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Episode 3.10
Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Written by Shelley Birse
Directed by Paul Moloney

Lauren's drinking is taking an alarming turn. A blackout sees her arrive home drunk in the back of the cab. When the police arrive on her doorstep with the news her car was found abandoned and smashed, she finds herself inadvertently withholding information which results in the police thinking her car was stolen. What Lauren comes to remember is quite different — and damaging. She got drunk, drove her car, careened it into a public place and travelled home passed out in a taxi.

Joining a self-help group to overcome her issues of involvement, Tess connects with Paul, a lawyer. Amy is left floundering by the new status quo, when her father returns from holidays with a girlfriend.

Mel lands back at 232 with a huge surprise. She's adopted a baby. Something which has happened swiftly and, judging from her nervousness, a role she's not all together convinced she's ready for. Sean however discovers he has a natural instinct with the baby and so, well aware of Mel's insecurities, offers to venture back to Abu Dhabi to help her settle into motherhood.

Music: "End of the Runway" performed by The Brunettes

Guest Starring:

  • Shane Connor as Karl
  • Todd MacDonald as Bernie
  • Robert Taylor as John
  • Sophie Lowe as Kate
  • Georgina Naidu as Angela
  • Charlie Clausen as Paul
  • Marco Venturini as Jose
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie
  • Nicholas Crawford-Smith as Detective Bramble
  • Dave Kenyon as Detective Knox
  • Mick O'Malley as Cab Driver
  • Keidence Carmona as Mel's Baby