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Episode 6
Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Stan)
Writer: Clare Sladden
Director: Mirrah Foulkes

As details about Hedwig’s childhood are revealed, Scout delves deeper into the life her friend had been living. In a night of discovery and romance, Scout betrays what she knows to the wrong people — with terrible consequences.

After Katia escaped as a teenager from an abusive cult, she was determined to forge a life for herself far from her family. Becoming principle of Eden’s Elysium College brought her respectability and satisfaction but left her craving intimate love. When she takes young Hedwig under her wing, the affection the ten-year-old shows her takes her by surprise. The love builds between them until Hedwig becomes her whole world and it’s almost impossible for Katia to let her go as Hedwig grows older and begins to rebel against her control. We see the painful rift between them, precipitated by Scout’s departure for New York. Meanwhile, in the present day, Scout finally turns the full force of her rage and frustration on her own mother with devastating effect. Trying to understand the life Hedwig lived without her and where she might have gone, Scout finds herself at an alternative community in the hinterland where Cam and Hedwig were living before they disappeared. Despite an initial cool reception from those who blame Scout for what’s happened to their friends, Scout eventually finds comfort in the arms of Gina, a woman who knew both Cam and Hedwig well. She falls asleep in Gina’s bed but is abruptly woken by a surprise police raid. Running in fear from Drysdale, Katz warns Scout to lie low somewhere safe and she finds her way back to Katia’s house — looking for answers in the childhood she shared with Hedwig.


  • Rachael Blake as Katia
  • Alyla Browne as Young Hedwig
  • Simon Lyndon as Michael
  • Mame-Diarra Tall as Young Scout
  • Alexandria Steffensen as Saranya
  • Sophie Wilde as Scout
  • Bebe Bettencourt as Hedwig
  • Dustin Clare as Huckleberry
  • Vilda Bennett as Lily
  • Jessi Robertson as Evie
  • Christopher James Baker as Superintendent Lou Gracie
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Cam
  • Samuel Johnson as Detective Ezra Katz
  • Shakira Clanton as Constable Laura O'Shea
  • Claude Jabbour as Sergeant Ben Drysdale
  • Jenna Owen as Kris
  • Anastasia Usoltseva as Eilish
  • Priscilla Doueihy as Gina
  • Kaylan Moloney as Young Katia
  • Julian Pulvermacher as Dutch Man V/O
  • Xanthia Marinelli as Young Katia Stunt Double
  • Owen Trevor-Jones as Driver - Katia's Past
  • Charlie Brisbane as Bullying Boy #11
  • Oliver Brisbane as Bullying Boy #2
  • Sarah King as Teacher
  • Bronwyn Schmerl as Katia'S Mother - Nissa
  • Tjintana Matahari as Mardi
  • Rese Emanuel as Stunt Police Officer #1
  • Cory Beeston as Stunt Police Officer #2
  • Melanie Goh as Stunt Squatter #1
  • Nick Tomkins as Stunt Squatter #2
  • Kahu Andronicus as Surfer