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The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Episode 3.09 (61)
UK: Thu, Nov 05, 2009
Aus: Sun, Dec 18, 2011
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Disregarding Lewis' advice not to experiment with the gravity-defying water they recovered from the Moon Pool, Cleo contrives an opportunity to keep him occupied for a day so she can. When Rikki accidentally gets the magic water in Cleo's aquarium, Cleo's favourite fish, Hector, becomes suspended in a floating bubble of water!

Cleo is aghast when all their hasty efforts to retrieve Hector result in him going down the drain. Joined by Bella, the girls use their powers to retrieve Hector from the canal outside Cleo's home before he's lost forever — but Will appears to have seen too much. Lewis returns after an eventful day of golf with Don where, to keep things amicable, he's successfully devised his own loss! Lewis is now regretting suggesting Cleo hold back from her experiment but Cleo's now wishing she had.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Cleo Massey as Kim, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori



Episode 3.10 (62)
UK: Fri, November 06, 2009
Aus: Fri, March 02, 2012
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Cleo and Rikki warn Bella to back off from Will as they know he's on the trail of their mermaid secrets. It's difficult for her as Will is becoming more intrigued by Bella and his increasing interest is making her feel a relationship may finally happen between them. Bella's left with no option but to stop seeing Will.

Unfortunately, the directive comes too late as a close encounter with water leads Will to recognise Bella's secret and discover she's a mermaid! Bella's left on tenterhooks when Will stalls at keeping his incredible discovery private. Bella prepares for the worst at that night's gig at the café, but Will pledges to keep her secret — only a relationship between them appears unlikely for the minute.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Remy Hii as Bass Guitarist, Jamie Ellen Ewing as Young Bella, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Just A Girl At Heart


Episode 3.11 (63)
UK: Mon, January 18, 2010
Aus: Fri, March 09, 2012
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Riled by Sophie's approach to Will's free-diving training and keen to keep him onside now that he knows her secret, Bella offers to be his 'guest coach' while Sophie's away. Bella gives him swimming advice from her special perspective as a mermaid. It results in her training in the swimming pool with Will and he's captivated. It seems a connection between them has finally been forged, however Bella's interference in Will's training makes her an instant enemy of Sophie.

When Bella realises Will's fascination in her is only as a mermaid — she's hurt and rejects him, taking comfort in her friends Cleo and Rikki instead. Rikki's plans to host corporate functions in the café go awry when a misunderstanding between Rikki and Zane leaves her and Cleo to cater for a demanding group of kids who are expecting a performing clown. Fortunately Cleo helps put their mermaid powers to good use to turn the event into a success.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Graham Moore as Rob, Liz Buchanan as Sheryl, Jarrad Pon as Dustin, Frazer Jack Crane as Marlon, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Note: Angus McLaren does not appear.

Crime & Punishment


Episode 3.12 (64)
UK: Tue, January 19, 2010
Aus: Fri, March 16, 2012
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Rikki inadvertently uncovers some counterfeit cash from a sale at the café and when following it up, finds herself held by criminals on their boat. It's her birthday and when Rikki fails to arrive at her own surprise party in the Moon Pool, Cleo and Bella go in search of her. They find themselves needing Will's help and through this are forced to reveal to him the truth about the whole trios' identities as mermaids.

Will helps them free Rikki from the criminals on the boat only to narrowly escape when it catches fire in the rescue. At the café, Sophie finds the girls' mermaid inspired birthday gift for Rikki and edges closer to their secret. Fortunately Will retrieves it and delivers it to Rikki, sensing it required saving from his suspicious sister. Will's actions seal his place in the group — but it's something Zane isn't happy about.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Leon Cain as Chris, Damien Garvey as Steve, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

To Have & To Hold Back


Episode 3.13 (65)
UK: Thu, January 21, 2010
Aus: Fri, March 23, 2012
Written by Simon Butters
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Lewis is given the chance of a lifetime with an opportunity to study overseas. But he's interrupted from telling Cleo by Sam and Don surprising everyone and announcing an early wedding ceremony. When Kim learns about Lewis' impending departure, she sees an opportunity to sabotage the event and breaks the news to Cleo. Distraught but determined, Cleo focuses her attention on organising the entire ceremony for Don and Sam on her own, outside the café.

With Lewis as Best Man and Cleo as Maid of Honour, the ceremony is icy. Another stunt from Kim gives Lewis the opportunity to declare his love for Cleo and let her know his decision — he's not going. Not to be foiled by her sister, Kim plots yet another way to derail everything and this time succeeds, nearly exposing the trio as mermaids. But with Rikki, Bella, Will and Lewis' help, Cleo recovers the ceremony and transports it to Mako, to finally give Don and Sam the wedding they deserve. In the process, she realises she must let Lewis go to follow his dreams — and in a bittersweet goodbye, Lewis departs.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Penni Gray as Sam, Lisa Jane Stockwell as Mrs Webster, Mouche Phillips as Ms Taylor, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Note: Angus McLaren's departs to focus on Packed to the Rafters (see article).

Mermaid Magic


Episode 3.14 (66)
UK: Mon, Feb 22, 2010
Aus: Fri, March 30, 2012
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Colin Budds

Zane is increasingly annoyed at Will's natural connection with the girls — an issue that bugs Sophie too. When Zane learns Will has the potential to be a free-diving champion, he sees the opportunity to put Will in his place. He indicates his interest to sponsor Will and requests a demonstration of Will's abilities — setting up a challenge where he goads Will by cheating. Will responds to the challenge and undertakes an immediate dive without proper preparation.

When Will doesn't resurface, Zane realises he's made a serious error. Zane urgently calls on Rikki for help and she saves Will's life — creating a special bond between them. Cleo leads the girls to investigate the Mako rock Will recovered from the Moon Pool and they discover inside it a strange and rare crystal. It matches the one Bella wears, which she found in the Irish pool that made her a mermaid!

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Jordan Patrick Smith as Cameron, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Power Play


Episode 3.15 (67)
UK: Tue, Feb 23, 2010
Aus: Fri, April 06, 2012
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Colin Budds

Sophie steals Bella's idea for a fundraising concert at the café and presents it as her own to Rikki, gaining kudos for it as well as the responsibility to organise it. Bella feels misunderstood when nobody appears to notice Sophie's underhanded dealings — especially when Sophie purposely drops Bella's band from the event. But Rikki discovers the truth when the fundraising concert nearly collapses due to Sophie's mismanagement. Rikki realises Bella's been right all along and fires Sophie.

Cleo faces a power struggle of her own as Sam moves in and introduces her unique touch to the Sertori home. A fight develops between Kim and Sam over the use of the bathroom which causes mermaid difficulties for Cleo when she gets caught in the middle — until Sam recognises what Kim's up to and finds a way to repay her.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate [unceredited], Taryn Marler as Sophie, Cleo Massey as Kim, Penni Gray as Sam, Matthew Okine as Laurie, Ben Timony as Jason, Hamish Orr as Bass Player, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

The Dark Side


Episode 3.16 (68)
UK: Wed, Feb 24, 2010
Aus: Fri, April 13, 2012
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Colin Budds

It's a full moon and the girls plan to fortify themselves in the café to avoid any water attack. They turn to the boys for support, but when Bella invites Will to help, Zane reacts and continues with his own plans for a night at the café with the boys. Fed up with Zane's attitude and frustrated by their inability to stop the water attacks, Rikki goes to Mako Island to confront the strange water force alone.

Cleo and Bella learn of Rikki's departure but are delayed at the café when first Kim arrives with her friends — acting on news of a wild party — and then when Don arrives to locate Kim! In the Moon Pool Rikki forms a connection with the water tentacle until Will arrives in an effort to protect her. She finds she can stop the tentacle when it goes to attack Will. The incident affects Rikki deeply and she charges Will not to let the others know about it...

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Cleo Massey as Kim, Penni Gray as Sam, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

A Magnetic Attraction


Episode 3.17 (69)
UK: Thu, Feb 25, 2010
Aus: Fri, April 20, 2012
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Colin Budds

Cleo investigates the Moon Pool rock when she's amazed to find it's become highly magnetic. Determined to unlock the mystery behind what is causing the water attacks, Cleo shares her interest in the rock with Ryan, a young geophysicist who works for Sam in the National Parks Authority. Rikki doesn't respond well to Cleo consulting a stranger about Mako's secrets and a rift begins to develop between the girls.

Ryan loans Cleo some equipment and she continues her experiments defying Rikki's warning and further straining the bond between them. She's stunned when Ryan confirms the rock's unusual properties appear to indicate it is identical with the rocks found on the moon. Rikki begins to spend more time alone in the Moon Pool and finds her powers have developed a surprising new ability in the cavern. Bella and Cleo are shocked when they learn from Will the truth of what occurred with Rikki on the full moon, while Ryan is now very interested to learn more about the rock from Mako Island.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Cleo Massey as Kim, Penni Gray as Sam, Andrew Lees as Ryan, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Note: the first appearance of Andrew Lees (Rescue Special Ops)

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