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April — April Fool

Episode 4
Australia: Saturday, May 17, 2014
UK: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Written by Kirsten Fisher
Directed by John Hartley

It's April Fools' Day. Simon fancies himself a champion prankster and makes Alex his first victim by convincing him it's crazy hair and casual clothes day. He continues to push the gag further when he tricks Alex into changing back to his uniform in a darkened classroom that turns out to be an all-girls Human Development class. When Alex emerges into the crowded hallway, half-naked and humiliated in front of the girls, Simon gets all the glory from their schoolmates and dubs himself 'King of Pranks'.

Alex tries to get his revenge by pranking Simon back but every trick he pulls backfires. His worst day is capped off when he gets tricked by Loren and Amy, who fool him into thinking that Nicola wants to meet him after school.

Next time around, Alex decides he'll be the champion prankster and Simon will be his victim. Drawing inspiration from Simon's gags, he is briefly the most popular kid at school as he succeeds in humiliating not just students but teachers as well.

Simon decides he's had enough, and finds a surprising ally in Maddy, who doesn't like what Alex has become. Together they hatch a plan to cut Alex down to size. Will Alex figure out the trick before it's too late...?


  • Ned Napier as Alex King
  • Tiarnie Coupland as Maddy Kent
  • Laurence Boxhall as Simon Birch
  • Lana Golja as Nicola
  • Xander Speight as Parker
  • Liam Erck as Howe
  • Syd Brisbane as Mr Norris
  • Bellamy Duke as Big Hannah
  • Kaiting Yap as Loren
  • Jessie Blott as Amy
  • Kingsley O'Connor as Troy
  • Cameron Heine as Stew
  • Julie Nihill as Ms Fowler
  • Paula Gardner as Ms McKenzie
  • Chris Burgess as Wizard #1
  • Idelson (Carlos) Majabaia as Café Staff Member
  • Elliot Petritsch as Student