Maria Theodorakis as Liv

Maria Theodorakis

From the moment Liv walked into Adam’s life he knew she was different. Confident and blessed with no hang-ups, Liv just gets on with what’s important to her. And if it means working at a marriage that can at times feel burdened by domestic drudgery, Liv knows exactly how to give it a kick start. Liv loves her husband and if Adam happens to forget how to express his devotion now and then, she knows just how to bring him back into line.

Maria Theodorakis is known primarily for her theatrical roles but in 2002 she was named Best Leading Actress in the 2002 AFI awards for her debut feature film role as Anna in the acclaimed film WALKING ON WATER. She also won the 2002 Film Critics Circle Award for the role.

Since graduating from the Victoria College, Rusden in 1992, Maria has had a varied and successful career. She has worked for independent theatre companies including the Melbourne Workers Theatre in the award winning play WHO’S AFRAID OF THE WORKING CLASS; and has made regular appearances at the Melbourne Theatre Company with roles in MEASURE FOR MEASURE directed by Simon Phillips, THE BALCONY directed by Bruce Myles and THE THREE SISTERS directed by Roger Hodgman who directed episodes of CRASHBURN.

She has also appeared in productions for La Mama, including the sell-out season of David Williamson’s CHARITABLE INTENT, at the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts and in 2002 completed a season of the futuristic play THE TERATOLOGY PROJECT.

While playing Liv in CRASHBURN, Maria was in rehearsal for David Williamson’s latest play BIRTHRIGHTS. She played Claudia, a woman who surrogates a child for her sister in the play’s Melbourne run.

Maria’s television credits include Linda Milano in MARSHALL LAW and guest roles in STINGERS, BLUE HEELERS, FRONTLINE, STATE CORONER and HALIFAX F.P. In MARSHALL LAW she appeared briefly with Grant Piro who plays Adam, her husband and Ben’s cousin and friend in CRASHBURN.

Talking about the scripts for CRASHBURN, Maria says they are great. “You are surprised by them, they’re funny and well written. If actors are given great writing, a production can fly.”

Of her character, Liv, Maria says: “She is lovely. She is strong and loving. She really loves her husband and she is a loyal, no-nonsense person.”