: Jenny Buckland, Bernadette O'Mahony, Ross Allsop
Writers: Mark Brotherhood, Brendan Luno, Peter Mattessi, Sam Caroll, Kirsty Fisher
Directors: Pino Amenta, Darren Ashton, John Hartley

Filmed: April 08 - July 09, 2013
Aired: April 26 - July 19, 2014 (ABC3)

Alex King has had a horrible year — humiliated by his teachers, targeted by bullies, and embarrassed by attempts to impress the most popular girl in school. So when he wakes up on his birthday to discover that somehow time has reset itself, he can't believe he must relive every miserable moment of the past 12 months once more. Until his friends Simon Birch and Maddy Kent convince him he's being offered a second chance and maybe this time round, he can get it right.

Ned NapierAlex King
Tiarnie CouplandMaddy Kent
Laurence BoxhallSimon Birch
Syd BrisbaneMr Norris
Xander SpeightParker
Liam ErckHowe
Lana GoljaNicola
Kaiting YapLoren
Jessie BlottAmy
Bellamy DukeHannah
Fergus McLarenToby
Kingsley O'ConnorTroy
Annie JonesAlex's Mum
Jeremy StanfordAlex's Dad
Arielle O'NeillSamantha King
cast photo

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