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Episode 3.02
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Nat offers Tess, a good looking advertising PA, a job but Tess thinks she's joking but aside from that, she's happily ensconced where she is. Assistant and mistress to Daniel, CEO of the advertising agency, Tess isn't looking to move on; even though she has a niggling sense Daniel will never be hers exclusively.

She's forced to confront her future however when Daniel's commitments to his family take priority over her needs. She finds her way back into 232 where a conversation with Lauren piques her interest in sex-work. She's picked up men in bars so she's comfortable having sex with strangers. She decides to give it a go.

Amy continues to be a thorn in Lauren's side. Lauren decides to ignore her, but it just incites Amy further, making her even bolder in her attempts to grab attention.

Music: "Grace Baby" performed by Paris Wells, "Movin On" feat. Kyle Auldist performed by Taste

Guest Starring:

  • Shane Connor as Karl
  • Grant Bowler as Daniel
  • Helmut Bakaitis as Marty Volkering
  • Peter Curtin as Dr De Courcy
  • Danielle Carter as Margot
  • Luke Elliot as Graeme
  • Andrew Bongiorno as Ben
  • Ngaire Dawn Fair as Erin
  • Simon Roborgh as Charlie
  • Lee Mason as Bernard
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie
  • Simon Acok as Bar Person
  • Marcus Nathan as Delivery Man
  • Felicitie Campbell as Marty's Housekeeper