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Sheik Your Booty

Episode 3.04
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Written by Shelley Birse
Directed by Sian Davies

A memory from the past, coupled with the growing health worries, see Mel's uncertainty about her future begin to manifest in the most unusual ways. But then she is made an offer to run a brothel in Abu Dhabi.

Sean has a client whose husband likes to watch her have sex. It's disturbing to Sean and when he and Nat argue about the weirdness of the situation, it further highlights their sexual differences.

Tess' old flame Daniel turns up at 232 and pays to sleep with her, while Amy finds the courage to leave her father and move out of home.

Music: "Fly Baby Fly" performed by Taste

Guest Starring:

  • Shane Connor as Karl
  • Grant Bowler as Daniel
  • Peter Curtin as Dr De Courcy
  • Luke Elliot as Graeme
  • Rodney Afif as Omar
  • Eva Lazzaro as Cassandra
  • Anita Smith as Olivia
  • Shane Nagle as Leo
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie
  • Peter Stefanou as Real Estate Agent
  • Ross McCaffer as Auctioneer
  • Nick Hartigan as Limo Driver