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July — Match Day

Episode 7
UK: Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Australia: Saturday, June 07, 2014
Written by Brendan Luno
Directed by Pino Amenta

It's the grand final for Alex's weekend soccer team and he's sure they're going to win but to his horror, Alex discovers Sam has deliberately washed his soccer top with her red socks. There's no way Alex can captain the team in a top dyed pink! Alex, Simon and Maddy get a lift to the sports shop from Alex's Dad, who regales them with the story of the cheating incident that inspired him to get his referee accreditation and coaching certificate. The kids take advantage of a traffic jam to escape Dad's rant and run to the sports shop. Alex causes havoc when he tussles with a track-suited man over the last soccer top, which results in the man being held by store security.

When Alex discovers the man was meant to referee the match and that his team will have to forfeit, he reluctantly agrees to Simon's suggestion to get his Dad to referee. Looks like that accreditation has come in handy after all. But after Dad red-cards him, Alex has to sit on the sidelines and watch every excruciating moment of his team's disastrous loss.

In his loop year, Alex goes into the match with a key advantage — he can remember every move from the game and will use this knowledge to help his team win. But just as the team is on the brink of victory, Dad jumps into the game again!


  • Ned Napier as Alex King
  • Tiarnie Coupland as Maddy Kent
  • Laurence Boxhall as Simon Birch
  • Xander Speight as Parker
  • Liam Erck as Howe
  • Lana Golja as Nicola
  • Kaiting Yap as Loren
  • Jessie Blott as Amy
  • Arielle O'Neill as Samantha King
  • Jeremy Stanford as Dad
  • Fergus McLaren as Toby
  • Ray Tiernan as Referee
  • Nick Farnell as Ginger Pete
  • Peter Stefanou as Mad Dog Coach
  • Shanyn Asmar as Coach's Wife
  • Chris Millington as Bus Driver
  • Khali Williams as Sports Store Manager
  • Gilbert Benedicto as Cleaner
  • Phillip Martin as Alex Soccer Double
  • Daniel Bartlett as Parker Soccer Double
  • Graham Jahne as Dad Stunt Double