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Episode 3.07
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Ken Cameron

Following a visit to the doctor, the reality that he was unknowingly penetrated hits home for Sean. Discounting Steve as the culprit confirms Jemima's claims; Alice is the perpetrator. However when Sean attempts to make her accountable, she denies responsibility. When Nat learns of the incident and follows it up with Sean, she urges him to continue to push Alice for the truth. Once again Alice fails to relent which sees Sean threatening blackmail unless she admits to the attack. Tess's regular client, Turnball, returns and she finds herself getting involved in his family problems. Tess seems to be falling into the same routine she had with Daniel; investing unnecessary energy in a no-win situation.

Music: "Love's Theme" performed by Love Tattoo

Guest Starring:

  • Todd MacDonald as Bernie
  • Robert Taylor as John
  • Nathaniel Dean as Gus
  • Kate Jenkinson as Jemina
  • Alethea Jones as Alice
  • Ryan Johnson as Steve
  • Peter Curtin as Dr De Courcey
  • Jeremy Stanford as Turnball
  • Ngaire Dawn Fair as Erin
  • David Maslen as Damon
  • Christopher Broadstock as Maitre'd
  • Steve Hayden as Serge
  • Ben Prendergast as Policeman
  • Bruno Molino as Potential Client
  • Joss Gower as Driving Double