Head Start: episode guide

Get The Picture

Episode 31
Sunday, September 30, 2001

Patrick becomes increasingly concerned about Jordan's (Rel Hunt) hold over Katherine.

Patrick turns up at the shoot for Katherine's video clip to keep an eye on things. When Jordan tells Patrick to leave, Patrick loses his temper and punches him. Katherine makes a decision to choose her career over her relationship. She breaks up with Patrick. Basia has been following the proceedings on film for her doco about Katherine. She decides to drop the project after Jordan censors her work and she realises he's more dangerous than she had first imagined.

As hard as they try, Seth and Kyle can't make their wheelchair modifications successful. While out riding, Kyle meets Leonard (Jeff Truman), a frustrated jogger. This triggers the idea to simplify their original bike gearing device to become completely automatic. There's a market out there for people who want `no frills' exercise. Kyle sets out to convince Seth to modify his original design. And Seth isn't too keen…

Aaron Symonds (Charlie Clausen) arrives at the Foundry and makes himself at home. This intrigues the others as Garrett has not mentioned the newcomer. He claims the courtyard as his space and gets to work on his mysterious project. Jade (Mereoni Vuki) in particular is curious to find out more about the enigmatic Aaron. When Garrett finds Aaron has made himself at home, he is outraged. He wants Aaron out now!

Breaking Out

Episode 32
Sunday, October 07, 2001

Katherine's riding high, fuelled by the excitement of a publicity tour, a relationship with Jordan, and a growing reliance on amphetamines.

Jordan (Rel Hunt) organises the launch of Katherine's video clip to be held at the Foundry. It's a complete success despite the fact that none of the other Head Starters turn up. It seems Katherine has somehow managed to alienate everyone. Seth, sensing she's in trouble, warns her not to go on tour.

Patrick's down in the dumps. His yabby trade is declining and he's at a loss as to how to turn the project around. Basia (Freya Stafford) does her best to cheer him up with dinner in a popular Japanese restaurant. Patrick gets the idea to pitch his yabbies to the restaurant owner. After a false start, the restaurant owner reveals his interest in exporting yabbies to Japan and asks Patrick to give a presentation to his business partners. In order to make it successful, Patrick needs to learn about Japanese culture and language—and fast!

Aaron's (Charlie Clausen) doing his best to drum up work at cost in order to build his portfolio. Jade introduces him to Samantha, a client of hers who runs a boutique clothing store, "Element". A deal is struck and Aaron builds a rainforest-inspired garden in the centre of the store. Samantha is delighted until some little unwelcome guests turn away her customers!

The Final Cut


Episode 33
Sunday, October 14, 2001

Aaron (Charlie Claussen) gets a fantastic opportunity to landscape a high-rise balcony for wealthy clients, Malcolm (Yves Stenning) and Anna (Elizabeth Maywald). It is the perfect job for the perfect couple… or so it seems, until Aaron witnesses the reality behind this "loving" relationship. Aaron must decide whether to convince Anna to leave the abusive relationship, or try and remain uninvolved and finish the job he has been paid to do.

After finishing her film, Basia begins the hard task of trying to make a sale. An opportunity to pitch her doco to a commercial network gives her a dream come true—her first sale. Only then does she realise they plan to air the doco with much of the original content edited. This is not the same film she has put so much into. Basia is forced to reconsider her position.

To cheer themselves up over their ex-girlfriend woes, Patrick and Kyle find two attractive backpackers looking for a good time. Unfortunately, things don't quite turn out as planned. After seeing the boys tossing a coin over who gets whom, the girls get their own back by staging a romantic rendezvous.

Street Cred


Episode 34
Sunday, October 21, 2001

While teeing up deliveries for his yabby export business Patrick has a run in with a street kid, Lee. After hearing Lee's story Patrick offers him a job helping with his deliveries. Lee, however, scarpers off with Patrick's ute leaving Patrick cursing and Kyle saying "told you so".

Lee unexpectedly returns the car. He's contrite. Patrick wants to give him another chance. How did he end up on the street? Lee is from Yass and wanted to make it in the city but things haven't worked out. Against Kyle's advice Patrick wants to help Lee turn his life around.

Jade discovers that Aaron (Charlie Clausen) used to date a potential buyer. She begs Aaron to reconnect with his ex, Nicole, and convince her to look at Jade's creations. All goes well until the spark between Aaron and Nicole is reignited. Jade worries that she's gained new business only to lose her boyfriend in the process.

Basia's run out of grant money. She wants to re-do her film titles and include some original music. Garret won't approve any extra money or a bank loan. She is going to have to get a job.

While sorting through Amanda's personal possessions Basia comes across some stamps. She gives them to Seth as a gift knowing him to be an avid collector. When Seth discovers three of the stamps are rare and valuable, he has to decide whether the money belongs to him or Basia.



Episode 35
Sunday, October 28, 2001

While earning extra money videoing a kid's birthday party, Basia inadvertently catches a car thief on film. She discovers the owner of the car to be the TV personality Steven Perry (David Roberts). When Basia realises Perry hasn't reported the theft to the police, she becomes suspicious of his real motives. Her suspicion is further fuelled when she sights Steven and the attractive female thief embracing in the stolen car.

Jade convinces Basia to expose Perry's deception on television. The public has a right to know. Once the story has aired, Basia is confronted with the truth. All was not as it seemed!

Seth organises a meeting with an innovative bike manufacturer, Blister Bikes. Kyle meets an attractive cyclist, Mel (Natali Saleeba) who takes a particular interest in their bike's gearing system. In an effort to impress her, Kyle invites her to try the bike out sometime. Danny Mancini (Stan Kouros) from Blister Bikes turns up for the meeting but the boys find themselves stranded with no prototype to show him.

After Patrick is punched by Ricko (Craig Ball), an aggressive footy player, he becomes obsessed with retribution. Aaron (Charlie Clausen) suggests he channel his anger into practicing a less confrontational martial art. When Patrick and Aaron next see Ricko, they're all surprised by an unexpected turn of events.

First Impressions


Episode 36
Sunday, November 04, 2001

Katherine arrives back unexpectedly from her promotional tour. Although rundown, she convinces everyone that the tour was a success and she's merely having a few days off.

All hell breaks loose when Katherine makes headlines, as the truth behind her faade unravels. She was caught in possession of amphetamines and because of her negative publicity, J9 is washing its hands of her. Katherine faces a court case, the wrath of Garrett, and the painful realisation that Patrick wants nothing to do with her.

Jade is ecstatic when a long admired designer, Claudia (Kate Raison), allows her to work on an attachment and learn more about the fashion industry. At first Claudia is generous and supportive of Jades work, that is, until Jade attempts an improvement on one of the designs and Claudia is ropable. However, not one to be put down, Jade enacts her own revenge.

Basia begins to receive mysterious presents. It's flowers one day, concert tickets the next. She assumes they're coming from a new acquaintance, Simon. It turns out they're from Kyle. He wants Basia back.

Nothing Is What It Seems


Episode 37
Sunday, November 11, 2001

Katherine finds it harder and harder to fit back into life at Headstart. Pressure from Garrett and a perceived lack of support from Patrick coupled with a mugging, send Katherine over the edge. All confidence in herself gone, Katherine feels she can't go on.

Blister Bikes offer Kyle and Seth a dream contract for their gearing system. The boys are ecstatic. The cash settlement is great and the royalties will keep them in money for years to come. After the initial euphoria dies down, the boys conduct research into Blister Bikes. As a result they realise that their gearing system is not part of any forthcoming Blister product releases. Their dreams come crashing down.

Basia and Simon (Septimus Caton) are really hitting it off! She is interested in developing things further and it seems Simon has similar plans. He asks her to meet his family, which she agrees to. Unfortunately, the family Basia thought she was meeting is in a religious sect. This is not the direction Basia predicted their relationship would take.

Go Your Own Way


Episode 38
Sunday, November 18, 2001

Faced with the prospect of leaving Head Start, Kyle and Seth struggle to agree where best to invest their money. After a night out celebrating their success, Kyle has the idea of buying Infinity Bar. It's a happening venue and the owner, Ali, is keen to get out. Although he agrees it's a good investment, Seth has no intention of running a pub! He's been working on a new invention and decides it's time to get serious about that.

When Seth explains the new technology he's developed, Kyle's so keen on it he drops his bar idea to go in with Seth. Seth however, decides he wants to fly solo.

A date for Katherine's court case has been set. Garrett insists she see a counsellor in the interim. Katherine sees little point as she'll be kicked out of Head Start anyway. Patrick does his best to be supportive but it looks like Katherine's future might be set in stone.

Basia thought she'd broken up with Simon (Septimus Caton) but he has other ideas! His inability to take no for an answer soon borders on obsession. Basia realises her safety is at risk but remains reluctant to involve the police. When Simon breaks into her room, Aaron (Charlie Clausen) convinces Basia it's not a situation she should deal with alone.

Bar And Tenders

Episode 39
Sunday, November 25, 2001

Patrick's yabbie export business is thrown into jeopardy when his stock becomes the victim of vandalism. When he investigates he discovers that the vandalism is the work of an extortion ring.

Aaron is working on his biggest tender yet, a recreation area design in a large apartment complex. When a lack of confidence causes him to back out at the last minute, Jade decides to do him a favour and submit the design secretly.

Ali and Kyle become partners in Infinity. Kyle turns up to work to find that Ali has given Basia a job behind the bar. Meanwhile Basia discovers she still has feelings for Kyle.

New Beginnings

Episode 40 (series finale)
Sunday, December 02, 2001

Katherine's hand is injured in an attack on Patrick's property, causing him to decide to pack it all in and return to the country. Hector, Aaron's father, tries to convince Aaron to accept the landscaping job, however, Aaron refuses.

Basia's documentary is a finalist in an independent film festival. She particularly wants Kyle to be there. He promises to make it but at the last minute, is caught up at the bar. Does Kyle have enough time to make amends with Basia before she leaves, possibly for good?