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The Awakening


Episode 3.01 (53)
UK: Mon, Oct 26, 2009 (9am, Nickelodeon UK)
Aus: Sun, January 30, 2011 (5pm, Ten)
Written by Joss King
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Cleo and Rikki are about to face their final year at school together without Emma, who's gone overseas. They're confident they've overcome the affect of the full moon and know everything about Mako Island and its magic. Zane surprises Rikki with an offer for her to join him as a partner in a new upmarket café, while Lewis is taking his relationship with Cleo a little too comfortably. When Will, a boy with remarkable skills underwater, stumbles upon the Moon Pool, he encounters a strange water force and is knocked unconscious.

That night, at the opening of the new café, Rikki and Cleo meet Bella, a new girl who helps Rikki out of a tricky situation by stepping in to sing in Nate's band. In a break outside, Rikki is attacked by water and dragged out to sea. Bella sees this and joins Cleo to rescue Rikki. Cleo's shocked to find Bella is a mermaid too! Rikki is saved from the encounter but they find the new boy Will in the Moon Pool. The girls realise something has changed on Mako Island, and it appears Will is now on the trail of their magic and secret.

Starring: Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, Indiana Evans, Angus Mclaren, Luke Mitchell

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Ben Timony as Jason, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Remy Hii as Bass Guitarist, Clinton Stewart as Surfer #1, Jordan Patrick Smith as Surfer #2, Rick Mitchell as Surfer #3, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Notes: Claire Holt has left the series. Indiana Evans and Luke Mitchell join the main cast, and there is yet another new version of the theme song, this time performed by Indiana Evans. The first credited appearance of Ben Timony but I believe he had a cameo appearance in episode 1.24 in a scene with his brother.

Jungle Hunt


Episode 3.02 (54)
UK: Tue, October 27, 2009
Aus: Sun, Feb 06, 2011
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

First day back at school and the girls are surprised to discover Will is attending too. Will's thrilled to find Rikki and approaches her seeking help to return to Mako Island to find any confirmation of his earlier experience. Bella is smitten with Will and enthusiastically volunteers to accompany him instead — to keep him from relocating the Moon Pool. Cleo and Lewis use the opportunity to do their own investigation in the cavern.

Concerned Bella is in over her head, Rikki trails her and Will on the island and when Bella falls into the creek, she is able to dry her out. Will becomes suspicious when he finds Rikki on the island and doubly so when Bella accidentally uncovers the land entrance of the Moon Pool and they catch Cleo and Lewis in the cavern. The girls use the opportunity to interrogate Will to learn what he encountered on the night of the full moon. Sensing how close he is to their secrets, Rikki takes action and discounts his memory of the night. Will is defused and Bella's left conflicted by what they did to convince him. After he has left, the girls and Lewis find evidence that the Moon Pool has changed and that it has new magic.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Keep Your Enemies Close


Episode 3.03 (55)
UK: Wed, October 28, 2009
Aus: Sun, Feb 20, 2011
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Cleo applies for a new job at the marine park as an assistant dolphin trainer. Bella is supportive but Rikki is wary. Cleo's soon in over her head when she catches Will innocently swimming with Ronnie the dolphin in the holding pool. He's a natural and has Ronnie leaping through the air. Cleo's supervisor, Laurie, is impressed with Cleo when he sees Ronnie do the amazing leap — apparently at her own instruction, and arranges for Cleo to join the main performance show.

After hearing Nate's latest love song at rehearsal in the café, Rikki fires the band — she doesn't want customers vanishing! Bella spars with Rikki, thinking it's her she's really upset with — until she finds that the issue is really with Nate. Cleo feels pressured when she's certain she won't be able to retain her job. Will steps in to help her and Cleo wows the audience with her main performance. Bella and Rikki come to an understanding: the band can stay as long as Bella continues as the lead singer. Bella rounds off a busy day with a terrific performance at the café.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Cleo Massey as Kim, Matthew Okine as Laurie, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Remy Hii as Bass Guitarist, Tanya Hockman as Marine Park Manager, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Valentine's Day


Episode 3.04 (56)
UK: Thu, October 29, 2009
Aus: Sun, Feb 27, 2011
Written by Simon Butters
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Valentine's day hits, but the girls are at the point in their lives where it presents them with challenges, not care-free romance. Rikki finds all the work to establish the new café is eroding her relationship with Zane, not bringing them closer. Cleo is forced to put Lewis' plans for a date on hold to restrain Kim's out-of-control love-life, while Bella's crush on Will deepens and she struggles to communicate her interest toward him.

A routine Marine licensing inspection leads to a romantic encounter for Don but it is brought to a rapid halt when the representative, Samantha, is knocked overboard and it looks like Don is set to be fined. Rikki and Zane find a way to connect when it's apparent some one-on-one time is required. Cleo helps Kim understand what real love is and following Don's encounter with Samantha, he's now inspired to find some of his own.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Cleo Massey as Kim, Penni Gray as Sam, Brenton Bell as Kyle, Ryan Sheldrake as Corey, Zelie Bullen as Sam Stunt Double, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Big Ideas


Episode 3.05 (57)
UK: Fri, October 30, 2009
Aus: Sun, Nov 20, 2011
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Zane's management style is steering the café into debt and Rikki's not impressed by his latest plans for a complementary dirt bike hire business. He concocts a dirt bike race, knowing he's the best bike racer in town, to raise some urgent funds for the café. Bella helps Will enter and Zane's surety of winning is threatened.

Making amends for his disinterest in the water attacks, Lewis accompanies Cleo to Mako Island to investigate the new waterfall in the Moon Pool. When Bella discovers that Nate and Zane plan to rig the race, Rikki decides to teach them a lesson. Bella uses her mermaid power to ensure their plan falls flat. Rikki makes her own event to help get the café out of debt, while Cleo and Lewis make a surprising discovery when they mix the waters from the pool and cascade in the Moon Pool.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Cleo Massey as Kim, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Remy Hii as Bass Guitarist, Kyle Gardiner as Nate Stunt Double, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Secrets & Lies


Episode 3.06 (58)
UK: Mon, Nov 02, 2009
Aus: Sun, Nov 27, 2011
Written by Simon Butters
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Bella's infatuation with Will deepens and she can't help but follow him around. She tries to set up a study date, but finding herself stood up she confronts Will at the Boatshed only to discover he's apparently already got another girl! Lewis' apparatus to test the properties of the magical Mako water attracts the attention of his Science teacher, Ms Taylor, who believes it is his science project. Caught with evidence of their Mako secrets, Lewis is in trouble until Cleo uses her powers to replicate the effect and helps him submit an alternative project.

Ignoring Rikki's advice, Bella continues to pursue the truth about Will and the mystery girl and follows them diving. She is almost discovered as a mermaid until Rikki comes to her aid. Bella's embarrassed, but relieved to find that the girl is only Will's sister, Sophie, and there's hope for a relationship with Will after all.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Mouche Phillips as Ms Taylor, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Note: Taryn Marler (Sophie) appeared previously (as a blonde) in episodes 2.19 and 2.20 as Julia, one of the previous generation of mermaids

Happy Families


Episode 3.07 (59)
UK: Tue, Nov 03, 2009
Aus: Sun, Dec 04, 2011
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Cleo is placed in an awkward situation when Don takes the family to the beach to help his daughters bond with his new girlfriend, Samantha. When Cleo is unable to join them in the water and accidentally hits Sam in the face with a towel, Don interprets Cleo's behaviour as a disapproval of Samantha and draws his relationship with Sam to an end. Seeing the upset she's caused, Cleo's quick to convince her father that she is cool with Sam and counsels Kim who's not.

Rikki's put in the middle when Will's ambitious sister, Sophie, competes with Bella for a job at the café. Bella's alert to Sophie's manipulations and schemes but Zane's impressed. Rikki's mindful of her best friend, but Sophie's obvious enthusiasm leads Rikki to give her a try. Cleo finds Don takes her counsel to heart when he announces he and Sam are engaged!

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Cleo Massey as Kim, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Penni Gray as Sam, Kimie Tsukakoshi as Erica, Bradd Buckley as Zane Stunt Double, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Note: Angus McLaren does not appear.



Episode 3.08 (60)
UK: Wed, Nov 04, 2009
Aus: Sun, Dec 11, 2011
Written by Chris Roache
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

The girls prepare to sleepover at Cleo's in an effort to protect themselves from any water attack on the night of the full moon. Lewis too is on the front foot and has installed a camera in the cavern of the Moon Pool to capture any evidence of the mysterious water force.

Reminded of his previous experience on the last full moon, Will is inspired to return to Mako Island. When he arrives at Cleo's seeking Bella's assistance — Bella disappears! She's apparently been taken by a water tentacle to Mako Island. The girls rush to her rescue and charge Lewis to keep Will away. They encounter a frightening development in the Moon Pool and are able to rescue Bella — but Lewis is unable to keep Will away and he finds proof there's magic in the Moon Pool cavern when he locates his missing torch from the previous full moon — embedded in the rock wall of the cave. The girls now face an inquisitive and wary Will who's determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Cleo Massey as Kim, Taryn Marler as Sophie, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori

Episodes 3.09 - 3.17