Head Start: episode guide

Family and Friends

Episode 11
May 13, 2001

Skye moves into the warehouse much to Garrett's disapproval. He offers for her to come to stay with him but she turns him down. After her run in with Garrett, Skye packs her bags. She never stays in any place too long. Katherine convinces her to stay and then confronts Garrett about the fact that he can like it or lump it.

Skye and Katherine have fun chatting and giggling together. Skye gives Katherine the advice that she should immerse herself in all types of music. Skye enquires about her love life and Katherine mentions that Seth is interested but she isn't that keen.

Skye takes an interest in Seth. Garrett meanwhile tries to talk to skye about her reason for being there. She's antagonistic and Jibes him about being a bad father. He know's they are headed for a blow-up but doesn't want an argument now. Skye approaches Seth again and asks him what the story is with him and Katherine. He doesn't think it will ever happen. So he's free? With that Skye kisses him and a delighted Seth Kisses her back.

Loc is having problems with his site. He needs to be more active with it but is unsure how. Kyle offers to help and suggests Loc go down to a refugee detention centre and talk to people directly. They both visit and meet Leta who tells Loc he is welcome to address the detainees. Loc explains his project but his audience remains unreceptive. Loc is hurt and dejected. Leta explains the problem with confidentiality and a concern about spies. Loc feels as though he is back at square one.

Later that night Janko, a detainee who has snuck out from the centre turns up at the warehouse to ask for help in finding his brother in Serbia. The boys track down Janko's brother on the net only to find that Janko has been detained by the police, having escaped from the centre. Leta passes the information on to Janko. The experience inspires Loc to do more with his site.

Clare agrees to help Basia put together a montage of old footage for the doco and suggests they interview people who worked with Amanda. They go to see Amanda who suggests that all of her old colleagues are long gone by now, however a recent article suggests that Amanda's chief flight engineer Callum may still be around. The girls track him down at a retirement home. Callum talks enthusiastically about his past until Amanda's name is mentioned. He clams up and ends the interview abruptly. Amanda later hints that they had an affair and would rather the situation ignored.



Episode 12
May 20, 2001

Basia films Amanda without her consent and is faced with a moral dilemma and Seth's romantic involvement with Skye puts pressure on his friendship with Kyle.

Cullen asks Clare and Basia for help in reconciling with Amanda. When Clare discovers Basia has taped the exchange she's shocked—has Basia completely sold out her morals for her doco.

Seth is excited about seeing a Manga Animation Festival with Kyle but Skye's disappointed that she'll be left alone. She convinces Seth to dump the festival and take their relationship to another level—Seth is only too keen!

Katherine tries digital recording for the first time. She's inspired by hearing construction work outside the Foundry and uses it to compose a new techno piece.

To Market, To Market


Episode 13
May 27, 2001

Skye continues to cause problems between Kyle and Seth as she undermines Kyle's strategy for marketing and convinces Seth that only his name should appear on the patent application for their invention.

Confused and bewildered, Kyle turns to Garrett for guidance. When he realises his partnership agreement with Seth had never been signed and agreed to, he starts to panic.

Meanwhile, Garrett cranks up the pressure on the teams marketing projects, with particular emphasis on Clare who is now left to her own devices. Intent on proving to Garrett that she can manage without Patrick, Clare starts doing something more pro-active with the yabbies and uses a bit of marketing ingenuity.

Loc needs help with marketing his website. Sacha (Amie McKenna) devises a plan to help Loc with his project. They erect a banner to attract attention, but perhaps it's not quite the intention Loc had in mind.

Rat In The Ranks


Episode 14
June 03, 2001

Skye continues to create trouble for Seth and Kyle. Kyle is concerned about where he stands legally and gives Seth a copy of their partnership agreement which illustrates their 50/50 split. Meanwhile, Skye taunts Kyle with the information that Seth wants her to be a part of their project.

Skye dumps Seth—it's time she moved on. Seth and Kyle reconcile—girls may come and go but mates last forever. They sign their partnership agreement.

Clare heads out to the Fish Markets for her first day of yabbie selling. Sales are quiet, however, a crowd is forming, and Clare discovers a camera crew and a "naked chef" type, Rod Hunter (Callan Mulvey) doing a presentation. Furious at the distraction she interrupts their filming to complain. Later in the day she apologises and gives Rod some free yabbies as a peace offering.

Clare raves to Basia about Rod and his show and is surprised to learn at the markets the next day he wants to include her and the yabbies in his segment. They have a great time together and Rod asks her out on a date.

Katherine freaks upon finding a rat in the kitchen! After discussion about the need for sanitation Loc and Katherine do a bit of a clean-up in the alleyway. As this does nothing for their existing vermin problem Basia and Katherine set traps. They catch the mouse but Basia is the only one prepared to kill it. She chickens out at the last minute and releases it in the coffee shop—taking revenge on Sacha (Annie McKenna) who is always so rude to them!



Episode 15
June 10, 2001
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Geoff Bennett

Katherine hits the clubbing scene, and after playing some of her music for Basia she decides it's time to get her own music into some dance clubs.

Katherine takes a CD to DJ Doc Sauvage who rejects her purely on the way she looks without even listening to her music. She's incensed—it's about the music and not the way she looks! Basia argues that look, image and sound are all part of the same package. Katherine decides she needs a complete makeover and with Basia's help she is transformed.

Clare is swamped with orders for yabbies since her TV appearance with Rod (Callan Mulvey). After making a delivery to a local restaurant Clare is surprised to discover Rod is the owner. He explains that he intends bringing yabbies to the gourmet world—he charms her with his exciting plans. Meanwhile, an invitation arrives from Rod asking Clare to come and sample his new menu. After being stood up twice by Clare, Loc grows jealous and suspicious of Rod's intentions but remains quiet.

Clare arrives dressed to kill to find the restaurant deserted and is hesitant about what is happening. It turns out Rod intended dinner to be for just the two of them. After a sizzling meal, dessert is followed with a steamy kiss. The next day a thank you rose appears—it looks like the romance is hotting up!

Kyle's working hard. He's deep in competition for the best courier jobs against his main rival Damo. Seth's so preoccupied about Skye leaving that he forgets to fix a fault in the bike's gearing system. The resulting accident leaves Kyle unable to work and Seth has to take over as courier. Damo takes great delight in beating Seth to most jobs until Seth finds an ingenious way of winning the day and securing Kyle as number one courier.

Guest Starring: Amie McKenna as Sacha, Callan Mulvey as Rod Hunter, Peter Callan as Johnson, Alan Cinis as Craigie, George Kightly as Ollie, Tai Scrivener as Passerby

Tune In


Episode 16
June 17, 2001

Rod asks for exclusive rights to Clare's yabbies. Rod visits the Foundry to have a look at their operation. Loc notices the two of them getting cosy and proceeds to follow them down the street and into a café. Through the window Loc can see Clare and Rod kissing and holding hands and is devastated.

Rod invites Patrick, Clare and Basia to dinner at his restaurant to celebrate the exclusive deal with Flabby Yabbies. Loc turns up uninvited and proceeds to make a fool of himself. Clare is livid, everyone's embarrassed and Basia convinces him to leave.

Katherine's a bit down, she's transformed herself and found her music niche, but is unsure of her next step. "It's all in promotion" says Kyle. He calls a radio station to request her music but the DJ has never heard of her. Undeterred, Kyle takes Katherine's CD to the station and confronts the DJ himself. The DJ doesn't promise to play it on air but she will have a listen. That night the very same DJ tells the story of Kyle hassling her on air and asks if he'd like to come and pick up his CD as it's waiting in the trash for him!

Katherine takes action. By going to the radio station. She finds the DJ and gives her a dressing down. Whatever happened to supporting new musicians? Katherine's satisfied—it doesn't matter that a particular DJ didn't play her music; the main thing is she stood up for herself. Kyle and Basia have the radio on… hang on a minute, that's Katherine's song being played!

The Cold Hard Facts

Episode 17
June 24, 2001

The romance between Rod (Callan Mulvey) and Clare is now in full swing. Loc however isn't won over by Rod and suspects his business dealings will be detrimental to Clare and the yabby business.

Loc does a bit of investigating into Rod's previous restaurants and discovers he has a habit of using his name to promote a signature dish, then sells up, leaving the restaurant floundering without his name to back it up. Loc discovers that Rod intends to sell his current restaurant. Loc confides in Patrick about his concerns but Patrick however is won over by Rod who manages to shoot down all of Loc's concerns. Clare, Patrick and Rod toast to the success of their yabby endeavours, leaving Loc very much on the outer.

Basia finds Amanda (Melissa Jaffer) passed out in the garden. She's rushed to hospital but is soon back at home and back to her old self, but Basia remains concerned for her. While helping her in the garden Basia uncovers an empty bottle of medication which turns out to be a treatment for cancer. Basia is devastated and she's torn about whether or not to continue the doco.

Having successfully aired Katherine's music on a popular radio station Kyle continues to act as manager for Katherine. He sets up a stand at Volt to sell her CD, but without her consent has used a trashy picture of a near-naked woman as the front cover image. Katherine objects, but Kyle's enthusiasm convinces her to quash her fears. Plus he's already secured a public appearance for her. She gives him another chance only to discover the appearance is in a shopping mall and she's to be dressed in some skimpy outfit!

Seeing Is Believing


Episode 18
July 01, 2001

Loc discovers that Rod (Callan Mulvey) is married and has a son. He tells Patrick but both men feel powerless to do anything. When Clare turns up at Rod's house unexpectedly she is faced with the truth about Rod. Devastated, she makes a choice that will affect both her and Patrick's future.

In an attempt to make some real money, Kyle tries his hand at modelling. Basia agrees to photograph him for his portfolio. They have a great day together, leading them to question whether or not to act on their growing attraction.

Seth and Katherine get spooked when they think the Foundry is haunted. Upon doing some research they discover there was a horrible accident back in the days when the building was a working Foundry. Power cuts and storms add to their terror, but as dawn breaks they're in for another surprise.

Comings And Goings


Episode 19
July 08, 2001

Amanda (Melissa Jaffer) is taken to hospital as it looks as if her cancer has reached its final stages. She leads Basia to some old footage of her time in Papua New Guinea—none of which makes sense. Basia wants to discuss the film with Amanda but Cullen (Martin Vaughan) disagrees and wants the past to stay buried. Meanwhile, Basia leans on Kyle for support and their romance deepens.

Patrick is trying to drum up business for the yabbies and business is slow for Sacha (Amie McKenna) at Volt. They decide to join forces and offer barbequed yabbies to the café crowd. Sales go really well until all the customers who ate yabbies come down with a serious case of food poisoning. Sacha blames the yabbies and Patrick, she's. However, a visit from a health inspector soon determines the poison is from the varnish used on the wooden skewers. Patrick and the yabbies are off the hook!

Katherine arranges to buddy a child for the weekend. Nigel turns out to be a very demanding twelve year old who keeps Katherine on her toes. She has to enlist the help of Loc and Seth to keep him entertained. Katherine's unable to look after Nigel on his second day, so Loc and Seth take over. Nigel drives them up the wall so they take him home. Once they see the state of his house and the wrath of his father, Loc and Seth see it as small penance to let him hang out with them for another day.

Unchartered Territory


Episode 20
July 15, 2001

Amanda (Melissa Jaffer) finally tells Basia the full story behind her solo flight from Bangkok to Darwin. The confession is recorded on film and Amanda makes Basia promise to make the truth public. Basia and Amanda drive out to Botany Bay and film the planes coming in. It's the last time Basia sees her alive. Kyle placates Basia who realises how close she and Amanda have become.

Katherine wants to get her drivers licence but an instructor is too expensive and Garrett offers to teach her. The lesson is a disaster and Garrett decides to bow out for the sake of his sanity. Patrick offers to take over and Katherine has a small prang in the ute. Patrick holds in his anger and is patient and supportive with her. Later as he's bashing out the dent in his car Patrick strains a back muscle. Katherine gives him a massage by way of apology, there's an attraction… and sparks fly!

Loc and Seth are bemoaning the fact that neither has a girlfriend. They're both good-looking guys, what's the problem? Sacha (Amie McKenna) hassles them both for having no charisma—they need a few lessons in the art of seduction and she's the one to teach them. Sacha discovers her boyfriend has been playing around and she enlists the help of Loc and Seth to make him jealous. Finally Sacha and her man reunite and Loc gets a black eye for his troubles! So much for the art of seduction.