A Ben Gannon Television Production

Created by: Chris Roache
Executive Producer: Ben Gannon
Producer: Chris Roache, Michael Bourchier
Supervising Producer: Chris Roache

Aired: 2001 (ABC)

They've each been given a $20,000 head start but there's still time for you to catch up with Loc Minh, Clare and Patrick Gormley, Basia Lem, Seth Wallace, Kyle Richter and Katherine Ingram as they take off in pursuit of their dreams. Shepherded by company representative Garret Quinn, a reformed maverick trying to redeem his reputation in the eyes of his multi-national banker bosses, seven young adults try to make their mark on the world with their own dynamic and innovative ideas. Will they accomplish their cherished objectives or go with their failed ambitions like lambs to the slaughter?
David HoflinPatrick Gormley
Nadia TownsendClare Gormley
Megan DormanKatherine Ingram
Garth HolcombeSeth Wallace
Gareth YuenLoc Minh Vu
Freya StaffordBasia Lem
Ryan JohnsonKyle Richter
Blair VennGarrett Quinn
cast photo
L-R: Ryan Johnson, Blair Venn, Nadia Townsend, Freya Stafford, David Hoflin,
Gareth Yuen, Garth Holcombe, Megan Dorman

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