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March — Beach

Episode 3
Australia: Saturday, May 10, 2014
UK: Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Written by Brendan Luno
Directed by Pino Amenta

It's fundraising day at the lifesaving club. Alex and Simon volunteer to man the sausage sizzle, just so they can stay out of the way of their hated teacher and lifesaving coach, Mr Norris. But when their loaded cash tin accidentally gets swapped for a fisherman's bait, they have to race to recover it before Norris realises the money is missing.

They fail dramatically when the money — and the fisherman — ends up in the ocean. But as luck would have it, a radio crew sets up on the beach and announces a cash prize for anyone who can find the mystery object they've hidden nearby. Alex and Simon go in different directions, each convinced they know where it is. But instead of winning the cash, Alex causes a stampede at a kids' party and bursts the club's new inflatable boat. Could things get any worse for Alex?

When he gets a second chance at the day, Alex convinces Simon they should set up the lifesaving equipment this time, but they manage to get in trouble yet again when the tubs they're organising get swapped for tubs of fish. In his efforts to resolve things, Alex triggers an even worse series of disasters! So much for fixing things this time around…!!


  • Ned Napier as Alex King
  • Tiarnie Coupland as Maddy Kent
  • Laurence Boxhall as Simon Birch
  • Lana Golja as Nicola
  • Xander Speight as Parker
  • Liam Erck as Howe
  • Syd Brisbane as Mr Norris
  • Bellamy Duke as Big Hannah
  • Fergus McLaren as Toby
  • Kingsley O'Connor as Troy
  • Bryce Hardy as Fisherman
  • Jeremy Kewley as Gibbo
  • Jasmine Hoban as The Gal
  • Evelyn Krape as Cafe Owner
  • Rosalind Romney as Passing Woman
  • Audrey Lamont as Bride
  • Keiran King as Groom
  • Rachel Maloney as Lifesaver
  • Sarah-Louise Collidge as Bather
  • Antonia Jakobson as Mother With Pram
  • Craig Houston as Clown
  • Maddison Huysman as Homeroom Classmate
  • Brody Taylor & Tim Barling as Alex Stunt Double