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Episode 8
Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Stan)
Writer: Vanessa Gazy
Director: Peter Andrikidis

Reeling from tragedy but unwilling to accept what the town has passively accepted, Scout steps into the mind of Hedwig to uncover the truth and find a small measure of solace.

The finale episode centres around Hedwig — introduced by a fiashback in time to the beginning of her despair, on the day that Scout departed for Juilliard and she was left behind. Scout’s desperate search through her friend’s past leads her first to Fiona Palmer and then deep into the forest where she believes everything went wrong on the night of Andy’s party. Scout needs answers but one by one she discounts all those she suspected: Cora and Damian, Andy, Fiona Palmer… until she has no other option but to believe what everyone else seems to have already accepted. Even with that gnarled core dragged into the light, Scout still can’t answer the question of what happened to her best friend on that night — until a seemingly innocuous conversation leads her to a chilling revelation. The truth Scout discovers holds more quiet horror than she ever imagined. Though everyone Hedwig touched played a role in her unravelling, we finally understand the cumulative tragedy of her life in Eden — and the culpability of the one person she should have been able to turn to.


  • Phoebe Grace Adams as Annie
  • Alyla Browne as Young Hedwig
  • Simon Lyndon as Michael
  • Bebe Bettencourt as Hedwig
  • Sophie Wilde as Scout
  • Alexandria Steffensen as Saranya
  • Dustin Clare as Huckleberry
  • Christopher James Baker as Superintendent Lou Gracie
  • Rachael Blake as Katia
  • Samuel Johnson as Detective Ezra Katz
  • Maggie Kirkpatrick as Florence Katz
  • Leeanna Walsman as Octavia Gracie
  • Vilda Bennett as Lily
  • Jessi Robertson as Evie
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Fred
  • Mimana Kiel as Daylah
  • Shakira Clanton as Constable Laura O'Shea
  • Brad McMurray as Constable Kai Murray
  • Caroline Oayda as Elke
  • Christian Wilkins as Leander
  • Cassandra Sorrell as Cora
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Cam
  • Benedict Hardie as Laith Palmer
  • Thom Green as Bodie Palmer
  • Jack Sacks as Tom Mulvaney
  • Genevieve Lemon as Fiona Palmer
  • Cody Fern as Andy Dolan
  • Carrington Clarke as Journalist #1
  • Leah White as Journalist #2