Head Start: episode guide

Out Of The Blue


Episode 21
Sunday July 22, 2001

Loc's ex-girlfriend Leticia (Tania Mustapic) turns up at the Foundry in need of his help. Her family has fallen victim to terrorisation, receiving abusive phone calls, letters, even bricks thrown through their windows.

Loc is unsure of what he can do but accompanies Leticia to her house. When they arrive they discover the bushes have been set on fire. Leticia's parents are too scared to go to the police, so Loc goes, but finds the police unable to help without evidence.

Leticia's family receives a second offer to sell their house. It seems that their troubles began around about the time they rejected the initial offer. Loc finds the real estate agent who's made the bid but he denies any harassment. It seems the entire area has been earmarked for development.

Loc calls in the press to cover the story as well as posting details on his website. When Garrett finds out he calls Loc into his office—it seems that Pac Star, the bank which funds the Head Start program, is funding the industrial development of the land. Garrett has no choice but to issue Loc with an ultimatum: stay out of this or he'll have to leave Head Start!

Strongly affected by Amanda's death, Basia is on a mission to take risks in her life. She convinces Kyle to join her in Salsa lessons. Kyle's not so keen, he feels awkward and unco-ordinated in front of the Instructor, Carlos (Kian Samadi). Kyle feigns an injury to get out of future lessons, thinking Basia will give up without him. However she becomes even more enthused to continue, when her instructor is only too keen to give her private lessons. Kyle goes into panic mode to find a way to become adept at Salsa in order to win back Basia's affection.

Conviction And Eviction


Episode 22
Sunday July 29, 2001

Loc's battle with Pac Star continues. Bob Deacon from the bank drafts a retraction that Loc is obliged to sign if he wishes to continue on at Head Start. Loc objects to signing as he feels there's a principle at stake. He wants to do what is best for Leticia's (Tania Mustapic) family. They shouldn't be forced to sell their house.

Garrett tries to convince Loc to sign. It's more important that he finishes his project than to fight a cause which is not his. The futility of his plight is emphasised when Leticia's parents accept an offer on their house. The deal they take offers them a modern apartment.

Loc still refuses to back down and Bob Deacon (Stephen Leeder) gives him twenty-four hours to make a decision. Loc decides he must live by his principles—he has no choice but to leave Head Start.

Kyle's old mate from school, Mac (Jeremiah Tickell), asks Kyle to be best man at his wedding. They both convince Basia that she'd be the perfect person to film the event. During the rehearsal Basia accidentally catches Mac on camera boasting to Kyle about what he intends to do the bucks night. Basia wants to show Louise the footage but Kyle objects as it is none of their business. Kyle's convinced that Mac's all talk, he really loves Louise.

On the morning of the wedding Kyle admits Basia had been right about Mac and his exploits. The wedding looks set to go ahead regardless. Basia interviews Louise about her feelings for Mac—it seems she's not so sure whether he's the right guy for her after all. At the last minute Louise decides to call off the wedding. Mac is furious and blames Basia, Kyle defends her and in doing so ends his friendship with Mac.

Fighting Back


Episode 23
Sunday August 05, 2001

Head Start has a new recruit, fashion designer Jade Matu (Mereoni Vuki). She's fiercely ambitious, and not afraid to rub the gang the wrong way!

It's Jade's first day at the Foundry. Garrett introduces her to the team. Jade asks for help in unloading her gear from a delivery truck. Kyle is quick to volunteer much to Basia's chagrin. Jade's numerous piles of clothing racks soon clutter up Basia's working space. In addition, Jade's tendency to flirt with Kyle causes the two women to lock horns.

During the night the gang discover that their kitty money has gone missing. Basia immediately blames Jade. When more money goes missing Basia decides to get evidence. The following night she leaves her purse out as bait and rigs up her camera to record any nocturnal activity.

Upon watching the tape Basia is forced to apologise to Jade. It turns out the intruder was actually a young man. Jade takes a look at the footage and reacts in alarm. The young man who has been stealing from them is her brother Kit!

The bike project is on hold until the boys receive final confirmation from the Bicycle Association. Seth meets Lucy, an inspirational basketball paralympian. They strike up a friendship. She invites him to watch her play down at the local court. During a round with her friend Gemma, Lucy is knocked from her chair. The old technology is holding her back from going pro. Seth realises he can pass the time by trying to help Lucy upgrade the specs on her wheelchair.

Patrick discovers Garrett used to box competitively in his youth. After some male bantering they challenge each other to a friendly fight. What began as a lighthearted match soon turns into serious competition.

The Straight And Narrow


Episode 24
Sunday August 12, 2001

Jade's brother Kit is on parole and he's caught on camera stealing cash from the Foundry. Jade's furious at his betrayal and deception. When she discovers he has an even bigger theft in mind she wonders if tough love is the only way to really save him from himself. Does this mean she'll be forced to turn him in to the police? Katherine is offered a deal with a recording company, but the only problem is she has to sing!

Wheels And Deals

Episode 25
Sunday August 19, 2001

Garrett is furious upon discovering that Kyle and Seth have been rejected by the Bicycle Association and didn't tell him. The boys argue that they're busy working on something big.

Kyle and Seth try to convince Lucy (Lenka Kripac) to write a letter of recommendation for their efforts on her wheelchair so far. She's not prepared to put her word to something untested and doesn't appreciate being bullied by Kyle. When Garrett finally hears their sports wheelchair ideas he dismisses them as rudimentary at best. They have twenty four hours to come up with something tangible or they're out of Head Start.

Seth has no option but to convince Lucy to speak on their behalf. He plays on the fact that she likes him, and she finally agrees. Garrett is won over by Lucy's endorsement for the chair and agrees to let the boys further develop the idea. Just as it all seems to have worked out, Lucy hears a flippant remark from Kyle and realises that the boys have completely used her for their own means.

When Katherine and Tony's (Terry Serio) remix is completed they wait anxiously for a decision from Jordan (Rel Hunt). Meanwhile Jordan visits Katherine and presents her with a contract for a solo career, cutting Tony out of the deal.

Meanwhile, Jade decides to kick-start her fashion label, Jaded. She'll hold a launch of her female range at the Foundry. She invites a few buyers and turns the Work Room into a makeshift catwalk. Only trouble is she needs a model and can't afford their rates. After some coercion Basia finally agrees to help out.



Episode 26
Sunday August 26, 2001

TJ (Mark Franklin), a good friend of Patrick's comes to town. He's the gun Gunning Apprentice about to race in the Country Cup on a horse named Crackerjack. TJ stays at the Foundry and confides in Patrick about his dreams to win big in the city. This is his chance.

Both Patrick and Jade become increasingly concerned about TJ's crash dieting. He's still trying to lose weight before the race. Although Patrick voices his distress TJ assures him it's all down to a combination of nerves and the reality of the industry.

On the morning of the race TJ has difficulty reigning in Crackerjack during an exercise run. He faints when he finally tries to dismount. Patrick and the trainer call an ambulance. The race goes ahead without TJ as jockey and Crackerjack wins and TJ is forced to take a long hard look at his choice of career and his health.

The romance between Lucy (Lenka Kripac) and Seth is moving full steam ahead. They're both completely smitten… until Lucy's dad Neville (Nick Holland) pays Seth a visit. He wants Seth to end the relationship. Lucy's been offered a scholarship in America that she neglected to tell Seth about.

Basia discovers a short film she once acted in is opening the Film Festival. She's excited at the prospect of seeing it and invites the director over for a screening. Kyle is shocked to discover that Basia is naked during most of the film! He tries to hide his jealousy, and the tape, when others in the Foundry are keen to watch it!

Basia believes the nudity was integral to the film and Kyle should get over the problems he has. She wants him by her side at the premiere if he's any boyfriend at all.

Show And Tell

Episode 27
Sunday September 02, 2001

Jade decides to sell her fashion range at the local markets. Katherine joins her, keen to get out of the recording studio for a while. Although the public seems to like the clothes they complain about the price. Jade doesn't see how she can lower the price as she makes each garment herself. She's approached by Rocky (Steve Vella), who offers to cut her costs by providing a quick turnaround. Jade accepts his proposal.

Katherine wants nothing more to do with Jade's business and she berates Jade for using sweat shop labour. When Jade goes to deliver some goods in person she sees the working conditions herself. Jade decides not to continue using Rocky.

Posy (Lara Cox) turns up unexpectedly and contacts Kyle. He meets her but doesn't tell Basia about the rendezvous. Basia realises something is amiss. She confronts Kyle and he admits Posy is in town but that nothing has happened. He's committed to Basia, he's just spending some time with an ex-girlfriend. Basia accepts the situation. Kyle goes to see Posy for what he thinks is the last time. She drops a bombshell; she's pregnant and Kyle is the father.

Patrick is left with Rambo the ram who Uncle Bob is entering in the Easter Show. Bob's called home unexpectedly and leaves Patrick to baby sit. Rambo runs amuck in the Foundry and manages to escape. Patrick searches for hours and finally finds Rambo covered in oil. After much shampooing and pampering he manages to restore the Ram to his previous condition only to find that Uncle Bob has entered another ram in the show instead!

Double Trouble


Episode 28
Sunday September 09, 2001

Posy (Lara Cox) moves into the Foundry much to Basia's distress. She and Basia lock horns. Kyle is left juggling a near impossible situation—to keep both his pregnant ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend happy, without being completely honest with either of them.

Sacha (Amie McKenna) takes exception to Jade's (Mereoni Vuki) clothing designs being made in small sizes only. She decides to cause trouble and mounts a protest outside the Foundry—"clothes for real people". Jade eventually realises Sacha has a point. After a moment of inspiration, she designs a new range—one especially for women in larger sizes. Sacha is over the moon with her new look. The friction between the two women evaporates.

Pac Star gives each of the kids some shares in the bank. Seth and Patrick discover the addictive quality of the sharemarket and take to their newfound capitalist status with glee. On the advice of a stockbroker uncle, they begin compulsively buying and selling shares. Garrett is concerned by their interest and warns them of the volatility of the market.

Katherine is terrified of performing in public. The recording studio is one thing but a full house—another! Jordan (Rel Hunt) finally convinces her she is totally capable and arranges for her to sing at a near empty club. She's tentative at first but soon has the time of her life. Afterwards, she realises there was more at stake than she first believed.

To Be Or Not To Be


Episode 29
Sunday September 16, 2001

With a week before Katherine's debut single is released, Jordan (Rel Hunt) is busy preparing a publicity campaign.

After seeing Patrick and Katherine together, Jordan gets the idea to stage Katherine's disappearance, and Patrick unknowingly finds himself in the middle of a bizarre publicity plot. While Katherine's away on a frantic trip to Melbourne, Patrick desperately approaches the police, and with Jordan's persuasion, the media.

It's decision time for Kyle. Posy (Lara Cox) finally admits her true feelings, and tells Kyle she wants to get back together with him—one happy family. Kyle doesn't know how to react, and decides to come clean to Basia about the situation.

Kyle reveals that he wants to help Posy because he doesn't want his child to grow up without a father, like Kyle's family. However, when Basia suggests that Posy is blackmailing Kyle into a relationship, Posy reconsiders if keeping the baby is really the best thing.

Kyle, not wanting Posy to lose the child, must therefore decide between his love for Basia, or his paternal responsibility.

When the Foundry's cleaner, Sam (Lesster Morris), is found drunk in the shower, Seth and Jade accept the responsibility of hiring a replacement. After two very different applicants arrive, Jade and Seth clash over who to choose. Garrett finally steps in, and a perfect "Mrs. Doubtfire" is chosen.

However, when a sober Sam arrives for work, having forgotten all about being fired, Seth and Jade quickly learn some vital business skills.

Hanging Out To Dry

Episode 30
Sunday September 23, 2001

Kyle decides it would be best if he and Posy (Lara Cox) move out of the Foundry and into their own place. At first Posy is pleased with Kyle's commitment to their newfound relationship but things soon sour. While house hunting, Kyle tries to do the right thing but it seems no matter which choice he makes it's the wrong one as far as Posy is concerned.

Basia decides to film a mini documentary of Katherine's rise to fame. She follows Katherine during her busy publicity run as her single is released. Jordan's (Rel Hunt) none too pleased to have Basia in the way and allows her to film only as a favour to Katherine.

Patrick is finding it hard to come to terms with Katherine's manic schedule. It appears she doesn't have time for him anymore. He does his utmost to remain patient and supportive. However, while viewing some of Basia's footage he's confronted by a very unwelcome scenario.

Garrett asks Jade to make a jacket for him to impress at the next Pac Star meeting. He even supplies some fabric imported from Italy. When Seth accidentally stains the fabric, he and Jade have to race against time to restore Garrett's beautiful cloth before his meeting.