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Episode 6


Thu, March 12, 2015
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Grant Brown

Trying to maintain his cover at the university, Lincoln agrees to give a tutorial, which mushrooms into a full-blown lecture about the psychology of deception. Lincoln almost manages to get away with it, before technology conspires to ruin everything.

Lincoln meets a woman from his past — Xan, a person who might shed some light on the killing of Garrett Toop. But Xan's too frightened to talk to him, and she disappears into the hazy underside of Sydney. Lincoln attempts to track her down.

Bec confesses to Lincoln that she phoned her Mum, on the Gold Coast. Lincoln's barely recovered from this bombshell when Bec reveals the content of the conversation: there is news from home, and it rocks the foundations of Bec and Lincoln's marriage.

Tara and Mitchell, ripped from their home state, struggle to fit in at school. Mitch finds a way to contact Kelly, his true love in Queensland. Tara lies to her parents and organises a secret adventure into the city. As the evening unfolds, Tara's actions combine with the recklessness of her brother to put the whole family into danger.

Tara ultimately gets herself caught up in a situation she can't control, with the very same people who want her father dead. Lincoln and Bec have no option: they have to act to rescue their daughter. But their frantic actions lead them directly into the path of their enemies, and Lincoln finds himself isolated, trapped and facing death.


  • James Stewart as Lincoln Swift
  • Kate Jenkinson as Rebecca Swift
  • Lincoln Younes as Mitchell Swift
  • Olivia DeJonge as Tara Swift
  • Stephen Curry as Det. John Pinder
  • Kim Gyngell as Warwick Darmody
  • Nathan Page as Kosta "Koz" Krilich
  • Mitchell Butel as Isaac Ulrich
  • Marcus Graham as Nils Vandenberg
  • Ryan Johnson as Ash Adamo
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Ferdine Lamay
  • Jodi Gordon as Dimity
  • Mitzi Ruhlmann as Elicia
  • Anthony Gee as Danny Stolz
  • Jon Prasida as Garys
  • Jenna Kratzel as Kelly
  • Cariba Heine as Harriet
  • Thomas Unger as Garrett Toop
  • Alex Beauman as Dante
  • Adam Gray as Ade Gathercole
  • Lice Xiao as Xan
  • Alfie Gledhill as Psych Student # 1
  • Clemency Press as Psych Student # 2
  • Scott Lee as Psych Student # 3
  • Winnie Lui as Shantelle
  • Dave Carter as Pyro Bouncer
  • Simon Edds as Uni Staff Member
  • Jorjia Gillis as Attractive Uni Student