Worst Year Of My Life, Again: episode guide

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January — Happy Birthday

Episode 1
Australia: Saturday, April 26, 2014 (6pm)
UK: Monday, May 26, 2014 (1:35pm)
Written by Mark Brotherhood
Directed by Pino Amenta

Alex's 14th birthday gets off to a terrible start. He pours perfume down his shirt, gets a heap of dud presents from his family AND his mum is planning the dorkiest "surprise" party ever. But despite all this, Alex confidently declares to his best friends, Simon and Maddy, that this will be the best year of his life. Alex has big plans for the next 12 months and he's determined that everything will go smoothly.

But the universe has other plans and within minutes of arriving at school, he's already embarrassed himself in front of his dream girl, Nicola, and incurred the wrath of the school bullies, Parker and Howe. And there's more to come...! Flash forward through a year of disasters to find Alex on the eve of his 15th birthday, declaring to his mates that he's sure next year will be a success!

But when Alex wakes up the following morning, he realises something has gone terribly wrong... Instead of turning 15, he's gone back to his 14th birthday and he's about to repeat the same year all over again! Can he learn his lessons and fix the mistakes and disasters from last time around? Or is he doomed to perpetually relive the worst year of his life?


  • Ned Napier as Alex King
  • Tiarnie Coupland as Maddy Kent
  • Laurence Boxhall as Simon Birch
  • Xander Speight as Parker
  • Liam Erck as Howe
  • Syd Brisbane as Mr Norris
  • Lana Golja as Nicola
  • Kaiting Yap as Loren
  • Jessie Blott as Amy
  • Arielle O'Neill as Samantha King
  • Annie Jones as Mum
  • Jeremy Stanford as Dad
  • Bellamy Duke as Big Hannah
  • Fergus McLaren as Toby
  • Kingsley O'Connor as Troy
  • Sally McLean as Miss Giddens
  • Reg Roordink as Caretaker
  • Alexandra Roberts as Burger Staff Member
  • Stefan Johnson as Cyclist
  • Peter Flaherty as Council Worker #1
  • Graham Jahne as Window Cleaner
  • Julene Vanner as Neighbour
  • Rohan Mirchandaney as Neighbour
  • Kira Price as Pedestrian
  • Aston Elliot as Angry Driver