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Episode 7


Thu, March 19, 2015
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Shawn Seet

Having witnessed her husband's kidnapping, Bec struggles with the belief that he's been murdered. But she can't let herself go to pieces; she has to keep herself and the kids afloat somehow. She works with Pinder, trying to piece together the possibilities.

At the same time she's dealing with two fragile kids who both believe — with good reason — that they're responsible for their father's kidnapping. Tara in particular is right on the edge of breakdown, as she waits for news of her Dad.

Lincoln discovers the unbearable truth about his erstwhile colleagues: Koz and Nils were into mischief way beyond mere drug dealing. As Lincoln desperately fights for survival, he discovers that the life he's led so far has been a sham. Unwittingly or otherwise, he's allowed himself to be used as a pawn in a game with consequences more profound and horrific than he'd ever imagined.

Lincoln finds himself in a battle to the death with baby-faced assassin Danny Stoltz.


  • James Stewart as Lincoln Swift
  • Kate Jenkinson as Rebecca Swift
  • Lincoln Younes as Mitchell Swift
  • Olivia DeJonge as Tara Swift
  • Stephen Curry as Det. John Pinder
  • Kim Gyngell as Warwick Darmody
  • Nathan Page as Kosta "Koz" Krilich
  • Mitchell Butel as Isaac Ulrich
  • Marcus Graham as Nils Vandenberg
  • Ryan Johnson as Ash Adamo
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Ferdine Lamay
  • Alan Flower as Denallo
  • Jodi Gordon as Dimity
  • Mitzi Ruhlmann as Elicia
  • Anthony Gee as Danny Stolz
  • Airlie Dodds as Brianna Novak
  • Rhondda Findleton as Principal Barker
  • Alyson Standen as Julianne Felton
  • Jon Prasida as Garys
  • Cariba Heine as Harriet
  • Thomas Unger as Garrett Toop
  • Alice Xiao as Xan
  • Steve Cox as Crash Bystander
  • Alex Beauman as Dante
  • Georgina Anderson as Gayle Wall
  • David E. Woodley as Hamish Wall
  • Darren Kemp as Jeff Felton
  • Libby Munro as Alana
  • Benjamin Wang as Naked Man
  • Winnie Lui as Shantelle
  • Grace Huang as Cindy
  • Kimberley Lim as Candy
  • Stacey Gentilcore as Isaac Lady