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Out Of Tune

Episode 3.03
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Sian Davies

Bernie, an off-kilter fetish client of Heather's lands at 232 wanting to see her. Desperate to get rid of him, Nat makes a false promise to find him a replacement, but Bernie's not going to go away that easily.

In the pursuit of normal couple dating, Sean takes Nat to the movies where she's like a fish out of water. While Sean thinks it's fun, Nat finds it excruciating. The concept of 'us' is not something that sits comfortably with her and she tells Sean she wants an open relationship.

Amy sees the dollar signs when a female client comes to 232 wanting to experiment with a woman — a situation that Amy misjudges, causing conflict with Lauren. Tess is blindsided by a client who reminds her just how much she misses Daniel, and Mel considers her options in business… and life.

Music: "Gone Daddy Gone (I Just Want To Make Love To You) performed by Violent Femmes

Guest Starring:

  • Shane Connor as Karl
  • Todd MacDonald as Bernie
  • Annie Stanford as Jane
  • Jeremy Stanford as Turnball
  • Rodney Afif as Omar
  • Natalie Carr as Female Divorcee
  • Trent Baker as Male Divorcee
  • Stephanie Martin as Yummy Mummy
  • Jasmine Loyola as Toddler