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Cora & Damian

Episode 2
Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Stan)
Writer: Jess Brittain
Director: John Curran

When Scout is discovered after two days missing, she is determined to find Hedwig but shocked to realise she is under investigation herself. Meanwhile, a young couple fighting to save their twisted relationship, is revealed to have crossed paths with Hedwig on the night she vanished.

We open back on the fiight that brought Scout home but this time we’re across the aisle of the plane with Cora and Damian, a thirtysomething couple who’ve come from Sydney on holiday. They’ve rented a luxurious AirBnB and have enough expendable income to enjoy themselves but none of that will be enough to paper over the cracks in their relationship. When Cora orders in some drugs from a local dealer, the pair meet Hedwig and what begins as a fiirty proposition sets in motion a chain of events that will leave their relationship scorched and both riven with guilt for their part in Hedwig’s night. Meanwhile in the present, Scout is found by the search party, leaving Hedwig still missing. During a gruelling interrogation by Drysdale, Scout realises she’s regarded with suspicion by the police — who want to know more about the fight than Scout can remember — and even doubted by her own mother. When Scout joins the next search party for Hedwig, she’s shunned by her former school friends but discovers Cora, who she remembers from the party at Andy Dolan’s, lurking in the forest. Despite Scout’s pleading, Cora denies knowing anything about Hedwig’s disappearance but their encounter is interrupted when a car is pulled from the lake — full of Hedwig’s possessions and a large quantity of drugs. Later that night, Scout receives a mysterious text message from Hedwig: “I’m so sorry, Beastie. Let me go.”


  • Sophie Wilde as Scout
  • Bebe Bettencourt as Hedwig
  • Cassandra Sorrell as Cora
  • Mark Leonard Winter as Damian
  • Leeanna Walsman as Octavia Gracie
  • Vilda Bennett as Lily
  • Jessi Robertson as Evie
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Cam
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Fred
  • Caroline Oayda as Elke
  • Christian Wilkins as Leander
  • Mimana Kiel as Daylah
  • Christopher James Baker as Superintendent Lou Gracie
  • Priscilla Doueihy as Gina
  • Cody Fern as Andy Dolan
  • Jenna Owen as Kris
  • Anastasia Usoltseva as Eilish
  • Shakira Clanton as Constable Laura O'Shea
  • Claude Jabbour as Sergeant Ben Drysdale
  • Samuel Johnson as Detective Ezra Katz
  • Brad McMurray as Constable Kai Murray
  • Alexandria Steffensen as Saranya
  • Dustin Clare as Huckleberry
  • Katherine Ryall as Flight Attendant
  • Megan O'Connell as Pilot V/O
  • Riley McCarthy as Staring Guy
  • Nicole Sullivan as Rental Car Agent
  • Kimberley Brown as Cora Driving Double
  • Leon Stripp as Cam Driving Double
  • Mick Corrigan as Gracie Driving Double
  • Lily Preston as Waitress
  • Nick Sharp as Security Guard
  • Charles Crawshaw as Andy's Assistant
  • James Pattugalan as Andy's Assistant
  • Paul Walker as Andy's Assistant
  • Robert Jeffs as Oddball Boyfriend
  • Cheree Cassidy as Newsreader V/O