Produced by Playmaker Media

Creator/Writer: Matt Ford
Executive Producers: Carole Sklan, David Ogilvy, Greeg Simpkin
Executive Producers: David Maher, David Taylor
Producers: Matt Ford, Diane Haddon
Directors: Shawn Seet, Tori Garrett, Grant Brown

Aired: February – March, 2015 (ABC)

A Gold Coast family enters the witness protection program and winds up in a strange city, under the flight-path, miles from the beach, pursued by ruthless criminals; Dad hides out in the local university, in the Psychology Department. This is the story of Lincoln and Bec, and their children Mitch and Tara — trying to live a normal life while hiding out in a totally alien city. It's the struggle to hold together a dysfunctional family, in extraordinary circumstances. It's warm, funny and scary, sometimes all at once. 8x55min

James StewartTroy Quigg/Lincoln Swift
Kate JenkinsonMaree Quigg/Rebecca Swift
Lincoln YounesMitchell Quigg/Mitchell Swift
Olivia De JongeShaneen Quigg/Tara Swift
Stephen CurryDet. John Pinder
Kim GyngellWarwick Darmody
Nathan PageKosta "Koz" Krilich
Mitchell ButelIsaac Ulrich
Marcus GrahamNils Vandenberg
Ryan JohnsonAsh Adamo
Jacqueline McKenzieFerdine Lamay
cast photo

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